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  1. Hey Orbx Dev team. Those of you working on the Dynamic lighting on the airports have you notice the rotating airport beacons still have that light shaft on them. For those of us with 29 Palms KNTP we see only the light hitting objects in the airport and looks really realistic as it rotates. Can that be implemented on out airports please. Look like it will only apply to the municipal airports. Thanks.
  2. Man, you guys are "Nailin it!" thank you
  3. Thank you thank you , GUYS
  4. I'm still pickin up my Jaw off the floor. I can only imagine how Monterrey will look
  5. +1
  6. I miss my scenery Tim. how much longer for P3D V4 release these.
  7. Add KFAT to that Request too. The hub airport in the middle of the state has been ignored too long. Thanks.
  8. be forewarned it like duckin' and dodgin' and changing course while you line up to land on it. :
  9. is this an upcoming service pack?
  10. yep, I love this plane too Jack I have 11 hrs on it allready and doing a lot of the setup without having to use the AFE now. Beautiful plane. Trying to get Kyle to make me and Air Tanker Livery for fire suppression
  11. hi Cathy, I have the PMDG version. And it's worth every penny. Have 11hrs flight time on it already.
  12. I have what will probably be considered a dumb question. How come Orbx don't have this already built into their product line rather than have to buy 3rd party?
  13. Kudos Nick, I use my DC-6A as an air tanker to paint burning hills on forest fires with Phoscheck. the plane flies beautifully, and even has that little nose up bump when you release your retardant like in real life. I'm totally enjoying this aircraft.
  14. thanks Rob, I been flying the ole girl since yesterday as was wondering why I wasn't getting visual exhaust flames on mine. let me try a night flight. Also what GPS did you use on yours.?