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  1. Great angles in these shots, thank you
  2. looks very cold, great shots thank you
  3. postcard stuff, thank you for showing these
  4. nailed em, thanks for showing it off
  5. Love em
  6. Great shots Jack, very scenic flight that between Longview and Lands Inn, great to see it again
  7. Ripper
  8. Great flight there Jack
  9. King Island buildings are missing, you need to download the Ozx libs 1,2,3,etc separately they left them out of the big package. i spent a bit of time making them, Pictures were supplied by Vic the airport manager a the time. cheers Ken
  10. Superb set once again, where did you get those superb real life shots, just awesome, that leaning shack is actually a copy of one that was close to Latrobe, where I lived( not in the shack), I was making an OZx lib of old shacks and this one I placed at Friendly beaches, didn't have gmax or 3dsMax at the time, used some instant scenery maker tool which basically stitched photos together to make a 3D model, such a long time ago. I think I would like to take the drone down there and redo this spot. thanks for the memories Gerold cheers Ken
  11. He never waved back lol
  12. Sure Jack I'll pick some out for you
  13. Another great trip, I had the priveledge of doing several paintings of the area, an artists dream, also many photos of the area if anyone's interested, I was installing satellite dishes all over the state for broadband and got to see almost all of the remote places, they have a saying down that way about the weather, "It rains for 9 months and drips from the trees the other 3" add some snow and it's pretty true
  14. Nice to have the local finally done, nice work
  15. cracker