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  1. Nice looking radial. How is the sound & where did you find it? TTM
  2. Looking very good. TTM
  3. P3D v4 Alabeo Saratoga II in the PNW, North West of S43, Harvey Field, late afternoon in Autumn. I was able to get the Saratoga loaded after I took the Font down from Medium size to Small. The latter is too fine for my eyesight, but it does allow P3D v4 to show up as an option in the Store Installer. With a Medium Font it was hidden. Using Adam's latest PTA with some other tweaks - took out 3D Autogen Vegttn & Dynamic Lighting. Not sure if the changes took or not, but more experimenting to come. TTM
  4. Great set Adam. How did you get them into v4? I am wrestling the Saratoga & it is winning. TTM
  5. Nice shots. I tried to get the Carenado/Alabeo Saratoga into v4 but the installer for the Store I purchased it as P3D v3 version, then d/loaded the v4 , [ostensibly], did not show v4 as a P3D install option. Not sure where it installed, but it wasn't in v4. Where did you get your v4 Saratoga from?? TTM
  6. P3D v4 provided Just Flight Electra 10 ridge hopping in the Olympia Mountains whilst testing Adam's latest PTA preset. Orbx weather #5 , I think. The PTA adds richness to the scene. TTM
  7. This might help http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=PTA TTM
  8. I meant to put this in "General" TTM
  9. I have put this in here as far more readers look at this forum. I have v4 installed & haven't changed any of the installed settings. I have noticed several in the Graphics & Scenery Set Up sections are way off what I have running in P3D v3.4 PTA is to follow. I am not sure if PTA will tweak the v4 Graphics settings, in particular the "Image & Texture Quality", or the Scenery settings? If it doesn't, is there anywhere a recommended set of v4 settings for Graphics & Scenery that will take account of Orbx requirements? TTM
  10. Nice ones Dolf. I like the warmth of the earth tones in the 2nd shot quarry. TTM
  11. P3D v4, Orbx & Milviz. No PTA yet. Anchorage to Fairbanks, late afternoon. TTM
  12. Doesn't look to bad on my Laptop. Which parts are not to your liking? TTM
  13. Installing P3D v4 has given me the opportunity to sequentially place each layer of Orbx add on & take shots at Rohnerville, to see what changes occur between each new layer. I started with bog standard P3D v4 as it downloaded & installed. No tweaks, no weather or other add ons. I then added Orbx FTX Global. Followed by FTX OLC North America Followed by FTX Northern California & then Orbx HD Trees. So it is missing the yet to be released Orbx Vector & Rohnerville airport at this stage of the exercise. For comparison I also show at the end Rohnerville in P3D v3.4, which has several more layers. I'm hoping when everything is released for v4 I can get Rohnerville looking as good as it does in v3.4 The shots are arranged in 2 sets: leaving Rohnerville, & returning to Rohnerville, so its easier to scan down & pick up the changes. P3D v4 - Leaving Rohnerville Standard P3D v4 Plus Orbx Global Base Plus Orbx OLC North America (This seems to have taken out some Base vegetation) Plus Orbx FTX Northern California - At last, the river. Nor Cal gave the biggest improvements. Plus Orbx HD Trees P3D v4 - Arriving back at Rohnerville Standard P3D v4 only Plus Orbx Global Base Plus Orbx OLC North America Plus Orbx FTX Northern California. Also at last - some airport buildings! Plus Orbx HD Trees P3D v3.4 These shots are made up from: Orbx software - Global Base, Vector, Open LC North America, FTX Northern California KFOT Rohnerville. Plus Envtex, PTA, AS16, ASCA & Pilots Global mesh, & probably stuff I don't even know is in there.
  14. A plane with character, Jack! TTM
  15. Back in Orbx Oceania. Aeroplane Heaven SB2C-4 Helldiver flying over Darwin, headed North East. TTM