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  1. It's not difficult to realize it. you have to compile the photoreal terrain, with water and blend mask, with the colours properly corrected, compile a good mesh, then you have to adapt all the airports in the area with the mesh, and if you like to spend several months of work, you may want to autogen all the area with buildings and trees so that it appears more realistic
  2. Spectacular in V4!
  3. I played a lot that game! That was just one of the game where the tape rewinded or forwarded to load the areas. Converted in the floppy, it was just another experience to play it. For sure your own imagination made the rest, at least for me it was so.
  4. Even if i had the simulator on the Amiga, on the pc this was my first version. The manual is a cult, very well done, now manuals are only digitals or very essentials, how things change! The image with the C 64 is simply fantastic!!!
  5. @Ripcord Yes, i remember that! In many cases you had to adjust the head alignement of the tape with a screwdriver to load the program, it wasn't reliable at all. then i bought a floppy drive for the C 64, anyway it was enormous ahahahah I had card device that allowed to freeze the program already loaded and save it into the floppy drive. This meant random access instead of serial access, much more fast and direct access to the parts of the game (sometimes you had to rewind or forward the tape to load further parts of the game). @walterg74 i have DCS world, anyway that 80's was the period of the cold war and i had a lot of fun with all those Jet Simulators. I played very few with DCS, maybe i should look at it better, but it didn't catch me a lot Anyway other age now.
  6. Even if i started with the Commodore 64, it was Commodore Amiga 500 with 2 floppy drives, HD 40 MB, and 3 MB RAM expanded. I had all the flight simulators games, included all the jet military simulators (these things belong to the 80's because today no more great simulators like those, in despite of today hardware would allow really great games of this genre). Still working
  7. Vi ringrazio moltissimo, Rodrigo e Dario I thank you so much Rodrigo and Dario
  8. Great shots indeed Stewart!
  9. Those are all fantastic shots! I like a lot the cloud effect on the terrain, for sure it's all a different environment, i flew on Cote d'Azur in P3d v4 and it's almost like to make a real flight, the environment effects of the light are really fantastics, and also the smoothness of the simulator.
  10. Thanks Volkira for all the infos! No doubts that the panorama from there is fantastic! Bob walking is a good idea, the summit of the peak and its surround is not easy to be rendered with the vegetation, anyway i cared this part like the others and i think that it doesn't look like spotted, i annotated all the bushes there so it is not flat at all but filled with beautiful vegetation. The helipad can be easily integrated on the mountain, is not a problem
  11. Ah ok, i found the helipad I was searching something circular like in your picture Thanks so much again guys for your nice comments!
  12. Yes Volkira, it's included in the scenery coverage I didn't notice that helipad, also in my version of GE isn't visible. It's a magic place for sure!!
  13. The airport has its own afcad, anyway i suggest to use the scenery along with the JustSim LFMN. It works anyway also with Nice X by Aerosoft, so both the ways are practicables.
  14. Acquiring only the Stadium (i mean the oval only without terrain around) with 60 cm of res, yes, it's possible. Only the stadium because it's difficult to paste another terrain image, even little, above the photoreal. It's not said that in despite of having the same resolution the image would fit perfectly with the existent one.
  15. Thanks so much @Gavinc!!! This is one of the advantages of the photoreal @bvdboomen, yes, it is.