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  1. What a summer this promises to be! Last year was great, I still hugely enjoy P3D3 in the present version, but P3D4 with ORBX surely will be a milestone for much more to come.
  2. Why do I feel a sudden urge to travel to Spain? Wonderful shots Iain and great scenery design. Not only the airport but also Bilbao itself looks spot on around Plaza de Federico MoyĂșa in the flyovers.
  3. Magnificent work!
  4. Wow, looks fantastic, and even better in winter! Can't wait to visit this place.
  5. Looking good with outstanding details. However, I am puzzled by the colour hue of the terminal. It may be the settings of the light, but I remember it as bright white, similar to the airplanes. Is this not the case?
  6. Truly amazing work. Wish all of our flightsim software could be this sharp from the near to far. Looking forward to try when I also get my Oculus Rift. What a year 2017 is already proving to be in flightsim.
  7. Off to a flying start: leaving Valdez. Happy May 1st to you all.
  8. My vote on #57 this time.
  9. Thanks John for the clarifications above. It seems clear to me that it is not a question of AFS2 or P3D. For the overall great flight simulator on most accounts P3D seems still to be the way to go (and will surely continue to improve too with each new update and version). However, quick loading, and extremely high fps is what seems to set AFS2 apart. So duplicating the entire catalog of addons to suit AFS2 is still not what most probably want, ORBX included :-) Rather, AFS2 is an extra that we can enjoy for fun and speed and at a relatively modest cost.
  10. Outstanding work and excellent choice of location. You surely put the Alps on the ORBX map. Getting ready with my Piper Arrow to pay a visit soon
  11. O dear, splendid work and eye candy from Larry. If now only that Milviz Beaver would be released this will be heaven
  12. Hi Peter, There used to be a high quality "Earth Simulations" scenery of Isle of Man, but this is no longer available (you can find a nice review in Mutley's Hangar). If memory doesn't fool me, I think JV met with the developers at some point but I am not sure whether common ground was found for a new Isle of Man with ORBX or any other product with the former Earth Simulations guys who are clearly very talented.
  13. Great work Richard. Thanks, we look forward to explore Scotland with the new updates.
  14. What a beauty! Would be great to see it parked at one of the ORBX UK airports someday
  15. Beautiful set! Looks like a wonderful Easter gift is soon out, many thanks Sylvain.