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  1. Woah, I can finally buy the rest of the Orbx Airports around Puget Sound without OOMing!
  2. The problem is, FSW has to compete with X-Plane 11 and Aerofly FS2 not just P3D. Compared to those two platforms it's a pretty pitiful excuse for a NEW flight sim. FSW's only saving grace is that it's an iteration of the ESP engine and can benefit from the same ecosystem that sustains FSX and P3D... Until you realize that Dovetail's entire business model is predicated on controlling that ecosystem, taking a cut of every add-on release, and potentially locking free content out entirely. It's the same crap Microsoft tried with Flight and we know how well that turned out. I just don't see the locked ecosystem model being sustainable in a crowded and competitive environment, especially when two of the primary competitors (X-Plane and P3D) have open ecosystems, and the other has a superior visual experience and performance (Aerofly). But we'll see how it plays out. I finally got P3D working how I want it a couple of months ago and darned if I'm going to jump ship for anything else soon!
  3. Just east of Walter Sutton's. Apparently it was an old International Paper mill that closed in '79. Looking at Google Maps, the walls and crane are still there, but the roof's gone now. Someone's using the land as a junkyard. https:[email protected],-122.3670218,670m/data=!3m1!1e3
  4. Son of a Bitch, 2nd Class.
  5. P3Dv3.4, Bowerman, A2A C172, AS16+ASCA
  6. Hey Matteo! Zomg I just took off from KSAN in the Cub... obviously the first thing I tried to do was land on USS Midway and I flew right through! I know it's fluff but could you maybe harden the aircraft carriers in the harbor or add a check box to replace them with the AI CV models that came with Acceleration? I'm sure there's going to be a not insignificant performance hit, but it sure would be fun! Cheers, Perk
  7. Putting scenery on another PC - while it can theoretically be done from a storage perspective - it isn't going to help with VAS usage. The primary prepar3d.exe process still needs to load the scenery into memory on the primary PC in order to display it. If you're having VAS issues, it means you're trying to load too much into the 4gbs of addressable 32bit memory space available to P3D regardless of where you load it from. Recommendations: Make sure you're NOT using the latest Nvidia drivers. There's a known issue with the 378.xx series drivers and Prepar3d that causes VAS usage to creep up heavily over a few minutes until you run out of memory. Roll back to 376.53. (I haven't played with 381.65 yet, possible it's been fixed there - if anyone knows please report.) Reduce LOD radius. This has by far the biggest impact on initial VAS usage. Even going down one notch from max can often give you back 4-500mb of overhead. Turn off Tertiary roads in Vector. Unless you're navigating VFR by pilotage you probably won't miss them, and you'll get quite a bit of VAS back. Edit dll.xml and get rid of things you don't ever use. The LM default gauges - targetinfo.dll and fury_1500.dll come to mind unless you're flying something that makes use of them. As always make a backup copy before you edit. If all else fails, use a sim loader (SimStarter NG is the most common one) to build profiles for the area you're flying in or airplane you're flying. This allows you to modify what scenery is loaded and especially to edit dll.xml and exe.xml to only load addons required for the loaded scenery. Not flying to an FSDreamTeam airport - get rid of bglmanx.dll and coatl.exe. Not going to a Sim720 airport, unload their libraries. The big deal here is dlls that get loaded regardless of where you're flying - P3D actually does a fairly good job of only loading scenery in the visible area and unloading it afterwards.
  8. Looks like Sandane in Norway.
  9. And in the short bus too lol
  10. Whittier Alaska is kind of unique. Most of the residents live in one big building.
  11. Queenstown is great, especially for GA! There's a little grass strip around the corner of the lake at Glenorchy that's hellacious fun in a crosswind. And if you really want a challenge, try getting enough performance out of a Piper Cub to get over the mountains to Milford Sound. It's just doable in the A2A Cub with no front seat passenger.
  12. The Cub's having a real hard time climbing up above 6k with Heidi in the front seat... not sure I could get to the top of the rocks!