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  1. Amphibian is the way to go Jack - land on water or terra firma! TTM
  2. Just Flight/CLS BAe 146-300 leaving Berlin. TTM
  3. He has been working very long hours recently. Probably a typo. TTM
  4. Excellent set. Good to see you back. TTM
  5. Curtiss SBNC-4 over Dallas, Tx. TTM
  6. Mark Looks good. What clouds are you importing & where are you putting them, (directories etc)?? TTM
  7. Flying FSW this morning in a desolate part of Mexico using the P46T Malibu. Looks very Carenado'ish, probably because they may have developed it. (I think Carenado & Iris were mentioned in credits) These are a couple of unedited shots from inside the cockpit, which I found reasonably crisp Autopilot works, although VS setting eludes me. Seems to have a default 500 fpm. Pleasant flight. Will persevere with it. TTM
  8. Mark Concur on the aircraft FDE & "washed out" scenery. When I first flew I forgot to check the FSW default : Settings / Display / Graphical - Graphics, Aircraft & Scenery. They were all set on "Lo". Result was a visual disappointment. When I realized the oversight & moved them all to "Ultra", now getting appearance like yours. TTM
  9. Had another look at it & found I had the FSW Graphics settings all on Low. Moved to Ultra & got this better result - inland Washington State. TTM
  10. Changed LOD_Radius to = 6.5 & flew out of Phoenix. No discernible improvement. Using a 6Gb GTX 1060 video card. I think I will put it aside & monitor the tweaks & wait for the lynch mob to quieten down, & see if I can get it looking better. TTM
  11. Thank you TTM Here is what I have with LOD_Radius = 2.5 Have changed to 6.5 & will see if that makes a difference. Someone else is fiddling around with Nvidia settings.
  12. It's getting hammered on the Steam forum, apparently. TTM
  13. I had a look at Flight 1 & could only find v2. Is the Live tucked away somewhere? D/Loading FSW at the moment. 15 Gb zipped to 33 Gb full I believe. Early users are offering the usual gamut of reactions - horrified through to I like it. Time will tell. TTM
  14. Jack Did you get UTLive? If so from where?, & initial impressions. Thanks TTM