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  1. Just found this thread, Mate you are making me Homesick .. Great stuff Gerold.. Teecee.
  2. The new Devonport and Mt Isa from Oziex are great, Mt Isa has a big PR area included, And includes a couple of mines (my favorites). and Devonport, after the default for all these years finally has a great new look.. Teecee. PS.. not sure this is released yet.
  3. Lovely shot. I Took a flight in a "Flying Fortress" They called it and made it up to look like the "Memphis Belle" but it was not the real A/C, she is still being restored.. How anyone ever flew in, and fought in those cold, cramped, noisy aircraft I will never understand. Teecee.
  4. He's 83, probably just taking a break..I hope. Teecee.
  5. Sad to have to reduce your settings like that Gerold, but great to see I am not the only one to "find" dupe textures.. Great screenshots as always my friend..Teecee.
  6. Thanks old mate.. I have been on the computer most of today (I am on a tube feeding system, so I get all the time I want to fly) so I will keep this until tomorrow, when the old brainbox has had a sleep, and then give it a go.. something to look forward to.. Teecee.
  7. Got the suggested PTA-2010 But to be honest I am scared to use it.. I really need to study this a bit before taking the leap.. I am coming up seventy nine, and for some reason the old noggin and memory are not what the used to be.. just tell me this please, how hard is it to revert to the original settings if I get it wrong? Teecee.
  8. Forgive this old guy, but what is PTA? Teecee.
  9. Thanks so much Elaine, I really thought that I was looking at a reinstall. All fixed, though in truth I can not recall even knowing of the "Tools" editor..I most certainly have never opened it before..perhaps a stray set of keystrokes? anyway, regardless of that, you have saved me two weeks of reinstalling and settling my sim down..Thank you, thank you.
  10. Any clues as to what this is, I am hoping it's something fixable..Perhaps something that the scenery gurus use?? I seems to be at all my Orbx airports..Teecee.
  11. I will see what I can do folks..No promises but I will try..
  12. Could not decide which screenshot I like best when I first posted.. Now I have decided, it's number 4. Teecee.,
  13. Not forgotten by me mate, I fly it most days, and it brings back memories of Vlad.. Gorgeous shots by the way, you seem to have your system tuned to the n'th degree. Teecee.
  14. Correct.. and happy to see it still in use..It's been a while but it still looks good.. Teecee. PS: I was shocked to learn that the Kurnell Refinery is gone now.. it's still alive and kicking in my sim though. I still think of Sydney as it was in 1968-72.
  15. Lovely.. Now that one could win you a screenshot prize..Teecee.