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  1. Atlas is really rather good.
  2. See me at
  3. I am also of the view that staying up to date with technology is the least troublesome way forward overall.
  4. announcement

    Many thanks for all of your efforts to provide us with such an excellent service.
  5. I believe that there is some sort of partnership between Orbx Simulation Systems and Pilot's Software. Yet Pilot's Software do not have a forum I which the developer and its customers interact. This means that the Orbx forums then get used for this interactions. Could someone in Orbx request that Pilot's Software start a forum so that we can have meaningful discussions with Stefan?
  6. Many thanks for the information. Looking forward to installing my copy.
  7. Hi jjaycee1, I have the DVDs on order also. Are your instructions (above) contained in the installation manual, or have you had to learn how to achieve the results through trial and error?
  8. announcement

    Hi Dominique, I believe that programmatic files require at least recompilation to be able to co-exist with a 64-bit P3D. Data files probably will not. So scenery files can probably remain unchanged. Even if they cannot, a recompilation with a 64-bit version of the ADE may be sufficient in many cases. A 64-bit P3D will presumably be stored in a Program Files directory rather than the existing Program Files (x86) directory. So the minimum required would be for programs in the Program Files directory to concatenate these two file types in order to access the existing data files. I agree that 'smoothness' will always remain a challenge for the simulator developers because all try 'to push the envelope' of capabilities.
  9. announcement

    Well said, Dominique! There will certainly be some roughness to the conversion to 64-bit but I am sure that P3Dv4 will contain many, many improvements, most of which we have not yet imagined. After all, LM have been working on the new version for a long time, and converting to 64-bit will have been only one of many challenges with the new facilities available.
  10. Hi Mike, Thanks for clarification. I am sticking with the 2010 version because the upgrade is way too expensive.
  11. Will Orbx offer the new Pilots software for download via FTXCentral eventually?
  12. I bought the original FS Global 2010 from FSS. Now when I try to upgrade I will be charged the full $99 instead of the advertised $54. Perhaps I can only get the reduction if I order direct from Pilots? In any case, the reduced price is still over my head and I am pretty happy with what I have already So I shall be awaiting a much better offer.
  13. announcement

    The flight simulator market can be seen as having a study sector and a games sector. Within each, there are levels of functional maturity. Dovetail Games, in my opinion, sits firmly in the games sector with its mixture of train, aircraft and fishing simulators stretching its expertise across a wide front. X-Plane and Aerofly FS2, in my opinion, look to be strong candidates for the study sector. Their development stages put them behind Prepar3D, although for how long is a good bet. Orbx's withdrawal from the X-Plane market will be a setback for X-Plane. Prepar3D, with its massive backing from aerospace industry corporates, puts Lockheed Martin in an extremely strong market position. Its high degree of support by leading developers, such as PMDG, Orbx, HiFi Simulation Technologies, FSDreamTeam, FlightBeam, FlyTampa and UK2000, reinforce its market position. I believe that, with the availability of a 64-bit version, Prepar3D's market position will remain very strong. Lockheed Martin must be very aware of all the new technologies becoming available to simulator developers. Since launching Prepar3D, LM must have long been testing all parts of the software market to determine P3D's future placement. I am sure that we shall be very pleasantly surprised at forthcoming LM offerings. We as users will remain in a powerful position. In whichever sector of the market is our choice, we will continue to be served by very superior products. I believe that 2017 and beyond will provide us with much excitement.
  14. Really rather good
  15. JV, many thanks for all your and the team's hard work for us during 2016, a very merry Christmas and looking forward to a super 2017.