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  1. Nice video, mate.. How did you get the L-39 to work in P3d v4? I ask because it is one of my favourite aircraft for sightseeing, and I'm exclusively P3d v4 now. Kev
  2. This is my latest Orbx buy........and I really like it. Still adjusting my new P3D v4 installation - so colours not quite as I would like for screenshots yet. Kev
  3. Nice one, Doc! Kev
  4. Lovely shots! Kev
  5. I seem to recall that, a couple of years ago there was a lot of discussion about this and, someone please correct me if I'm wrong, the answer was that whether you used Holgermesh, Orbx inbuilt mesh or a commercial mesh such as Pilots, the sim would display the best mesh elevation. It was a while ago, maybe Holger can commemt? Kev
  6. Hey Jack!! Happy Birthday, have a great day and try to stay Right Side UP!! Kev
  7. Beautiful shots! Kev
  8. JWxTreme, Thank you for this - I will search on Youtube and see whats ther. Kev
  9. Those are nice Mark. Kdv
  10. Wow. There is so much potential in AFS2! Kev
  11. Great shots - especially the first and last. Kev
  12. What Jack said! Perfect sky colour. Kev
  13. Lovely pics Dolf, do you use PTA? Kev
  14. Well done Iain, lovely pics too......I tought I was doing OK when I got to 1000.....! Kev