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  1. Nice one. TTM
  2. Ah yes. The Aztec! Nice clean set Iain. TTM
  3. Carenado is doing the II. Not sure if its only the II. TTM
  4. Digital Aviation PA-31T2 Cheyenne IIXL over Southern Germany in Spring. TTM
  5. With the impending release of another PA31T Cheyenne II I thought I would pull the dust covers off the Digital Aviation version. Flies very nicely in P3Dv3.4 for an aircraft that had its genesis in FS2004. Location is the Cloverdale area of Northern California. TTM
  6. A couple of freeware HS748 liveries, then I think I will fly something else. Wasaya Airways LP is owned by the First Nation & based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It flies to many small settlements in Ontario with a variety of aircraft. Up until 2012 it was still using the HS748. Varig was established in 1927 as Brazil's first national airline. It had eleven 748's in the period 1966 to 1976. Its livery won an airline's 'Beauty Contest" for 40 years straight. TTM
  7. HS748 in South West Colorado, on its way to Telluride. This was meant to be a test flight from Yellowstone by a circuitous route, during which a WeFly GPS/AP was being tested. I forgot about it & went back several hours later & found the 748 was over some interesting Orbx OpenLC NA scenery. Livery is incorrect for the area but WeFly performed as required. TTM
  8. What does P3D 64 bring to the table? any links ? TTM
  9. A delight to fly. Put it on your list Jack. I may be wrong, but I think the top mounted engine rationale was to do with a requirement to be able to work out of rough strips. Keep the props from throwing gravel etc. I think it also had a STOL capability. There are water/ethanol injection switches for the engines, presumably to boost power on take off?? TTM
  10. Many thanks. With a distinct inability to win the Orbx Monthly contest, I'll take it. TTM
  11. Nice shot Adam. Your trees - Orbx HD? or other combos? A close look shows shadowing enhances their 3d appearance. TTM
  12. Air North HS748 on its way in The Yukon, from Whitehorse to Old Crow. TTM
  13. JF Hawker Siddeley 748 on a scenic flight from Dunedin to Queenstown in the South Island of New Zealand. Followed a path that ran South West before looping back Northwards along the Western edge of The Remarkable s range, near Queenstown. Didn't find out until on finals that my Orbx Queenstown has a ditch across the runway. Need to run the Elevation tool! The flight traversed a variety of country, which Orbx South Island portrays so amazingly accurately. Inland Otago can be quite barren in parts & also quite fertile (green), in others. The 748 handled very nicely & next I will probably have a look at North Air & Old Crow in the Yukon, where 748's were flown for several decades. One thing I like about the older aircraft is that all sorts of interesting material can be found on them in sites like wikipedia.org. TTM Just inland from Dunedin. The pasture can be 'burned off" by the sea air, turning it brown. Further inland & the land is more fertile.. This is what it looks like South & West of Dunedin. Over The Remarkables & too high. HS 748 full flaps & gear down to lose height. On approach into Orbx Queenstown.
  14. JF Canberra PR9 headed to Nice from Rome. This jet can scoot along. TTM
  15. Well Manuals have been getting it in the derriere - but something like an FMC I have found benefits from an MR. Supplemented by the UT videos. Combo usually answers most queries. Is that the PMDG 777? TTM