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  1. I hope that at least John Travolta's licence is still active Well, Ford and Travolta are favourite actors, it's cool when you see those super famous flying, you always receive a special sensation, at least this is what happens to me.
  2. I am happy you liked the video guys, i enjoyed it a lot too
  3. A dear friend suggested me to see this video, it's amazing, i want to share it with you guys
  4. Well, just to record one video it's few experience for me, i have to play more with the new machine where i only tested shadowplay and xboxlive recorders. I remember that with FRAPS for instance, there was the option not to record the cursor and neither the notifications were shown, so you had simply an already clean video. I will test more Shadowplay to see everything in the future. About the encoders, it's all a world, you have different results using one or another, and you understand this after having made several tests. In my experience i meant that when you customize the encoder changing the size, for instance, the final quality is not like you expected, presets are tested and generally work better, even if, yes, you have the chance to enter manually different parameters. I haven't a lot of experience with the hd, but i have it with the old mpeg2 and to have a clean image and fluid, it's needed a lot of experience and a perfect connaissance how the encoders work, so let's image with the hd It's possible that this Vegas is a bit outdated respect to the templates. I imagine that Adobe Premiere is not. I found this article to compare what the market has to offer very interesting , anyway since i already have the Movavi video Suite, with i think, it has the fastest encoder (and in the article is neither mentionned) i will make some search to see which is the best at higher level.
  5. Thanks for all your info Ray, very precious! I will set shadowplay so that it begins immediately to record. Encoders seem to suffer a bit when you go beyond the presets.... don't know the reason but often it happened to me when i played with the manual settings Anyway the approach to acquire and export with the same size is correct, when you change it the encoding time increases a lot.
  6. In my experience, but i am not expert in recording video games, audio recorded with the video always have problems when you record several minutes continuously. It doesn't depend on the software but from the hardware. On Mac systems, that are more oriented to record and edit audio and video, all works better. In this case, because you record a video from an internal source, it depends on the operating system and from the drivers involved in these things. When i used shadowplay to make a try with the flight simulator, i recorded about ten minutes, but the audio was perfect and syncronized with the video. The only thing is that it recorded also what i was making when i started and ended the application shadowplay, so i should remove one or two seconds at the biginning and at the end of the recording and re-export the video. I also have FRAPS but not yet installed on this machine, so i couldn't say how it works under Win 10.
  7. Please let me know about Vegas Movie Studio 13 Suite if you try it. In my new pc there was also another game recorder, XBox live, i registered a video for test and it's very fluid as well. Anyway it seems not to work anymore after i activated the shadowplay software, it seems it took the priority now.
  8. Oh, i didn't know that Well, all the non linear video editing softwares allow you to make a professional video, the difference between them is the set of transitions, titles or effects and the quality of the exporter/importer. I know a bit Sony Vegas pro but i don't know how work the others. Anyway, these video softwares are for families (Magix for instance, Movavi, with medium-low price) or for advanced or pro users, and the price is always more than 200 - 250 €, to make a video for flight simulator to show to the friends also these cheapest software are good. I've used a lot Premiere for work, but it works along with an analog\digital acquiring video card inside, Premiere was provided with the video card, not HD, so to manage all the HD videos i bought the Movavi Video Suite. I would buy also the Sony Vegas Pro if i need more editing power.
  9. Yes, it's often the problem with the audio out of sync when you record both (audio and video). When for instance you have a sound card like the soundblaster or better, there is the option with the drivers to set the latency for the audio to reduce it to the minimum (few milliseconds), but with the sound chip inbuilt, i don't think. So many times you have to shift the audio track to resync in your video editing software. You unlock the audio track from the video and you move it along the timeline. I use older versions of Premiere (i have the CS2), i don't like too the subscription
  10. Hi Ray, the frame drop is due often when you record onto the same hard disk where you have the OS or the game you are recording. I tried shadowplay in 720p and it works fine, no frame drops apart some stutters in the game. I wouldn't buy the Magix software. I have some Magix products but i am disappointed, about the quality and the price spent related to the quality. As editing I use Adobe Premiere, also Sony Vegas is very good. Other prices, anyway not always the cheap programs allows you to do what you need, when you have to work on the audio for instance. A cheap and good encoder is the Movavi video converter, or the Movavi Video Suite if you wish to have a set of programs (a video editor also).
  11. What a beautiful shots there!
  12. Hi Steve, here
  13. thanks Scott, it's really very nice
  14. Super shots!!! Which LIRQ do you use if i may ask?
  15. My unique interest is to complete the scenery, other things are not in my hands and sincerely don't affect me. I have worked hard on this project until now, so my wish is to develop a very good scenery for this area. I have both Aerosoft and JustSim, so i know how they work with my cityscape