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  1. Wow! Only just seen these - they are amazing, Berndt. And I realise now I've just bought the wrong boat! I bought a couple of Deltasim motor yachts but via Simwings, rather than the Deltasim site, and they weren't showing this one. I didn't think to go to the source - may have to now though, this looks great (and anyway, I'm not sure I can get the New Jersey into that docking space <grin>)
  2. Just to answer my own question, and in case anyone else is interested, it seems to be Deltasim's "Nordhavn 86 Motor Yacht"
  3. great shots, Julio, and I like the look of that boat. (I just did a quick Google and didn't see this anywhere - can I ask where it comes from?)
  4. Yep, wonderful shots, John (and a fine choice of 'plane)
  5. Thanks everybody, and this is such a photogenic area it's impossible to resist grabbing a few shots when flying around. Thanks for that Stewart, and I'll investigate that. I have a map going (FSTrampFree) when I fly but it only has airports and the like named. I usually have Google Earth open on another PC but it's not always easy to place where I am that way, and I couldn't, for example, figure out if I was looking at the Matterhorn or not in those couple of pics using this technique.
  6. Couldn't have put it better - me too!
  7. Thanks for the comments, folks. I find these various island chains a bit of a mixed bag. The Azores seem pretty good in the standard ORBX world - I don't know if they're part of OLC EU or just FTX Global here in these pix. But if you go to the Canaries they also have very similar textures to here, and Google shows them as much more suntanned and deserty. I'm not a fan of photoreal scenery but I must admit to using some (freeware) for the Canaries to give them a more representative feeling. But then that's all part of the problem of being spoiled by the likes of SoCal, PNW, LOWI etc. I get to want that quality everywhere!
  8. Somewhere, and I can't for the life of me remember what it's associated with, I've got an "airport in the sky" that is an airborne airfield about that size - all very futuristic and sci-fi. It was some weird bit of freeware and is supposedly set, via an AI flight plan, to do a circuit of Iceland at about 15,000 feet. I set it up on my system and went looking for it but never managed to locate it though. Don't know if it's still up there, circling like the Flying Dutchman, or just never worked in the first place. More to the point, where's Uhura?
  9. Thanks folks, and I'd definitely encourage everyone to spend some time on the water. There are some fun boats out there and some great coastlines and harbours to explore. I shall probably head up river later today and explore N'Awlins. Fond memories of a few trips there back in the day. One thing the sim can't replicate is the coffee and beignets (not sure if I spelled that right) at the Cafe Du Monde - boy I'd love to be able to pop in there of a morning. And it'd be nice to have a real full-fat city to explore "on foot" - be great to see the garden district again, couple of nice bookshops there I seem to remember.
  10. Hi farman, thanks, and this is the Virtavia one. I grabbed the Area-51 version as well but am not keen on it, and I got the Maryadi FW one but haven't played with it yet. It is a bit more serious and needs some setting up of flights and I've been too busy/lazy to follow it through yet. Too much other stuff to install! Oh, and I didn't see George, he must have been indoors when I went over.
  11. It's that MV-22 again! Around the Alps, down Lake Garda, across the plain, up into Lake Como my geography isn't that wonderful, and I'm not sure from looking at Google, so that might be the Matterhorn ahead in the distance or it might just be some peak that isn't well resolved at this distance Either way, time to put down somewhere pleasant and break out the flask and sandwiches. This looks like a nice spot Actually, that last shot does look quite idyllic. I really could imagine a picnic there on a sunny day like that.
  12. I've actually been to Almaty on an '80s package tour of the 'stans. As I remember, the airport here had the rather unusual feature of a public convenience in the main "concourse" with a wall made of glass bricks. You could see a fuzzy but perfectly distinguishable image of the appropriate functions taking place in the loos from the seating area outside. Interesting concept, but I suspect the idea never caught on elsewhere. Thought I'd take a look around the city and surrounding area to see how it looked and then looked at the map and thought the trip over to UAFL might be worthwhile, so went back and switched into something marginally more appropriate and headed off to the mountains coming out the other side, lake Issyk Kul ahead When Asia gets the OLC treatment (I'm not holding my breath for a full-fat Kazahkstan though) it should be great around some of these spots Approaching Issyk Kul International Airport. I think this rendering may be a little on the basic side, even for the 'stans. Wot? no terminal? It's a bit more complex in RL, not Heathrow by any means but . . . Actually, the area around the lake and the mountains is quite pleasant in its generic form. Nice geography.
  13. Who knows? Maybe someday. coming up over Fair Isle and heading off to Wick now back on the ground These are all the Virtavia version. Haven't got the Maryadi f/w version going yet.
  14. Mountain Bison? Actually, my first thought was - "Bison - Brewster? Grumman? Northrop? Nope, can't place it."
  15. Nice selection of shots, Paul. And good to see the Cat at home!