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  1. Absolutely stunning. This'll test your bandwidth for sure when it comes out. <grin>
  2. Wow is most definitely the word. ORBX has got to be about the most customer oriented (ouch, I hate those sort of expressions) company I've ever had any dealings with. First I get a present of a very splendid old **rts discount on all the products, and now this. Thank you very much, and I hope you all prosper hugely in spite of all this generosity.
  3. Lovely set of shots, Gerold. I'm spending too much time organising my sim at the moment - these really make me want to fly!
  4. Yep, a nice one, Martyn. Brittannia? FS9 port I'd guess from the prop effect. Ah, so many 'planes, so little time.
  5. Hi Don, just a thought, as I don't know your level of attachment to that particular region, but another option would be to go for FTX Global Base and FTX Global openLC North America. If you do that you'll get a very fine representation of the entire Northern American continent, including Canada, Caribbean, Central America etc, at a level of detail that's not actually that far short of the individual regions themselves.
  6. Wonderful! Makes me want to lick my screen! (I know, I know)
  7. Thanks for letting us know about this, Marcus. Already grabbed a copy and looking forward to playing with it!
  8. Wow! That second shot is pure Art Deco - stunning!
  9. Thanks everybody. This is a fun toy, and I suspect if it was done properly (minimal "fuel" loaded, wind set up in the weather settings, as per the instructions that come with it) it could actually be very engrossing and challenging to fly properly. Has the edge on the Paramotor in terms of the actual model in my opinion, but of course in the paramotor you can reasonably control your flight without feeling you're cheating too much. Not that that bothers me too much! Hi Jack, all my P3D sliders are maxed, including the water one, plus I've got all the water options ticked. My REX settings are here -
  10. Great idea - only just spotted this! Been file shuffling for a while, trying to tidy up my system. Part of that involved getting an F-111 out of the hangar to see what it looked like - been parked so long I'd forgotten if it was any good. I noticed one of the liveries was for the 'plane that did the 1986 bombing of Tripoli and with the help of Wiki did a sort of re-run of that. Had to take some liberties with the timing as flying over the Med for an 02:00 target destination doesn't really show you much. A bit warlike for my normal taste, but it did show me lots of areas that I will go back to in a more peaceable manor - the northern African coastline looks interesting, and I fancy taking a blimp from Gibraltar across and into Morocco. So, no regions involved on this trip, apart from setting out from Lakenheath in EU Eng, just Global, OLC and vector.
  11. Stunning bunch of shots! Brilliantly done.More please!
  12. I do have ASN, REXX and PTA going as well, yes.
  13. Hi Jack, glad you enjoyed them. It is freeware, so wouldn't cost you anything to try it out - have a go! I'm P3D only these days, v3.4.9.184 at the moment. Long since stopped using FSX for anything other than checking out freeware that plays funny in P3D.
  14. Lovely shots! I get a wonderful feeling of serenity from the last three shots, which is ridiculous really - that tonnage of metal hurtling through the air at who knows what speed.
  15. OK, so thought I'd try the new hang-glider in NZ. And yes, I know this is not realistic, but if I wanted realism I'd spend more time in real life. Don't even begin to think about how I got up this mountain to start the launch. (wouldn't it be great if there was a slew mode in RL?) We start in reverse Kate Bush mode - So now we're sitting comfortably, a gentle float up the shoreline and then across the water into Queenstown. Of course, the wind direction and speed is exactly what we need all the way through our journey. View from the cockpit, coming up to NZQN Have come in over the airport, will turn round and land undercarriage down! I hope that thing is lighter than it looks! What I'd really like to try out is a pukka magic carpet. But then, given the state of my knees and the unlikelihood of being able to sit cross-legged, maybe a flying Lay-Z-Boy would be the ultimate solution. Wonder if Carenado do one?