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  1. Not nice in Valdez today..... Kev
  2. Straight Catalina lifts.........full AS16 wouldn't know it though! Kev
  3. Terrific shots Jack! I have practically the same rig as you - how do you get away with those frame rates?! Kev
  4. just a minute - they can't do that! Have they checked that it's Ok with JV!? Kev
  5. Terrific shot! Kev
  6. Thank you all! Kev
  7. Lovely shots of an iconic aircraft. Kev
  8. Lovely shots of a great add on. VH-KDK : 30 seconds?!! You can do better than that! Kev
  9. Terrific shots, Mark. No 4 is spectacular! Kev
  10. Now that looks cold - great shot. Kev
  11. Flying in New Zealand with AS16 and Adam's PTA preset Kev
  12. Whoops! Finger trouble! I'll try that again: Whats wrong with Pink!
  13. What's wrong with pink? Kev %5Bimg%5D
  14. Great shots Jack.....nice plane too. Kev
  15. That's a good 'un! Kev