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  1. Whoops, just realised that you are talking Aerofly..oh well, this might help you to decide to stay with FSX or whatever sim you use. JV has said elsewhere (can't find it right off the bat) That Aus will be updated next year, for FSX/Prepar3d, but as an Aussie I can tell you that the continent (the first to be "Orbx'd" many years ago) is not too bad..I assume that you have the latest update done a couple of years ago. Did you fly the current Tassie yet? it really is good, and I know this because I lived there for over twenty years.. Patience my friend, with Orbx everything comes to he who waits..Teecee. PS: Get over to Ozx http://aussiex.org/forum/, they have a heap of Aussie addons (freeware)..Well worth a visit, and of course there are heaps of payware stuff here, plus many freeware.
  2. He surely does, it was the rocks that had me wondering.. Teecee.
  3. Amazing..I had to look twice at some on the screenies, thought they were photos (still not sure about number three)..Thank you for all the effort you put into our hobby..Teecee.
  4. I agree with that, and as far a JV's figures are concerned, there are less of us oldies because there are progressively less of us.. Teecee.
  5. Onya mate.. Keep up the good work..Teecee.
  6. Nice shots mate..Missed your input lately, good to see you back..Teecee.
  7. Lovely shots, I particularly like numbers 2 and 3.. Teecee.
  8. Unnecessary and offensive title, Thread should be removed. Teecee.
  9. I love MP flying, but I don't like Teamspeak, used it many many years ago and it was a pain..Has it improved at All? To be honest I cannot understand why Skype does not get more use for MP.. free and brilliant. Teecee.
  10. Not sure mate..my guess would be RAAF, but perhaps some research? Teecee.
  11. I thought that NA was fully covered? Teecee.
  12. YCBN will be of interest to you then Rodger (on Cape Barren Island) as it is a PR of the original runways used to train pilots in WW2. Legend has it that there were a couple of concrete strips laid down in the South of the island too, for bombers I believe, though whether they were ever used I am not certain.. one of them supposedly beneath the dirt strip at Jeroico. Rumour has it that they are still there, but I have no definitive proof of this, and it may well be an urban legend. Teecee.
  13. YW old lad..Teecee.
  14. Thanks one more time Gerold..If I ever go into business I will take you on as my publicity manager, and Rodger (is it really spelled that way? unusual) I am happy that you found God's little acre of simming.. Wonderful is it not? and Orbx's very first effort too.. A magical place for us dedicated low and slow pilots, and a place where I spend much of my simming time.. Teecee.
  15. Mate as someone that was a "working class" man, if it's not R Rated it's not really Aussie.. Teecee.