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  1. A simply stunning area to do!!! Thus will be so much fun to explore. Great choice Larry, thanks. As for the sailboat, 3 should do for the weekend,
  2. announcement

    Hello Handie, There should be no problems if you download them in FTXC 3 then in FTXC3 go to Settings / Configure FTX Global Vetor / Airport Elevation Corrections and Run Auto-Configuration. Hit Apply and all is good. Thanks to the team for all of this wonderful work.
  3. What a great series of shots. This has become a wonderful part of the world to explore. Thanks Sylvain.
  4. announcement

    Thanks All.
  5. Brings back memories of my service in Germany. Acting as a Forward Air Controller you could spot the exhaust from a distance as they came in low and fast and put them under positive control from a distance. The F104 with a single engine was hard to detect at low level. The F104 pilots used to say they could tell when they passed over us as all they could hear was their engine noise as we called "positive control" on them as they screamed overhead.Amazing plane with a long history of service.
  6. Smooth landing there!
  7. This was one of the most enjoyable videos yet, following the flight from start location to destination with such great scenery was brilliant. I enjoyed your commentary as well. Fun to observe your engine management and flight technique as well. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. Great video of this amazing scenery. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Great shots. i love that you fly with an appropriate livery Iain, I try to do that as well.
  10. Slowlow, Great video and amazing story. The Orbx team and their amazing work have had a great impact on the lives of so many, and clearly a significant one for you. What a positive post in so many ways. Like nigelgrant I love flying the Orbx areas I have visited and to explore ones I am about to visit. Each time I am blown away with how well the Orbx scenery renders these locations. Rest assured that when you fly and explore Orbx locations you are indeed seeing an excellent rendition, almost like being there for real. Keep flying, kep grinning (from ear to ear)!
  11. I agree that this would make a wonderful "set" of full regions. East and West is the best concept particularly if you extend west down to the coast area say to St Tropez and south and east down the Adriatic east coast. I would be eager to buy and then fly these two regions. Nice to dream.
  12. I do not have an addiction! I can stop buying every ORBX product any time that I wish to! I know that I can!!! I just don't want to stop,yet. However, it seems that the rate of development of products is about to increase over what we have seen in the past. This alone may cause me to change my ways and focus on the areas that I now have and wish to spend the majority of my time in. But to be honest that will only slow down my purchases in relation to what will be available.
  13. Yesssss!!!
  14. Matteo, Nice to see that constructive comments have been useful to you in finishing off this great peice of work. Look forward to having it installed.
  15. Kim, very good find. Thanks for sharing.