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  1. In default, with global textures it runs very well, however I have had major problems with install ORBX addons (Booth NZ packages plus Aussie) they run, but elevations are all over the place! I am going to wait until the 12th of the month, when my download allowance rolls over and download an updated version, easier than trying to apply the hotfix, has anyone else had these issues? Note doe not seem to matter if default mesh and ORBX regions are used or PILOT's mesh, elevations are all up the wop and Australia causes it to lock up.
  2. I have just installed this FSX version plane in P3dv4, and taken it on a short flight, so far it appears to be compatible. I will of course be saving to buy the PMDG version, too!
  3. Also 1940's early 50's Avro lancastrian
  4. DC3/C47. C-46, DC-4/6/7/, Connie, B17 (some SA Airforces, mainly in maritime patrol, SAR, mapping roles) DC-8 707. 727/ early 737, als DH Comet 4 (LAN Chile was one owner, I think)
  5. I would love this as a separate area, especially TNCM and surrounding islands!
  6. I would love Princess Juliana TNCM and surrounding area!
  7. danke meinen herren!
  8. I have heard rumours, but nothing in a long time and this is one I really would like Thanks
  9. Will Orbx be supporting the new sim, and will we be albel to install our already owned products? Thanks cathy
  10. Slightly OT BUT, does anyone know how to install PILOT's Mesh for FSW?
  11. John, I will be buying P3d v4, approximately how soon after release will FTX central be upgraded to permit installation of sceneries? Thanks
  12. I would buy the Flightsim Estonia Migration Tool and install them with that
  13. Problem solved, it was their stupid enhanced power management module again! Must have got an update that undid my modes, so i re ran the utility
  14. I actually have had little problem with saitek gear, ,and I do have some Go Flight as well. My Multipanel is brand new. I will try the suggestions, thoug