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  1. Might just take a vacation in the US in early June this year then!
  2. If you go there in early spring, March or April, you will get to see both snow and daylight
  3. Nice video Benny! thanks. Finn
  4. Glad you like it ! I really enjoy the winter season too, turning down the visibility, cranking up the winds and drifting snow, and trying to fly the visual circle to land approach like wideroe does really gives you a view of their pilots' daily adventures!! Finn
  5. It was released today folks
  6. Sorry guys, the other airport IS from orbx, it totally passed my mind, and I didn't want to correct myself before the previews were up.. Finn
  7. By paying big $$$ to the Norwegian Sat image services !!
  8. hammerfest is in last stages of testing, ran into some really nasty problems with transparency in fsx... As for the other airport, it is not made by orbx. I'm thinking maybe Jo Erlend, although aerosoft usually are sharing previews very early in the development phase! Very excited to see what's in the present!! Finn
  9. That will be fine. But if the mesh is sloped upwards or down, the aircraft will clip through the runway Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  10. No they cannot. They will pass through the runway and land on whatever mesh is ubderneath. Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  11. It might appear to the user that a simple 'on/off checkbox' is all there is to it. But in fact it requires a LOT of work, with different apx files, ground polygons, flattens and placement of buildings and vegetation. A simple checkbox won't do the trick.. There Are fans on both sides of the AI vs slope discussions, and you really cannot please everyone. The choice has been made by the developers, and choices will have to be made by the customer wether they want to purchase or not
  12. Peoples demands never stop amazing me.. Make sloped runway - people complain about No AI. Make airport with AI - people complain about No slope!! Sent fra min HUAWEI VNS-L31 via Tapatalk
  13. A few days
  14. I was very anxious when I sent the airport out to beta, but the reports are all positive towards the curve. I guess people will have to make the decision themselves, if a few daily AI flights are more important than this entire city for them to explore Finn
  15. Hi Matthew. The mentioned fsx:steam edition is an updated/patched version of fsx, maintained by Dovetail. They have also released a 'test' version of their upcoming full Flightsim update, with 64 bit and new rendering engine etc. There have been no news in quite a while now though, so I would recommend going for prepar3d academic version. LM had been improving it over several years, fixed OOM problems and added many nice features like cloud shaddows and avatar mode. My 2 cents. Someone in orbx might have some more inside info than me though! Finn