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  1. lol, you made my mouth pucker up remembering the tartness of them strawberries. I eaten oodles of MRE 31yrs in the fire dept. I agree not my first choice of meal. but when there is nothing else...... PS. I have one in the car for emergencies. I ought to crack it open to see whats in it.
  2. John How far behind the curve will Vectors be? thanks,
  3. Execellent John John since you've been playin with this for a bit. what are the minimum, MQ's for memory on a GPU?
  4. It will work perfectly, John addressed this a while ago.
  5. Frank I'm jeleous! LOL beautiful
  6. good luck
  7. wow, beautiful, Maurizio, You attention to detail is will pay off on this one. looking forward to it.
  8. found it. Thanks
  9. John?? Guys, and sales this weekend??
  10. Glad you got it solved , Dale. nothing worst than trying to reace hardware issue. Glad you were able to figure it out.
  11. good piont, Chumley
  12. when you get multiple component failures like that, it time to look to replacing your PSU on you system . Voltage spikes can kill when you least expect it. I replace mine every 3 years , working our not
  13. excellent shots
  14. no it's actually there, with everything. I was pointing out where is our UPS/ FedEx terminals. LOL. sorry for the confusion.