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  1. Thanks guys! Thanks! Yes it's a default repaint
  2. thanks guys!
  3. Thanks a lot Iain.
  4. thanks! That should be mt rainier.
  5. Hi guys! Long time no see! But today i'm posting some pics Please enjoy!
  6. Very nice!
  7. Amazing!
  9. wow! finally those blurries are gone!
  10. Prepard V4 is announced!
  11. Guys! AirdailyX is HOPEFULLY going to livestream Prepar3Dv4 x64 this week!
  12. looks amazing! so the question is, when will it be avai .......?
  13. now it's looking great
  14. but do you have the same problem when loading another aircraft or does it only happen when using the Coolsky DC9?
  15. nice to hear that you are enjoying Arlanda by the way have you seen the Service Pack preview for ESSA?