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  1. SoCal is perfectly compatible with that combination. It will override the textures from OpenLC and use its own textures for the region, but as soon as you fly out of the SoCal region you will still see your OpenLC textures again. It's well worth the purchase! Jack
  2. Thanks Frank I'm actually going to be there in about 2 weeks time, but I'm only there for a day so won't make it this trip. But I hope to be back again some time around November, will let you know well in advance. Cheers Jack
  3. Frank, good to hear you had such an enjoyable trip around the US with your sim, glad it's paying dividends for you after all the many man hours of blood, sweat and tears! I get to Brisbane a couple of times a year on business, so who knows, maybe I'll get the chance one day to have a close up look Cheers Jack
  4. Have a good one JV - all the best people are born in June Jack
  5. Agree with Karsten, I'd be most interested in a Singapore Cityscape - small enough, but plenty of interesting landmarks and POIs, and of course the wonderful shipping traffic on approach Jack
  6. Scott, with the networking thing I got confused because it said to install LMN Connect on the Flight Sim PC - so that was all I did - I eventually had a light bulb moment and realised I should be installing the whole file on there I've only had about 45 minutes playtime, but I do really like the zooming in on the airports feature and seeing the gates and taxiways! I don't have the GTN, I normally use the moving map feature of PlanG (now it will be LNM) - it's on my list of things to do, to really get my head around a good gps unit as a great lover of Henrik's AI ships, the fact that you can see them in LNM is a huge bonus for me! Cheers Jack
  7. Thanks for the heads up Scott. Been mulling this over for a while now (dedicated Plan G user) and so I installed it last night. I wanted it set up over the network, and didn't really find this intuitive at first, but a few re-reads of the manual eventually got me going. There's so many potential things to do, I suspect it will be a bit of a learning curve, but from what I've seen of it so far, I'm really happy I took the plunge! Cheers Jack
  8. Perfectly captures a real Swiss atmosphere! Great job Sylvain Jack
  9. Beautiful Sylvain - looking forward to this Jack
  10. Looks like another masterpiece from Larry Jack
  11. Larry, at the risk of offending, I hope you never get cured - I love the work you have done with the ferry system Jack
  12. Looks absolutely beautiful Jack
  13. I believe you still have to load a plain old .pln file when you ask ATC to open an IFR Flightplan for you. I'm not at all familiar with PFPX, so don't know if it will save a flightplan in .pln format or not. Cheers Jack
  14. Don, you have to open an IFR flight plan with ATC, otherwise they have no idea where you want to go. If you have an IFR plan open, you'll be handed over by ATC to the various tower, departure, centres, then approach, tower etc. If you are only using flight following they don't know where you are going, only where you actually are, so don't offer you any option to contact approach, tower etc. Jack