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  1. Another great trip, I had the priveledge of doing several paintings of the area, an artists dream, also many photos of the area if anyone's interested, I was installing satellite dishes all over the state for broadband and got to see almost all of the remote places, they have a saying down that way about the weather, "It rains for 9 months and drips from the trees the other 3" add some snow and it's pretty true
  2. Nice to have the local finally done, nice work
  3. cracker
  4. another great tour heres a photo of the west coast, pretty windy and rugged
  5. Thanks for the offer, but John doesn't need convincing He's always supportive of our projects. Hawaii is a huge project to do it properly and would need possible the co-operation of several developers and that's not easy to co-ordinate. cheers Ken
  6. Wow, such amazing shots and local knowledge, I still remember driving out to Smithon (Miffton) to take the photos, Satellite imagery was pretty bad back then and was just learning G-Max. So great to see these old Ozx strips getting enjoyed. thanks Gerold
  7. Haha Cla use rd was my very 1st strip, discovered it while installing the local farmers Satellite dish, had no modelling skills then. I think one day when finances permit I'd like to do the whole of Taz as a mini region experience pack, use the drone to get all the landmarks like Stanley's Nut, Cradle mountain, Hobart international and Cambridge( not with the drone). Plus all the rest of Tassies top spots. One day, lol cheers Ken
  8. Thanks Gerald, very kind words great set, I saw you fly over my house at Shearwater, did you see me wave, I keep promising myself to do Devonport, knowing you guys enjoy the Tas Scenery is added incentive. cheers Ken
  9. nice tour,I love this coastline
  10. Time to Man Up Jack. great shots I never tire of flying these strips
  11. corkers
  12. Very nice Jack, imagine how good it will look in VR
  13. That a seriously fine set of shots Jack
  14. Superb, really up close shows some of the less visited areas, love the maco too awesome paint job