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  1. Marketing brochure quality shots. Sold it. Tomorrow's purchase. TTM
  2. Nice set of shots. Looks like its the new Alabeo Tri-pacer. Dug out a Lionheart version to compare. Looks like the Alabeo interior is sharper. TTM
  3. A couple of new GA aircraft have come on the market in the last day or so. I have had to dig into the back of the hangar to see if I already have them, or something like them, from another source. I found this Carenado PA-28T 201 Arrow & took it from Orbx Rintein to Barth Straslund. In Summer. The dark patches on the ground are cloud shadows. (P3Dv3.4) TTM
  4. BTW - I'm going to have to learn Orbx Bob so he can hustle up to the young lady in the short short red skirt & matching red shoes, [that's the color on my monitor], in image 8, & introduce himself. TTM
  5. Attention to detail is phenomenal. I refer to the very realistic paint scrapes on the yellow & black guard rails in the bottom left hand side of the 5th image. TTM
  6. RAF liveried M. Jahn C-47 on its way from Brighton to Sumburgh. Crossing the Firth of Forth North West of Edinburgh airport I noticed that its spring South of the Firth, & ?? above the Firth. Orbx Scotland is installed. Will need to check settings. TTM
  7. I was told your taking a 747-400 in there. TTM
  8. Manfred Jahn & his team's Douglas C-47R Skytrain Beta v3.14 over Poland. As always, a delight to fly. Possibly the best freeware aircraft out there. TTM
  9. RealAir Beech Duke Turbine V2 on descent into Clermont-Ferrand from Milan. TTM
  10. Nice set Jack. I like the color balance & brightness you are getting in the shots. TTM
  11. An A2A L-049 Constellation wearing a Skyways of London repaint by Marcel Ritzema, heads off on a charter flight from Athens to Chisinau. TTM
  12. Adamski repaint of Ant's Aircraft Winjeel on a flight from Ohakea AFB in the Manawatu District of the North Island of New Zealand, to Hood Aerodrome, near Masterton, in the Wairarapa District. Set in Autumn. I should fly in NZ more often than I do, but when I do get back there I am always amazed at the accuracy of the Orbx rendition. TTM Leaving Ohakea & heading South West, to turn left at the Foxpine airstrip Near Foxpine airstrip. Above the right wing is the town of Foxton Beach. Out to sea, above the canopy, is Kapiti Island. Off the left wing is Foxton itself. Around Foxton there is a mix of horticulture, & sheep & dairy farming. Directly over Hood Aerodrome, with the town of Masterton in the background. The Wairarapa has a mix of sheep & cattle farming, as well as some vineyards. Descending South of Hood aerodrome & looking South. To the West are the Tararua ranges. Straight ahead/to the left is Lake Wairarapa & beyond that the Pacific Ocean. If you look out off the end of the right wing tip, to the horizon, you may see the seaward Kaikoura Ranges in the South Island Pulling up at Hood Aerodrome. Sir Peter Jackson, of "Lord of The Rings" fame, has an aircraft collection based at Hood. Here is an article about the collection & Vintage Aircraft collecting in general. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11329981 Many years ago I saw a Swedish Airline Pilot fly a replica of a vintage monoplane at a Hood Aerodrome Air Show Not sure if it was a Bleriot XI, possibly smaller, but I was amazed at how he sat up above the wing, flying around at low level. The thought crossed my mind - Rather he than me.
  13. I set the UK countryside to Spring or Summer for some pleasant sightseeing, then I get real time Winter fog/rain - can't see a thing!! TTM
  14. I run into this quite a bit when I use AS16 Real Time weather [now], with Spring or Summer. Need to tweak that a bit. TTM
  15. Ant's Aircraft Winjeel on its way from Old Warden to Welshpool, in Spring. A bit damp along the way. The Winjeel, in keeping with its role as a Trainer, is very stable & forgiving. TTM