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  1. Great to see more of the area, Western Samoa kinda gets overlooked thanks for posting
  2. Brilliant Jack
  3. Absolute corkers
  4. Awesome shots Adam, It took me forever to remove the cloud marks on the photo real here, why did I bother, that weather looks so real no one would have noticed
  5. hillarious
  6. Seriously fine set of shots, thanks for sharing these
  7. Not easy to do ,Well done
  8. beauties
  9. Thanks guys, a picture fails to capture the immersion, these clouds are alive and the turbulence in them feels real. At the moment ground textures are Orbx Global and the shaders need adjusting as they are washed out, once they fix that and we get Orbx regions and airports in to this sim the better, cloud shadows are coming soon. I have temporarily added a few airports into the library manually but animations are broken and no object flow but with the built in AO baking the autogen houses look grounded, no illusion of floating objects, our texturing methods will need to be adapted but will allow for greater efficiency in reducing the no of texture sheets and draw calls. It's still early days but the rate at which DTG are updating this sim it won't be long before it is taken more seriously. cheers Ken
  10. dialled in thunderstorms and had to climb to 15,000ft to get above them, but the view was worth it. as usual click on images for best view. cheers Ken
  11. Truely a tropical bird of paradise, great shot
  12. They just released a mini patch last night, which has improved the terrain saturation, there weather engine is really fun to fly in finding holes in clouds descending through cloud layers, when you enter and emerge from clouds it feels like the cloud has depth, it's something you have to try. I did aflight in a thunderstorm at dusk and was denied my flight plan, due to it being IFR only, so screw them, I took of anyway, turned into an awesome experience, lighting was so authentic and the turbulence made me work hard to stay on track, a real sense of relief getting the landing somewhere near acceptable.
  13. Yup V4 is way better than V3, really is like chalk and cheese great night shots
  14. looks like fun, up close and personal, rippers, thanks again for posting
  15. been playing around with True sky, I believe this feature once refined will add greatly to the realism, finding holes or diverting around large cells makes for more real experience. due to the refinements needed in shaders to compensate for this new feature Ive tweaked these images to try to get a fell for how True Sky would look like after the shader tweaks are made, just my impression. PLEASE click on images to get the full resolution. cheers Ken