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  1. Interesting! Greg
  2. Outstanding! Greg
  3. looks fantastic! Greg
  4. I agree Scott. Maybe Gridley of Free Flow Bahamas could help. Greg
  5. PMDG 737 will auto land and has a great tutorial to help you get going. Greg
  6. Thanks for the chuckle Ken. Greg
  7. WOW Great shots and scenery. Greg
  8. Then I will have to buy them for sure. Thanks Alex, Greg
  9. NZQN does not have an ILS in real life. The surrounding mountains preclude a glideslope. NZQN does have some interesting RNAV approaches. I find the airport challenging, fun and very enjoyable. Greg
  10. Fantastic! You are raising the bar very high. Congratulations and thank you, Greg
  11. Outstanding John! Thank you Greg
  12. I agree they are very good. Greg
  13. Follow the valley and when you see the waterfall on your left start making a right turn to final. Greg
  14. Jack, I have lots of snow here in Maine. Wish I could send you some. Greg