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  1. A fitting tribute to a great lady that truly helped to bring Britain through the worst time in it's history.. Teecee.
  2. active

    All this fuss because an airport changed a bit! I am happy with the original, and would not buy the new one if Orbx did decide to update..The last time I saw the "real" Canberra airport was back in the 1980's so it matters not to me that it is different in the sim..it's still a great Airport to fly into. Teecee.
  3. Matter of opinion EnQ. I have an older system, and run it with the sliders maxed in Prepar3d V3.4, and do not get OOM'S.. For me, I would get Prepar3d ASAP as it is far superior to FSX in many ways. Teecee.
  4. Left or right.. please, please don't bring your political views here.. Teecee.
  5. I play safe and place any "non Prepar3d" items in a folder outside of Prepar3d, and point the sim to this "addon scenery" folder.. Teecee.
  6. Great shots, love the cows. In all seriousness, they are beautifully modeled, Best I have seen. Teecee.
  7. As always my friend, you are correct.
  8. "Brad B" Thanks for the info mate.. I was picking up the wrong link ( this is what happens when your brain goes to mush).. I just successfully loaded a screenie on another thread.
  9. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/G30z
  10. Wow! Glad you guys could see it..I truly thought I had messed it up..I think I will go with Stillwater's tip from now on though..Teecee.
  11. You guys are seeing this? I thought I had messed up.
  12. Dusk over Lonnie http://imgur.com/a/74C6U
  13. Fabulous! I love the first one. Teecee.
  14. Lovely, Brilliant! Blow them up and frame them and hang them on your wall.. Teecee.
  15. Missed this post earlier.. Renault, stay positive mate.. I got sick early in 2016 and am still ill, but I found that having the flight Sim has helped enormously.. even if you are bedridden, get a laptop, and fly the world using the time that your illness has given you.. Without Flightsim, I think I would have gone nuts.. So chin up old lad.. and keep on keeping on.. Teecee.