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  1. According to climate change experts, Climate is long term where as weather is day to day, in Tassie we need a better word as we have a saying down here, if you don't like the weather, Just wait 10 min
  2. great shots, looking forward to seeing how you go at the other strips
  3. I found the same using AS not sure why but it seems totally inaccurate, all images used for research showed sunny, typical South Cal weather. like the shot over pebbly beach, very nice
  4. Great set, I just love fly fishing
  5. they look great Adam
  6. Flying VR you only need set up essential controls, I use flaps landing gear trim and i know where these buttons are on my joystick no need to jump our to look at the keyboard, you can program as many functions as you can remember but I keep it simple, I fly mostly short 30 min flights as VR is quite taxing, your brain will work harder than you think, reminds me of when I was learning to fly, an hour of ccts practicing landings and my brain was fried. But hell this is what we want ,RIGHT, to feel all the pressure of flying an aircraft, on the plus side, your landings will improve as having a 3D view to judge things is how it should be. cheers Ken
  7. sublime
  8. good luck Jack, and an awesome choice of aircraft, keep us posted mate cheers Ken
  9. great shots I love NZ, thinking of doing an experience pack there, wonder how well it wold go
  10. great set from the Hunter Valley, great that your feeling better
  11. very nice Mark
  12. Great review, thanks Thomas
  13. that should work ok Jack maybe get a 1080 but not necessary.
  14. I'll keep this one in mind, were having a break from PI at the moment, i have plans for future strips in PNG just need ground photos, might even take a trip there and do some photography, but it wont be for a while. cheers Ken