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  1. Headset. Oh, and what ever else I feel like.
  2. Same back to ya Mike!
  3. Nicely done. I look forward to the rest of the series.
  4. Enjoy this special day JV.
  5. Nicely done.
  6. No tinnitus here. It just happens that there is always a strong wind ringing in my left ear but I can still hear the crickets loud as a bell in my right! I suppose that I could always move to a calm environment with no nature, but I haven't been able to find it yet.
  7. Outstanding, thanks.
  8. Just stunning, bring it on please!
  9. hwh86, My wife and I were lucky enough to spend time here three years ago. I would love to have the approved pattern if you can publish it here. We declined to climb without permission though observing others who did, hopefully through lack of knowledge rather than in spite of it. What an inspiring place!
  10. Simon, While stationed in Baden Baden, 78-81, our Army Brigade had a ski chalet in Gstaad and we were able to rent for a week of skiing. One day while cross country skiing down the valley beside the runway a venom came in to land, literally right beside me. It blew me away! What an amazing thing to watch. This whole area is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Such wonderful memories of those days.
  11. A simply stunning area to do!!! Thus will be so much fun to explore. Great choice Larry, thanks. As for the sailboat, 3 should do for the weekend,
  12. Hello Handie, There should be no problems if you download them in FTXC 3 then in FTXC3 go to Settings / Configure FTX Global Vetor / Airport Elevation Corrections and Run Auto-Configuration. Hit Apply and all is good. Thanks to the team for all of this wonderful work.
  13. What a great series of shots. This has become a wonderful part of the world to explore. Thanks Sylvain.
  14. Thanks All.
  15. Brings back memories of my service in Germany. Acting as a Forward Air Controller you could spot the exhaust from a distance as they came in low and fast and put them under positive control from a distance. The F104 with a single engine was hard to detect at low level. The F104 pilots used to say they could tell when they passed over us as all they could hear was their engine noise as we called "positive control" on them as they screamed overhead.Amazing plane with a long history of service.