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  1. There are a number of interviews with Stephen Hood on you tube now, definitely worth watching
  2. I hear you Adam, disc space can be tight sometimes, I'm lucky I have room for all the sims, this FSW is a dark horse, there deliberately taking there time to implement new stuff, Novawing interviewed Steve Hood at FSC and I was impressed with his attitude, also got to meet the team at the conference as well and these guys are dedicated enthusiastic and working their butts off to do stuff, Time will tell as DTG has a budget, but if they get enough support to keep going they have some great ideas. with P3D there are so many add ons and tweaks to get it looking great it can be confusing. I'm referring to shader tweaks mainly here, and the 3d rain effects in P3D are unconvincing. Active sky is keen to do a weather engine for FSW, add some cloud shadows and with the PBR lighting it's going to be very interesting. All the sim platforms are in competition and we will be the lucky ones.
  3. just tried it Jack, to the letter and got crash to desk tops while starting P3D, I kept the sky textures, but reshade isn't working as planned removed the reshade stuff and all working fine now
  4. have a look at this Jack
  5. No offence taken Jack, were all in this together, sharing tweaking, I'll start tweaking the water, I haven't played with these settings yet, until we get alternative textures for water such as REX we're kind of limited to the presets which alter how the light reacts to those water textures, to darken the water and change its colour is a function of the original texture, ie inland water is too blue. As far as the clouds go, again texture sets play the major role, I will try importing some from ASA and Other texture sets. its a double edge sword, we have so many choices and variables that getting one set to fit all flights is the key. I'll keep tweaking and see what we come up with.
  6. been some updates to FSW, wish they would say what they have done, but I'd say they've been tweaking shaders, once they add the cloud shadows and a real weather engine it's going to look very nice, I love the PBR lighting on the aircraft. A few shots from a morning flight, shadows have that cool colour same as natural, really gives the feeling of sunlight. still default scenery, will check again once we get an Orbx full fat region working. cheers Ken
  7. super set Adam
  8. No, just default sky and clouds, remember to set your clouds to maximum, As will warn you if you haven't
  9. here it is Jack,you may need to tweak your HDR settings mine are brightness 1.3 bloom 0.15 saturation 1.03 I'm still testing this one Jack, hope it works for you, I also use Active Sky cheers Ken
  10. Great set, FSX has its moments
  11. All great shots Mark, settling on one pta preset is almost impossible as weather and time of day alter things so much, but this is nature, things change and it's that variety that keeps us coming back
  12. Never get tired of your screenshots, these are just sublime
  13. Great flight Jack,, your enthusiasm is awesome.
  14. Love the evening shots, pta really is a must have
  15. Master Creator, this shot is a masterpiece of creativity, everything you've done here just works, hang that one on the wall.