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  1. You probably need to disable the ORBx version of EGCC Manchester in FTX England. I do not have the product, so I am not sure how this works (short of actually removing the files).
  2. The sad part about this story is that there could have been so many more wonderful ORBx renditions of airports and airfields in the UK. I see all of these amazingly detailed airport packages being released for regions all over the world, but none for the UK or Ireland. EGSC Cambridge was on the cards at one stage, and the P3D/FSX world is crying out for a super detailed version of EINN Shannon
  3. Wow, the Bar Continental was very lucky to survive that! Looking at the aerial shot, it reminds me of the damage done to the Queen's Head Hotel, Troutbeck two and a half years ago. That was well and truly gutted, but with all of the outer walls intact.
  4. If I remember correctly, Iain.....isn't this called the Bar Continental? My uncle told me about it yesterday. EDIT: Yes, I have just checked. That looks like a nasty fire
  5. I have to say that this announcement has really increased my enthusiasm for the Cosford 2017 FlightSim Show in October. I loved the first two shows that I attended (2014/2015), but there was something missing from last year's event. I don't really know why this was the case, but I suspect that it might be partly because I didn't "poke my nose in" quite as much. I like being able to help people with problems, or let them know about stuff that I already use, so I will make a bigger effort to do that this year Since John stated that ORBx would be at Cosford 2017 "in force", I am hoping that we will be able to see some interesting stuff for AeroFly FS2. Hopefully, this will be a kick up the backside for the show, and help to deliver the satisfaction that I experienced during my first two visits
  6. Same here. If that could be done for the entire South Western USA region (frankly, I am not bothered about anywhere else), and IPACS could deliver a decent ATC system/AI planes etc, then AeroFly FS2 could very easily become my main flight simulator. I am not interested in flying intercontinental routes in a Boeing 777. If I want a global flight simulator, I have P3D. This one should be much more about very high detail in a regional area.
  7. If ORBx can trick out the entire South Western USA region with detailed scenery and airports, then it looks like I am going to have to give up food, lighting and shelter in the near future
  8. announcement

    I see that you live in Arizona, DesertPilot. Have you located your house yet in AeroFly FS2?
  9. Why would a 980Ti struggle with framerates if your 1080 is pulling 200+?
  10. As usual, the media over exaggerates this Super Moon lark. The only difference between a Super Moon and any other Full Moon is that the Moon happens to be at its closest point to Earth (perigee) when it is full, which means that it appears slightly larger than at any other time. However, the variation is nowhere near as obvious as the media likes to suggest (particularly if the Moon is high in the sky). It's worth noting that the Moon passes through perigee in every single orbit, but the apparent size isn't as obvious when (for example) only half of the sunlit hemisphere can be seen.
  11. That's a shame, because the ES Alderney scenery is first class.
  12. Get yourself a copy of Earth Simulations Alderney while it is still available. This includes the Casquets....and the lighthouse Flightstore still have copies of this scenery.
  13. There is a really, really good version of Alderney (by Earth Simulations) still available at Flightstore if you are interested......
  14. Tom, Did you see anyone with a UK2000 beta tester ID card around their neck? If so, that would have been me
  15. I am also going, but you may be disappointed with Dovetail Games. They have said that they are not prepared to talk about the new DTG Flight Simulator yet. It will be FSX : Steam Edition and DTG Flight School only.