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  1. I think you're overestimating the rate of progress. 2030 is about right for XP-12 and the 64bit ESP update~
  2. Just watch your scenery library order and make sure the airport scenery is higher in the list than the Orbx AU region. Also, if the airport scenery happens to conflict with an Orbx "lite" airport (not an issue in AU), then it's often necessary to rename the Orbx .BGL files for that airport to .OFF. If you run into any specific problems, try searching the Compatability forums, and posting if there's isn't already a solution:
  3. Why the heck is there a King George class battleship in the straight of Juan de Fuca? Did any of them visit Bremerton? I seem to remember there was one British BB that was modernized at the Puget Sound Naval Yard during World War Two, but I don't remember which BB... Edit: It was Warspite in '41 I was thinking of, not one of the King Georges. Doesn't mean there wasn't another visit at some point though.
  4. Does it have the sextant mount in the ceiling above the navigator?
  5. I say, that doesn't look like the A2A Skyhawk~
  6. I've gone ultra-widescreen. Still debating whether it was a good decision or not heh P3Dv3.4, FTX Global+OpenLC EU, AS16+ASCA, Realair Legacy.
  7. Tell me there's going to be an AI Downeaster Alexa somewhere in Block Island Sound??!
  8. Solar City and Tesla just released a video showing off their solar farm on Ta'u in American Samoa. Thought it might be something cool to add to the Samoan Experience if/when there's ever an update. In any event it's a nice video of an island I've visited often in Sim.
  9. Well shoot then... I can't see why anyone would need to archive the installers except maybe to have to copy to an slow or limited bandwith PC. Just backup your \orbx directory people!
  10. So out of curiosity... I have 170gb of Orbx products installed into P3Dv3.4. I have copies of all the individual installers from FSS on network attached storage. I'm also planning building myself a new PC for Christmas. Why in Trump's name would I need to download anything to move to the new PC? Can't I just copy the \Orbx directory up to the NAS, then back down into a fresh P3D installation on the new PC, install FTX Central 3, sign in to my account, and be good? Surely FTX Central 3 can handle scenery library insertions and individual file validation without installer wrappers for every product?
  11. NZSI - Lake Wakatipu around the corner from Queenstown. Playing around with water settings in Prepar3d Tweek Assistant (Thanks for mentioning that in another thread John V!)
  12. Very nice Ian!
  13. Do you normally fly zoomed out on a wide aspect monitor John? At 16:9 with wide aspect ticked, zoom level 1.0 is actually a fairly close approximation of what the Mk.1 eyeball sees out of the cockpit in terms of geometric distortion at least. At other zoom levels you get compression or stretching of distances between objects especially at the edges of the field of vision. Of course you're limited in your field of view by the size of the monitor, but I've found with Track-IR I get the most immersive view with wide aspect on and zoom level 1. Always curious what other ways of doing things people have found. Best explanation I've ever found of what exactly wide aspect and zoom actually does in ESP products is this video if anyone's curious:
  14. You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought. Lol Russian radial engines would not be my first choice for long flights over water. I suppose if you brought enough oil along with you it'd probably get there though~