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  1. I could help with screenshots for the C208 and PC-12. Greg
  2. Bjoern, Check the compatibility support forum, If you are talking about problems in FTX regions. For example here is a link to the KLAS issue with SCA. Greg
  3. Great comments! See you there. Greg
  4. Thank you for sharing John! Greg
  5. I have been dealing with tinnitus in my left ear since 1968. You can live and fly with it. Miracle Ear has developed a hearing aid that can minimize the tinnitus and actually eliminate it for some. It is expensive. Greg
  6. Thanks Scott! Greg
  7. Very very nice! Greg
  8. Thank you Orbx! Greg
  9. Thanks Dolf Greg
  10. Congratulations! Very well deserved. Greg
  11. Great shots! Greg
  12. I have decided to attend FightSimCon 2017. I have registered and got my hotel reservation. Who else is going? Greg
  13. Well done! Congratulations. Greg
  14. Very nice Scott! Greg