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  1. John, I will be buying P3d v4, approximately how soon after release will FTX central be upgraded to permit installation of sceneries? Thanks
  2. I would buy the Flightsim Estonia Migration Tool and install them with that
  3. Problem solved, it was their stupid enhanced power management module again! Must have got an update that undid my modes, so i re ran the utility
  4. I actually have had little problem with saitek gear, ,and I do have some Go Flight as well. My Multipanel is brand new. I will try the suggestions, thoug
  5. They were working fine until yesterday, but just stopped dead. As I am using thellatest mad catz Driver I no longer have the option to start the plugin manually, any suggestions?
  6. Thanks
  7. I was checking MILVIZ for progress on the Beaver, when I came across this little beauty. I have the FSADDON T%-50, but this looks far better, does anyone have it?
  8. Any chance of DTG FS when published?
  9. I know ORBX has said they will support other flight sims, but I came late to the discussion, can someone please tell me which ones? Thanks
  10. Does anyone know if this will work in P3d, I had it for FSX and it worked well, but I lost the disc. I can download it but don't want to waste the money if it is not compatible Thanks
  11. Thanks
  12. does anyone have this working in this version of P3d? I have two problems, solid prop textures and grey Vc windows, if anyone knows of a fix I should be most grateful Thanks
  13. active

    I think I will get it anyway, as I STILL have elevation issues with 2010. (cars driving over fields, etc!)
  14. Are Etihad buying any, my sister flies exclusively with them for overseas trips?