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  1. California dreamin'. Beautiful work!
  2. Sounds like a great event is just getting better and better, and living in Dublin flying out with Aerlingus it is highly attractive. The airport KBDL itself may also be attractive for an FTX NA global location.
  3. A trip to Europe, lunch and discussing other upcoming projects does sound like a good plan. I am sure that the bit of extra wait on the LOWI release will be time well spent. Jarrad is putting his heart and soul into every release.
  4. Superb shots of a masterpiece. We have many things to look forward to in 2017, but this one may well be the best yet.
  5. #69 is my favorite among a lot of great shots.
  6. Brilliant news, thanks JV and Neil. No rush, but a much appreciated update in a year or two from now. Hopefully, this will also leave room for a few more payware quality airports from where to explore it once ready.
  7. It looks fantastic, not only the airport but the entire coverage area. Beautiful work throughout.
  8. It would be nice, but another one from Digital Design who did an excellent Salzburg is soon out However, I am hopeful that we will see some smaller ORBX airfields in FTX Germany North and South in the coming year(s). Plenty to look forward to
  9. I'll be stuck on this webpage until released... I can't wait to try out the water salute... Iain, bring on your magic 3 words
  10. I have travelled this valley 100s of times with train up to Seefeld but this will be my first visit to the airport. It looks jaw-dropping fantastic and spot on! You keep raising the bar with every airport Jarrad. So many details included, that it is hard to imagine the number of hours you have dedicated to this new masterpiece.
  11. Leaving Alice... (Iain please remove my previous shot from FTX Norway enroute between ENSD and ENSG).
  12. Outstanding, photographic quality shot. Congratulations!