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  1. Been messing around trying to get my new controls (CH stick/throttle/pedals) to work how I want. Still got a long way to go but at least got the basics working now. Still not totally convinced about the pedals set up - can't get the ergonomics right. Had to buy a new chair and still not really happy. But anyhoo - went for a trial around one of my favourite areas. I've got some of my buttons set up so I can switch views, zoom and pan etc without going to the keyboard, and I've got the trigger on the stick set for captures, and it's all working well so far. A quick hop out from Burbank then. Was going to head for Palm Springs (and might yet) but this is a slow old beast so I figure lots of stops on the way means I can practice with the pedals. This is the Lionheart Tri-Pacer, missed a sale on the Alabeo version but caught a Lionheart sale day somewhere else so . . This is a very impressive bit of scenery, huge amounts of detail and really captures the vibe of the place (at least to a visiting Brit, anyway) Passing Ontario International. Apparently. Strange, I thought that was a lot further north. And this is just before I OOM'ed When I came back next day, the weather had changed (Oh, and I forgot to say I've also upgraded from ASN to AS16. Haven't made my mind up yet how much of an improvement it may or may not be, but it looks good. Still using REX for textures, but thinking about trying ENVTEX and possibly ASCA) Was going to head for San Bernadino Int but saw this on the map and thought I'd go see. Rialto Muni (L67). One of the fun things about this aircraft is that the windows can be used in three levels of cleanliness - clean, normal and dirty. And you get a bottle of virtual screen wipe to use! I think from memory these were set at "clean" drifted a bit as I came down, obviously So, might head on to KPSP, might get distracted on the way, might even be able to see KSAN by the time I get over in that direction as Iain's just posted his final shots (again). It's all good!
  2. Another absolute beauty!
  3. Almost missed it. Here's mine for the month - coming in to L67 (Rialto Municipal, So-Cal). And wow, there's some great shots here again!
  4. Beyond stunning, Dolf. Truly wonderful. They're all amazing, but the colour tone from #4 onwards is like nothing else I've seen before, and I love it. And that last one is a work of art. If they decide to hold a "screenshot of the century" comp here that gets my vote.
  5. got some crackers there, Scott! Love #2 and #5 has got a really lovely subtle tint to it.
  6. Wonderful set of shots, Paul, and like a few others I really love that Sea Vixen. I've got a freeware version, and I'll have to see if I can find that paint for it - yellow suits it!
  7. Lovely set of shots, Martyn. I have a thing about those car ferries, as I seem to remember various of the beasts at Sarf'end in my yoof. I got a couple of the Bristol Freighters onto my system ok, but my Carvair wasn't showing up after I put it on there and I haven't had time to sort it out as yet. Had a quick look but can't see anything obvious in the aircraft.cfg file so need to investigate more, But I will now I've seen these! Lovely jubbly!
  8. Wonderful set of shots, and somewhere else to go check out! Thank you!
  9. Lovely shots! I must get myself a copy of 65S, for some reason I've not so far. And the Legacy has got to be in my top three aircraft - gorgeous lines and a wonderful view from the cockpit.
  10. That's a stunner, Filou!
  11. That's a stunner, Filou!
  12. Lovely set of shots, Scott. I do like a bit of rough weather, from the comfort of the PC of course!
  13. Me too! I think these are wonderful, both for the scenery and the 'plane, which looks particularly fine in those colours.
  14. /enter Homer SImpson mode mmmmmmm! biiiiplaaaaaanes! /end Homer SImpson mode Lovely set of 'planes in a wonderful location, Paul. And the whole AI/formation thing is yet another wonderful aspect of all this I've not tried yet, so these are inspirational too. Is that the FSAddons Gladiator? I've been thinking about getting that and this may have done it!
  15. Wow! there wouldn't be any problem finding that one if it had to put down in the jungle/woods. Great shots, too..