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  1. With the exception of products that do the same thing - Orbx Global and Ground Environment X for example - FSX /P3D addons should play nicely together. That said there *can* be some oddities when you install multiple products in the same area - for example FSDT LAX on top of Orbx SCA. Generally you want to make sure airports are above the Orbx regions and Global/Vector/OpenLC in the scenery library. There's also an entire section of the forum dedicated to sorting out compatibility issues: Thinks like REX clouds, Active Sky, and addon Airplanes should all work with no tweaking however as they're doing different things than any of the Orbx products.
  2. John, Ed, Thanks for taking the time and effort to do a rework. Expecting exciting things with P3D going forward, and having Objectflow in house should be a real boon for us impatient types who like to update immediately!
  3. The "Full Scotland"? Is your Super Sabre going commando under it's kilt?
  4. I am the very model of a modern flight sim add-on With five season ortho textures and landclass for ancient Babylon?
  5. Lol thanks for an official update John, that'll tide my impatient ass over at least another month.
  6. It's been a month... I've been to Colorado and back. They've finished resurfacing KTEX and have started bulldozing the new GA parking. Could we pretty please get some official word on the 64 bit Objectflow conversion?
  7. He may have worked on the SCA mesh, but I was referring specifically to a quick compatibility flatten he put together to get SCA working with the updated P3Dv4 McCarran. See this thread.
  8. Thanks for the new compatibility mesh Holger! Las Vegas is looking amazing with SCA and P3Dv4!
  9. Can I just say I love this thread lol. Looks like a neat little airport, I'll have to check it out once the global airports work in v4. How long ago did it go private Tim? Was there any particular impetus from the FAA with airspace analysis or just too much paper work keeping it public?
  10. Next it'll be "I can ALWAYS see my cat in the window when he normally only sits there on sunny days. Why haven't you added Sir Pussington's sunning habits to the latest Critterflow implementation??!"
  11. It's amazing that guy can land a PC-12 there. Don't his giant balls cause issues with rudder control?
  12. Lovely shots. Assume that's the Alabeo DA-42? How are you finding the flight dynamics?
  13. Woah, I can finally buy the rest of the Orbx Airports around Puget Sound without OOMing!
  14. The problem is, FSW has to compete with X-Plane 11 and Aerofly FS2 not just P3D. Compared to those two platforms it's a pretty pitiful excuse for a NEW flight sim. FSW's only saving grace is that it's an iteration of the ESP engine and can benefit from the same ecosystem that sustains FSX and P3D... Until you realize that Dovetail's entire business model is predicated on controlling that ecosystem, taking a cut of every add-on release, and potentially locking free content out entirely. It's the same crap Microsoft tried with Flight and we know how well that turned out. I just don't see the locked ecosystem model being sustainable in a crowded and competitive environment, especially when two of the primary competitors (X-Plane and P3D) have open ecosystems, and the other has a superior visual experience and performance (Aerofly). But we'll see how it plays out. I finally got P3D working how I want it a couple of months ago and darned if I'm going to jump ship for anything else soon!
  15. Just east of Walter Sutton's. Apparently it was an old International Paper mill that closed in '79. Looking at Google Maps, the walls and crane are still there, but the roof's gone now. Someone's using the land as a junkyard. https:[email protected],-122.3670218,670m/data=!3m1!1e3