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  1. That's a fine set of shots, Mark. Very ethereal, and I absolutely love that last one.
  2. Can I ask, Nick, is that the FSAddon version? I tried my old Alpha version and that doesn't go across at all well.
  3. Wonderful set of shots, and you made me realise I'd never been there, so off I go . . . and that's a big "ahhh" from me. I've had a few flickering patchs in install boxes and no visible v4 options. I've just been clicking to the right of the v3 option and it's come up ok but I shall test this out. Thank you.
  4. Lovely stuff! Setting that lot up is next on my list, and these are inspirational.
  5. Thanks for looking, folks. I'd worried at first about all the aircraft that weren't working in v4 but a lot of them turned out to be ok after all, and Alabeo are certainly pushing the updates out nice and quickly. Pretty much the case that none of the tin tubes I have (apart from the real simple ones) are good for v4 but I'm sure something will come along (I'm not that interested that I want to pay QOTS type prices), and my normal faves are getting there. That's an odd one, Pat. It's not even showing up in the vehicles list on my system. But I've had this problem (not showing up) even in v3 with a couple of LHC aircraft. In one case I got round it by removing one of the definitions in the aircraft.cfg file. Shouldn't have made any difference as I couldn't see anything wrong with the entry concerned but hey . . So I'll probably get in there with the Tri-Pacer and see if the same sort of thing occurs. I lost a couple of other LHC ones in v4 the same way, but I also have a couple that work fine. Haven't really started to deal with it yet, just made one pass through the hangar trying a basic load/fly test. I'm not actually installing aircraft into v4 unless they come with native installers, I've been using my hangar approach (keep all the aircraft in a separate folder and copy them into the \simobjects\airplanes when I want to use them) which means I've got my v4 gauges and effects folders concatenated with my v3 folders via simobjects.cfg. Not the approved method I know, but I didn't want to install stuff on a test basis and then not be able to remove any bad junk it might bring in to v4. Pretty much my current plan! (apart from getting AS and REX type stuff on there as it comes along) Hi Jack - I just checked and I've got shadows at "high" (one notch down from max) and everything ticked apart from the "no shadow flagged content". Not sure why I reduced that, might have had a reason or might have just been experimenting. My PTA settings are the "thopat" settings from v3. Last time I looked there wasn't a v4 version yet. I may play with them at some point but for now they mostly give me what I like to look at. And now, off to download a few more Alabeo updates - whoo-hoo!
  6. Just got my R66 upgrade from Alabeo, and went for a trip out from LAX in v4. No way could I do this in v3 for any length of time, and I've now also got FSDT's LAX in the mix as well (but I kept it out of the shots, hopefully). This is going to be (already is) so much fun - And while I was getting my R66 back, I bought their Tri-Pacer as well, as the Lionheart one doesn't see to want to play nice in V4. Off to the Bay Area in that next, and again, I would never be able to do this in v3 I can fly anywhere I like now, with impunity (and that's when I figured that would be a great name for my airline - I can see the posters now - "Fly with Impunity!") All shots 4k, sliders maxxed.
  7. Pretty stunning stuff Mark! They're all exquisite, but that last one . . . wow.
  8. Some randoms from v4. Was checking out my hangar and getting an odd mix of success and failure. Won't bore you with pix of all the trials but this first one was a random Oregon shot And then I came over all hot - and cold - And having just found that most of my Alabeo stuff is dead I've just seen their emails about the updates - whoo-hoo!
  9. The Charles De Gaulle visits Sydney. "Strewth!" "C'est vrai!" (feeling silly again this month)
  10. And a fine way to celebrate! Congrats.
  11. Stunning shots Mark. Ain't this fun!
  12. Plenty of life left in v3, no doubt about it. I'll certainly be keeping it on for a good while yet, alongside v4. Lovely shots.
  13. Yep, that title pretty much nails it, Scott. Excellent shots.
  14. Lovely stuff, Jack! Is that the version with the realistic driving mode? It's a real fun little beastie, ain't it. What I'd really like to get hold of is a good looking beat-up old pickup truck, and a really smart Merc 560 SEL. That would be great to cruise around SoCal in! (Oh, and glad to see you didn't try your trademark inversion)
  15. I used the Thopat settings that you can get here - They recommend some particular HDR settings, but I darkened those for my system (they have 1.20/0.90/0.85 but I used 0.80/0.90/1.10 for these shots) Hi Jack, I'm currently running 16gb but will probably bump that up to 32gb. My graphics card was the bizz a couple of years back and I don't want to shell out huge bucks to get a 1080 at this point just for VRAM. It seems plenty powerful enough in processing terms, and if if overflows to RAM on the occasions it needs it that'll be fine with me for a while. If I upgrade the PC in another 18 months I'll see what's what at that point. Thanks Berndt. My simPC monitor is very sharp and bright and they all work fine on there. On my 'regular' PC screen they look too dark to me, too! HI Caaront, smooth enough for me. I never monitor frame rates but my settings are capped/targeted at 30. And thank you to John, Anton, Iain, Taph and Mark. Glad you like 'em.