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  1. There are still some items that will not work in Pre
  2. Nick, is Objectflow only for Prepar3d V4 or will it work in V3.4? Teecee.
  3. Great thread, and some great news. It's a pity Pat got jumped on, I believe he was only making a point that Orbx have to create stuff that will make a profit, a point that has been made many times before, and not being critical. Teecee.
  4. Thanks TTM, I will check that out. Teecee.
  5. I run Prepar3d v3.4 with no intention of updating for a while yet..How do I and those still running FSX know when to update the various Orbx files? and will the updates still show up for me on Central? Teecee.
  6. I wonder.. There are in fact a couple of YBBN files, one by Orbx and a PR one by Ant over at Oziex. Do you possdibly have ant's installed? Teecee.
  7. Tell me about it mate..Happy Birthday all the same..As we Yorkshire lads say.."by gum, yon's a grand lad". Teecee.
  8. Thanks Nick..Teecee.
  9. Just wondering, is there any benefit to those not using Prepar3d V4. Teecee.
  10. I agree with Rodney.. The full Flytampa kills my system anyway so I can only run the lite version.. Teecee.
  11. I have been flying around this area for a while now, and wishing for a water landing..Today I see that Larry went one better as I found not only the water landing on Powell Lake, but also the new ferry port that he has done.. Magic area for the low and slow pilots Larry, thanks one more time..Teecee.
  12. Looking forward to the update and the new mill. I love the mines and industry, even more that the cities and airports, so your offerings really get a hammering in my sim. Thanks for all your efforts and input to our hobby Larry.. Terry (Teecee).
  13. Up the coast above Pender Harbour in BC Canada I have a Plant at Powell River.. I believe this was an Addon but I can not find the installer anywhere. Am I mistaken? and is this in fact a part of some other scenery? if it is in fact an addon, can someone please point me to it's origin? Thanks..Teecee.
  14. @ Gypsy Pilot. Have emailed the float plane asscn in Australia, but I am not hopeful of a reply because as you said,a whole different attitude to Floats in Aus.. There are heaps of water landings in the USA though.. so I will make the most of those..Teecee.
  15. We have been told of one FF region in the coming year.. Australia is, I believe, being rewritten currently for possible release next year.. Apart from that I would think Canada must be way up on any list that might (or might not) exist.. Teecee.