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  1. Dolf, those are stunning pictures - I live in UK and I can truly say they are as close to real as you can get. Kev
  2. Nice pictures Jack. Its a good job we don't have to pay for film and developing prints any more, we'd all be bankrupt! Kev
  3. Loved it, Benny. Terrific stuff. Kev
  4. Nice pictures, Adam. I'm very tempted to buy that aircraft, but I have sooooo many already! Kev
  5. I used to know an air hostess who flew with Dan Air............... Kev
  6. Original No1 for me, Adam. Lovely shot. Kev
  7. Terrific shots, Karsten...... Kev
  8. Great shots Jack - like I said before, you have the breaking strain of a kitkat when it comes to scenery. I 'm willing to bet that you will also buy a new plane within the next month! Kev
  9. Good luck with this - I did it the other way round and went from thr T7 to the Airbus. You have to unlearn all the airbus automatics and then learn the Boeing way. They ain't similar!! Kev
  10. Excellent shots Jack. Nice plane too, especially now it is Ver 2. Kev
  11. Nice captures - likewise, I wouldn't try that for real! Kev
  12. Terrific shots, Karsten. Reminds me that I have not been there for a long time - time to go to Samoa! Kev
  13. I enjoy these forums, they are, without doubt, the best mannered, and most informed - and with good interaction from the developers. I don't really get involved with the threads speculating releases because the release will happen when it happens. In my view, the reason for the latest posts about LOWI is that ORBX gave the firm impression of an imminent release, even JV was saying that it would be in everyones hands imminently at one point. So there we are, the seeds of frustration are sown! Obviously there is a hitch which is being worked on, so lets wait - but also, it is good to "banter" each other as we wait - it helps the time pass! Kev
  14. Very like the Edgley Optica built in UK, and available as freeware.
  15. Nice shots Jack......I don't think the pax enjoyed the split-arse turn in #6 ! Kev