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  1. I do not have an addiction! I can stop buying every ORBX product any time that I wish to! I know that I can!!! I just don't want to stop,yet. However, it seems that the rate of development of products is about to increase over what we have seen in the past. This alone may cause me to change my ways and focus on the areas that I now have and wish to spend the majority of my time in. But to be honest that will only slow down my purchases in relation to what will be available.
  2. Matteo, Nice to see that constructive comments have been useful to you in finishing off this great peice of work. Look forward to having it installed.
  3. Kim, very good find. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Benny, Not hit as hard here, probably about half of the 40cm reported for Mtl. This has to be the last full blast of winter!
  5. +1 The dates don't work for me this year but I will try to keep that weekend free next year. I do like the idea of KBDL, even if it is just part of a Global package.
  6. Renault, Focus with all of your will and come back soon to tell us your succes story. Best wishes!
  7. Frank, you are spot on about the amazing scenery on your sim. I have never seen it come across better with the amazing level of detail. Well done to Orbx and you. Glad to see that you are getting in so much flying and reaping the fruits of your labour. Enjoy mate!
  8. Looking forward to its release Matteo.
  9. Glad to hear that you are all safe.
  10. I must admit that I am not troubled by the options at this point. P3D will remain my sim of choice for the next few years. I fly GA, low and slow, most often in A2A AC and also the Twin Otter Extended. I have all of the current Orbx offerings and they, with the AC I own, are eye candy enough. I have great hardware including controls etc and will keep on flying and learning more about pilotage, communications, and explore the landscape. Perhaps after 64 bit sim is matured I will be ready to move on. For now I intend to enjoy my hobby and stress less over keeping up with the latest and greatest.
  11. announcement

    JV, Not totally surprised at the response of PP, but still disappointed in them. Sorry that you have been left with little option but to not risk further financial risk from PP. I have used them, but not exclusively for years but admit that I will not easily be persuaded to continue with them in the future. Your products are worth the small risk of using alternative means to purchase. Good luck in the final struggles with PP.
  12. NCAL
  13. Jack, I had never even really considered exploring the scenery far from the airfileds before. That was brilliant, you have inspired me to download some good vehilces and explore. Your idea of the low flying helo is also one I will do often. Thanks for sharing this.