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  1. yeppers, I use Mytraffic 6 to populate with the local airliners
  2. Wife couln't take the cold and dampness during may grey, and June Gloom. LOL. Me. I loved it.
  3. nice, Can you still hike to the back of the sub base , from the old light house, or did they close that off finally? I use to live in Point Loma
  4. it's a little unfair to critique something which you do not have as of yet. I agree with Mike. Credit card is ready and waiting
  5. USS NeverSail is still there. I just saw it.
  6. Today is a good flying day to explore this gem... when is it on Orxdirect
  7. I was wondering when I didn't see them in the list of participants YAY!
  8. Big John, you guy did include the Nazca Lines on the peruvian plains Right? They can be appreciated by the Pilots
  9. something is up. right now I can use my paypal at brick and mortar large companies like Home Dept. ot Autozone to pay for goods. So some BS is going on here. I surprised all of the companies like Orbx, and that 3D printer company don't all get together and do a class action lawsuit. While I'm not very confident in stripes security I will nibble a few times a year til they Mess up. I do agree with that 3D printer company owner. have more and better secure payment processors.
  10. for most of us 80-100 in the texture- bandwidth should be more that sufficient to fix you blurries in Prepar3D. My jaw dropped when I say 400. LOL
  11. Right O , Peter I've been really selective on buying anymore expensive aircraft like the Boeing 717 til I know when "P" is close to being done and coming out of the oven. I loved this last line in the change logs on the last Prepar3D client update " Thanks again for your support and we will see you all in 2017 with some major news!