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  1. Beautiful Sylvain - looking forward to this Jack
  2. Looks like another masterpiece from Larry Jack
  3. Larry, at the risk of offending, I hope you never get cured - I love the work you have done with the ferry system Jack
  4. Looks absolutely beautiful Jack
  5. I believe you still have to load a plain old .pln file when you ask ATC to open an IFR Flightplan for you. I'm not at all familiar with PFPX, so don't know if it will save a flightplan in .pln format or not. Cheers Jack
  6. Don, you have to open an IFR flight plan with ATC, otherwise they have no idea where you want to go. If you have an IFR plan open, you'll be handed over by ATC to the various tower, departure, centres, then approach, tower etc. If you are only using flight following they don't know where you are going, only where you actually are, so don't offer you any option to contact approach, tower etc. Jack
  7. Incredible! Can't wait for this one Jack
  8. Jeff, yeah, I wasn't trying to suggest it would be a traffic file at fault, but I do seem to remember something about FS9 ai models and shadows ticked being a problem with the aircraft disappearing. Not sure that it would cause the monster shadow effect though. Jack
  9. Jeff, just wondering if this may have anything to do with the fact that you're using the Premier Aircraft Saab 340 as your ai traffic? Pretty sure this would have been an FS9 model, and as such may throw up some anomalies in FSX. I use the TFS AI Saab 340 in all my traffic files, and have never seen anything like this. Note that I use P3D3.4 and do not have the OZx sceneries installed. It might be worth trying to replace your Premier Aircraft model with the TFS model (there are also REX liveries) and see what happens. I'm pretty sure that Graham will have used the TFS model in the FTX AU traffic files, so if you have those anywhere it should be a painless job to replace the Premier. Cheers Jack
  10. That's scary! look forward to reading your findings Jeff. Jack
  11. Derek, no one else has asked this probably very stupid question, so I'll go for it. You mention above (and I've seen you mention this in another post somewhere) that you delete the FSX.exe - surely you mean the FSX.cfg, don't you? I'm pretty sure that if you really are deleting the FSX.exe then you surely will have problems, since the sim won't start without it? Jack
  12. Looks pretty damn good to me - bring it on Jack
  13. looks like my ORBX Libs need updating - can't find that bloke in the blue shirt and shorts anywhere in there Great shots! Jack
  14. Hey Sun King, sorry, my "Say what???" wasn't in reply to your original post, I was just expressing my surprise that ORBX are doing KSAN, since I'd read absolutely nothing about this before now I too have the Latin VFR version installed and will also be keen to see the differences, your question is certainly a legitimate one - I never had a problem with the LVFR version, even with SOCAL, Vector etc installed. Cheers Jack
  15. Say what??? This one came out of left field! Looks great! Jack