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  1. Orbx have done both payware and freeware for Aus, and Oziex are still producing new free stuff almost weekly.. and I think you will also find more freeware at flightsim.com. Teecee.
  2. My goodness, some snide remarks here..it's a race, NZ won and to me that's magic.. Onya The Kiwis. Teecee.
  3. OK.. Found the area at Nanaimo, and it's fabulous, a great place for the Robinson with so much to see, but missing the Paper Mill..can someone please point me to it, perhaps some co-ords or some such. Teecee.
  4. Thanks Folks..I will try again today..Teecee.
  5. Had Prepar3d almost since day one, but never used the Avatar, so I decided to give it a go.. searched the forums for a simple "How to" and cannot find any such.. even on the Prepar3d forum.. I tried a few videos, but cannot understand the "gabble" that most people use on YouTube.. A written instruction would be great..
  6. Always though it was Vlad..I am fairly sure I bought it after his demise as the proceeds went to his family.. Teecee. Just took a look..You are right..regardless, it's a magical area to fly.
  7. Over the past couple of days I have spent many hours in the Bell, flying "low and slow" over Squamish, and I have to say that this particular scenery is really "something else" in prepar3d V3.4. I can not post screenshots or else I would, except it would probably spoil the enjoyment of those of you that take the time and trouble to do this.. So much detail.. so many interesting things to see, and a couple to hear too.. Take the time to do this flight, it's well worth your time.. Sadly, the author of this great scenery is no longer with us, but thank you Vlad. Teecee.
  8. Don't recall that, but Orbx have sales on a very regular basis, so be patient and you will get a better deal that any other discounts. Teecee.
  9. Love the second one, Makes me homesick..Teecee.
  10. I have FSGenesis for Au and the UK, and they do make a difference, particularly in Aus, however, that may change when to "new" Aus is introduced by Orbx..Teecee.
  11. Nice Pix.. best winter shot's I have seen.. I left the UK ages ago, but I remember a couple of years when I got lucky, and summer fell on my day off. Teecee.
  12. " Unless any official transaction is done, you have to wait for 70 years before it becomes public domain" I wonder.. do these smaller companies bother to formally copyright their products? Teecee.
  13. Did you try Ozx? Teecee.
  14. What's this Ron? are you getting soft in your old age?? Teecee.
  15. Though in truth, it would not be an easy flight in real life I think.Teecee.