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  1. Great set revealing the character of this amazing island, takes upwards of 30 min to explore the coastline in your typical VFR bird, if you want to get up close and personal a chopper gets in closer and the 2 helipads offer some interesting detail. these shots are beautifully composed, many thanks for showing more of the islands detail. cheers Ken
  2. Great shots, but you've only scratched the surface, get down low and hug the coastline, look forward to seeing what you find
  3. wow ,Awesome just plain awesome thanks for the great new way to enjoy our waterworld
  4. Super shot that
  5. sweet, could have used some photos for the Nurburgring racetrack models Ive been working on. nice lap
  6. One of the finest sets of PNG I've seen, many thanks for this great set.
  7. That is one corker of a shot
  8. very nice indeed, good to see the coast getting some love thanks for posting them
  9. Very clever Jack, love it
  10. A great flight, these two airports combine well, love the old bird
  11. Great angles in these shots, thank you
  12. looks very cold, great shots thank you
  13. postcard stuff, thank you for showing these
  14. nailed em, thanks for showing it off
  15. Love em