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  1. Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Very nice shots!
  3. Nice pics!
  4. Nice pics
  5. Hi folks! Just want to share some pictures with you guys! I hope you like them! Enjoy
  6. great pics!
  7. i would love to see ESNU
  8. i use and i love it, you pay for it but it's worth it
  9. amazing
  10. your welcome
  11. Thanks a lot guys! I dont have any ai traffic at this moment, but those shown in the pictures are static planes that comes with EDDP
  12. Thanks Jack! Download urp from here and then select high contrast from the shaders tab. HDR settings are shown under the shaders tab aswell
  13. Hi guys! So i made this short flight today from Leipzig/Halles to milan linate, it was an awesome flight i must say. This is p3d v4 with no PTA, i only use URP set to high contrast Addons used: Ftx Global Base FTX Europe LC DIGITAL DESIGN - LEIPZIG-HALLE JETSTREAM DESIGNS - Milano Linate PMDG 77F Please enjoy!
  14. Nice shot Filou!