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  1. Jack, I have the city of Canberra working just fine in P3DV4. I am using the object flow 2 Beta, which is working great! Greg
  2. Great shots! I used to instruct and fly out of KOLD a long time ago. Greg
  3. I am amazed and impressed with how well the open beta for object flow 2 worked. I have all 198 GBs of my Orbx files transferred to P3Dv4 with only a few issues that have already been corrected. Very Well done Orbx! Thanks, Greg
  4. Sky King flies again! Super shots Jack! Greg
  5. I agree! Thank you Orbx! Greg
  6. YES!! Greg
  7. These look like postcards. Fantastic! Greg
  8. announcement

    Thanks John! Another very good management decision and direction. Greg
  9. Tremendous captures! I may have to purchase this. Greg
  10. I agree! Greg
  11. 110F! We will be about 75F today. Watch your hydration! Greg
  12. Jack Happy Birthday from Maine! Greg
  13. Single Malt Scotch is the Dew of the Gods! Greg
  14. Fantastic! Greg