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  1. A whole new type of surrounding terrain that we only kinda touched on at L70. Love the feel this airstrip and area offers for GA enjoyment.
  2. You're wrong.
  3. I'd guess the same could be said about flying a plane. That no sim will ever be better than flying a plane yet we are all simmers who dont care about flying a plane as our simulation of flying a plane is what we seek.
  4. I gave up this with its 65" screen: for this: All because of VR. I have no issue with controls as you can see here:
  5. This is a carry over from the FSEconomy forum of a video I made of a landing into KTEX during a thunderstorm on PilotEdge a few weeks ago. The OP had shown a screen grab of short final in the Twin Otter into KTEX and how much he loves flying in CO so I decided to upload the video I made of my landing from final. Nothing fancy but makes for a nice viewing while enjoying a relaxing cocktail.
  6. This is all just a general comment to the forum but I used your quote because I use to feel that same way until I realized how I could use various sims for various reasons and not try to make all the different sims be one of the same. I've always wanted to explore more a/c in the sim but seem to not do that as much. Well I've discovered that I can really enjoy AFS2 for use as a glider sim for now. Take many of the available planes to take off with in the role of the tow plane and get to altitude and then switch to the glider. With a photo real world below, I get a chance to enjoy a whole different aspect of flying that I dont do in my main sim of P3D. Or in the big cities, like NYC and now Chicago, how about some obstacle racing in between the buildings. In VR its great fun...and thats important because its just fun. No need to do all the preflight stuff and all that. AFS2 loads so quick and you can be in the air in such a short time, that a quick fix of fun is a nice pause in between doing my normal FSE/FSPax flights on PilotEdge. Who knows what AFS2 will become and hopefully PilotEdge will come through with its plans to support it which will bring AI and ATC to the sim in the area that AFS2 already has created a very good start. I dont take my 10 speed on the dirt track and I dont take my mountain bike to a street race but they are both bikes if you get my drift.
  7. I went and played with some various settings and in doing so discovered that I can fly LOWI with fps set at 120, shadows on ultra and everything else maxed for a smooth flight. One thing I did differently was also start it in Steam VR as opposed to Oculus VR and not sure if that helped or does anything but dont fix something thats not broken. My main reason for this post is to share a fun way I am finding to use the scenery is to take off in the C172 which I am calling the tow plane, get to altitude and switch to the glider and return while enjoying some sight seeing below. I'm going to start working my way into the mountains next and play in that area with the glider. Anyone wanting to do this just note that the red lever on the starboard side is your landing gear and forward is down and aft is up. The blue lever on the Port side is airbrakes and forward is clean and aft is drag. The small green lever next to the base of the joystick is trim. No idea what the yellow pull handle is.
  8. Feel free to post your first impressions of Orbx products in AFS2. For me I leased Meigs first since I already lease it in P3D. The airport looks amazing as expected but I particularly like the look of the ground, both the runway/apron but also (and more importantly) the grass. It was the first time I've ever felt like the grass/turf was the most realistic as it has ever been. the way it edged up along the concrete and the color and look of it really gave a huge bump in an area that I have always felt was lacking due to how scenery is done in the sims. I did notice with such higher detail all around, that some of the static a/c stuck out more so since they were made for low impact on FSX/P3D and hopefully in time some of those will be upgraded for both P3Dv4 and AFS2 since we have a little extra space now. I then went and leased LOWI which I didnt have already. The scenery is amazing and at Flight Sim Con I got to see it on a 4K screen which was just gorgeous. I'm flying in VR so I loose a fair amount of that crispness. However, I was getting micro stutters in AFS2 for the first time and had to turn the frames down from 240 to 120 and the shadows down from insane to ultra to remove the stutters. Perhaps I have something conflicting or not best set in graphics or since I have all sliders in AFS2 maxed, just seeing the limits of what I can do. Thats all I got, how about the rest of you guys?
  9. This is a photo of an after the show social meet up where talking shop is not the conversation topics. Just good people who have traveled from all over getting a chance to catch up and have some laughs and share stories.
  10. JV is a great host. Orbx hosted the Saturday Evening social and it was top shelf full bar..never think the Orbx guys dont know how to make their company(people they are hosting) feel welcome
  11. Ben, Alex, Ed, Jarrad, Ken and JV of Orbx with members of Jetline Systems, Majestic Software, Dovetail Games, d'Andre of AirDailyX and Bill Womack of iBlueYonder. After Saturdays show. Great times.
  12. Two is as I look at these screenshots I cant help but think of how much time is invested in this. With every object needing to be made and then a non-developer its just mind blowing. The second is I hope that Orbx has an open line to some other developers in fields like aircrafts, weather etc to hopefully influence them into looking at AFS2 as well. Seems you would be a good ambassador since Orbx has proven itself in both cutting edge development and sound business practices.
  13. A lot to be excited about! I bet Tim and Alex are very happy to see their work in such VR, high frame, amazing lighting bliss!
  14. Both could be right, for me its lack of life. However, its on PilotEdges radar and hopefully after Orbx starts to mature it in the scenery area, we will get PE coverage. With that brings traffic and ATC. While I could work with any of the planes already in that sim if I had PE and Orbx, I wouldn't not buy 3rd party planes. AFS2 has its place and is different from the other sims which I like. I dont want it close to P3Dv4 which will be my main sim once its all set with the addons I want to have it. I want AFS2 to be my Day VFR sim for SoCal in PE. With Orbxs offerings of KPSP, KMRY, KSAN, KSEZ and KSBA (coming soon) I could have a blast in PE flying in those areas with amazing smooth frames and the VR on PE and really get into navigating using the ground references over a GPS since its all photoreal and theres such a small difference is seasons there. EDIT to add...also dont forget about those sloped runways!
  15. Yeah its nice to have options thanks to Orbx doing cross platform support. I will be building v4 as addons are made native but it wont be until FlyInside is released for it that I will use it due to how my simpit is setup strictly for VR. For awhile I've felt that I could be happy with v3 if only we could get rid of the OOM issues and v4 will do that for me plus allow for more detail and eye candy so it will be great for my main sim. AFS2 is going to be there as well but I need either an A2A type of plane or PilotEdge to be part of it to keep me using it more often.