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  1. Congratulations! Very well deserved. Greg
  2. Great shots! Greg
  3. I have decided to attend FightSimCon 2017. I have registered and got my hotel reservation. Who else is going? Greg
  4. Well done! Congratulations. Greg
  5. Very nice Scott! Greg
  6. Got the runway going visual Fantastic scenery! Thank you Jarrad! I will do a night approach later. Greg
  7. Very nice flying Jack! Greg
  8. Kenthom I agree! Greg
  9. Some very nice shots. #69 gets my vote. Greg
  10. Thank you! Greg
  11. 3 Most used aircraft are the PMDG 737NGX and Flight 1 B200 King Air. Greg
  12. Good hunting Jack! Greg
  13. Jack, I just did a local ILS procedure for this shot. No dinging for VAS. Greg
  14. Excellent work. Thanks Matteo! Greg