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  1. Definitely an ace! Lovely colours and the light on the 'plane is wonderful.
  2. Yep, excellent shot! Looks like a magical place.
  3. Impressive shot for a worthy celebration. Here's to many more (shots and years)!
  4. Very nice indeed.
  5. Wow! Those are pretty stunning shots Iain. They really show off the depth of field and texture in V4, and the clouds - wonderful. Might I ask where this is?
  6. That looks wonderful Ken. Wish I hadn't looked though, you may have kicked off a whole new urge on my part.
  7. Great shot, TTM. I too don't get down that part of the world nearly enough. Don't know why, as I really do love the desert stuff, as well as there being some wonderful bits of ORBX scenery in terms of airports.
  8. Great set of shots, Jack. Surely you can't have many to go now?
  9. Nice one Martyn, and I agree with Anthin - you've got a nice set of colour tones going on at the moment. Are you all v4 now?
  10. This is really getting to be an amazing showcase! Here's my voting ticket for the month - the world's best control tower! (KCMW)
  11. That is one amazing sunset, Eberhard. Gorgeous sky colours. And yes, won't it be great when we finally get some good terrain for Africa. Got to be one of the most amazing places to visit and yet on the flights I have done there it's mostly been disappointing - not entirely, but certainly not doing the place justice most of the time. And also oddly ignored by most of the addon vendors. Still, one day . . .
  12. And another wonderful set, Scott. Like 'em very much
  13. Love the blue in that sky, Scott. I've grabbed a copy of that ini to see what you've got going on there - adjusting my blues was on my to-do list!
  14. Another stunner, Scott. Very nice indeed.
  15. Looking rather wonderful, Adam.