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  1. Brilliant shot! Kev
  2. Nice picture. Jack, those Lycomings on the 146 are also on the Chinook. On their own they couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding - hence the need for 4 engines! Kev
  3. Nice shots Jack - I thought the same as John!.........By the way, that squirrel moves under its own steam too! Kev
  4. Brilliant shots, mate! I wish I'd read the Welshpool airfield information before I took Off!! Kev
  5. Brilliant shots, John. Kev
  6. Great shots Adam - where did you get that plane? Kev
  7. Looks like that 737 has a T38 shadow! Kev
  8. Great shots Jack. I was there yesterday and my framerates dropped below 20 fps. Kev
  9. Great stuff Jack. Nice plane - it's in my hangar but doesn't come out much, maybe it's time. Kev
  10. Brilliant stuff - now you'll set our Jack off with the yellow planes! Great shots! Kev
  11. I love these cartoon strips Jack. You should talk to JV and get an "official" Jack Cartoon slot! Kev
  12. Great shots, Gerold - the clouds are really good. Kev
  13. Good stuff - was that hot wife, or "hot wife" !!? Kev
  14. Brilliant stuff! I was going to say the same as VH there - about the shovel! Kev
  15. On 7th September 1953,Squadron Leader Neville Duke took off from Tangmere to set up a new world air speed record of 727.63 mph along a course between Bognor and Littlehampton on the UK South coast. Here's the aircraft : And here's my interpretation that day in 1953 when I was 6 months old! Kev