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  1. I suddenly have the urge to fly helicopters.
  2. The good thing about this, is that it helps drive the growth of smaller alternative payment processors and adds competition and innovation in that way. Kinda like people being fed up with the big cable company so they use internet TV instead. But it is really sad to see this happen so frequently to companies that anyone can see are legitimate.
  3. Thats interesting. Would be amazing if we could get to the point (maybe with one of these new sims on the horizon) that we could see that license realized. They make beautiful models at TurboSquid
  4. I just downloaded and installed AYPY in about 1 minute. Peaked at 26 mb/s which is remarkable speeds that are like Steam. Amazing job!
  5. Beautiful shots!
  6. Wow, what a collection! Beautiful!
  7. Wow. Didn't see that coming! I always like surprises, especially when they can take a 737!
  8. I have been flying some Chinese airports after the holiday sales, and I must say, Global + Vector does one heck of a job on the other side of the world!
  9. Wow! This will be dynamic! Awesome idea.
  10. Outstanding landscape and colors!
  11. Being from California, I have had a wildfire evacuation or two in my life. Its a pretty scary experience and glad you are safe.
  12. Its PAVD - Valdez Thanks all for the kind comments. I am glad you enjoy the shot!
  13. Just change the weather!