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  1. That looks line a fun trip! Nice shots.
  2. Another lovely little set!
  3. Absolutely! A beautifully atmospheric shot - wonderful.
  4. OK, so we're in the Tiger again, heading off from Palmdale. Got Lone Star on the eight-track (I'm rather taken with the idea of an eight-track installed in this beastie, and if you don't know the Lone Star album but have/had any taste for '70s heavy melodic rock - give it a listen), a tank full of gas, and a full carton of Malboro (apologies to the Blues Brothers, and it's a long time since I indulged that particular vice). Warning - quite a few pix here. So, off we head - Hmm, there's Edwards AFB down below. Think I'll go and give them a little wake up call . . Low, but definitely not slow (Ahhh, hormones, I remember those!) Yeeeeee-hawwwwww! that was fun! (to be serious for a moment, this SCA scenery really is quite stunning. I continue to be just absolutely amazed at the buzz I get flying around here) So, where now? Gonna take a quick look around California City and then Mohave, and then head off to put down (and possibly go into hiding) at Agua Dulce. Spotted a big oval circuit on the way, Google Earth tells me it's the Hyundai-KIA Proving Grounds Oh man, this is such a great place to be! These are just outside Mojave town Heading south now to the mountains and L70 Over Castaic Lake Recreation Area Coming in to L70, probably got my wheels down a bit early, obviously feeling a need to put down and hide before the Air Force catch up with me This one I posted before, but you can see by the sign this was my last act of vandalism on this jaunt! Perhaps I can disappear into one of those sheds for a while . . . So there you go. A nice gentle cruise enjoying the sunshine. Enjoy!
  5. Hi folks, and thanks for the comments. The OOM issue is an occasional pain, but as people have mentioned, it is possible to mitigate or anticipate the problem. I have noticed this on occasion as well. Doesn't always seem to work with me but certainly can help. I haven't really spent time analysing or experimenting with this. I should, and will, as I really love to fly around the SF Bay area, but as well as all the ORBX stuff that covers that area (including KSQL) I have FSDT's KSFO, Aerosoft's SF Cities-X, Cielosim's Palo Alto, plus I have pretty much all my scenery sliders maxed out by default. Add on ASN etc and now imagine loading up a detailed 747 or suchlike at KSFO! I'd never even get as far as seeing the cabin. Actually, I'm surprised how close in to the city I do manage to get sometimes. Steve, I have it too, but I don't think much of the environment out of the box. Scenery is the thing for me, not the flight model and all that stuff, and XP doesn't impress in that area. I've downloaded a bunch of stuff for it (the HD mesh and a few scenery areas) but haven't had a chance to install them yet, but my XP10 setup never got anywhere near feeling immersive for me and I don't feel XP11 will ever surpass P3D for me. As you say, 64bit P3D is a fascinating proposition, assuming they don't screw it up in the re-write. Hah! made my day, that! I think we should work up a marketing plan, Jack, you may be on to something. (actually, somewhere in my library I have got a book of very detailed paper airplane models - B29s and the like. I'll have to dig it out and take a look)
  6. I prefer to imagine this has an eight-track rather than a radio! Led Zep flat out all the way! Hi Jim, it's a freebie called FSTrampFree. I only use it as a moving map so couldn't say what it's actually capable of. I know this free version is described as 'limited' by the vendor but it's fine for my purposes.
  7. So, the first part of a jaunt in the rather splendid Virtavia F3H Demon. Left San Diego and headed down the coast, planning to travel down Baja, cut across inland, and head back up into So-Cal over KPSP way. I really love the level of detail in SCA - if you've got a big screen take a look at these full size, they're all 4k images. Wonderful scenery so far, will turn in soon and head across Have crossed the peninsula and turned north, back in the USA now and planning to head up to Palm Springs nearly there Not actually stopping here, just thought I'd make a noise and maybe break a few windows Heading up towards San Bernadino next Not actually stopping there either Gonna push on and put down at Palmdale. Time for a sandwich and a shower, then the real bad behaviour will be on the next leg!
  8. Just the one (and just before the oom)
  9. Just the one -
  10. Nice ride, Jack, and the sort of thing that feels like it really belongs at KPSP.
  11. Hi Adam, that's the one that got me to the Flying Stations site. First thing I got there, and yes, a lovely beast! (and Martyn put me on the the sound file site - so yet another drain on my finances!). I vary in my likes and dislikes. Not mad on the really early stuff (the ones that are made of string and old household parts), but I do like a nice old biplane from maybe the '20s on. And most of the '30s stuff is rather fine. And of course there were some beautiful machines causing great damage in the '40s. And I really like a lot of the '50s stuff. Now that I think about it, I quite like a lot of the '60s, '70s and '80s stuff too <grin>. Not so keen on the new stuff though (f22, f35 etc) - no soul. My inner plane spotter is well happy here!
  12. Yep, that's a keeper! Very nice shot indeed.
  13. Thanks folks. I do tend to use "real weather" most of the time but there are plenty of good alternatives to use on occasion, I guess. LOL! I always used to say to people on my trips there that So-Cal has a climate, we (in the UK) have weather. But then, without it, what would we have to talk to strangers about?
  14. Thanks everyone. Not the biggest fan of the BUFF as an aircraft, but felt I ought to have it in the hangar somewhere. Interesting. It never occurred to me that the oil might be a limiting factor for such trips. You live and learn (sometimes)
  15. Thanks folks, and thanks to ORBX for a really great airport