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  1. Great images of Buenos Aires. That approach into Jorge Newbery airport in the first shot is fantastic, also in real life. I hope that ORBX will do a payware quality of it as the location is stunning both by day and by night.
  2. The wait is getting harder and harder Beautiful shots Iain, I look forward to visit Chile and many other destinations in this release.
  3. Great innovation news! ORBX keeps on advancing to the joy of the community. Wish you all a well earned holiday when the new OF2 is out.
  4. Stunning images. Something to look forward to for sure.
  5. Great to see some Chile shots near the famous beaches of ViƱa del Mar hopefully with forthcoming Vector updates to the coastline. Chile is a fantastic country indeed and I look forward to seeing the Osorno volcano... and hopefully some ORBX global airports in the future.
  6. Relatedly, would it be advisable to use a mesh with the forthcoming FTX OpenLC South America? This region does not have the same quality mesh as, for example, NA or Europe I believe.
  7. Buenisimo!
  8. Wow, wow, wow, this is looking great. Next stop Latin America! Your sky and settings are great too. Is this with PTA?
  9. The world isn't getting any bigger, but ORBX surely makes it feel like the planet is expanding and in the flightsim world it definitely is. It is wonderful to see this new step which is lightyears ahead of what we ever seen before in this wonderful continent. Hopefully, ORBX has some unaccounced secrets, airports, cityscapes, etc. in the early pipeline that will enrich the experience even more. Congratulations to the team for bringing this on!
  10. Beautiful work and news. I have been longing for new small ORBX airfields, and this one definitely ticks the box of what I like the most. A great base to fly up towards Yosemite and explore SCA. If memory doesn't fool me I think you also made the Sequim valley airport which is one of my all times favorites, having visited it later in real life too and it was spot on with the real thing! This may well be my first purchase for P3D v4 specifically
  11. Wonderful plane, scenery, and weather depiction. Is this somewhere in the PNW?
  12. I remember a most wonderful flight from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas in Chile and the view along the hielos continentales was fantastic. Torres del Paine would be a showstopper with scenic mountains, but then in Chile you can also fly out to the Juan Fernandez archipielago where supposedly Robinson Crusoe was stranded. Those small exciting flights are with a Beechcraft 200. Another great area to fly are above the Nasza lines in small cessna airplanes, or Cusco and Machu Picchu. Iguazu falls at the Argentine/Brazilian border. Or how about the high altitude airports of Quito and la Paz... Thinking about it, LC South America will be a huge winner!
  13. Hi Richard, I am wondering if something happened to Oban in my Scotland P3D v4. I think I used to see McCaig's Tower building in Oban town, but this is not seen now. Has this not been included at some point? Thanks for the great update with all the castles, they look splendid!
  14. Rio de Janeiro and/or Buenos Aires would be great once we have South America landclass.
  15. Yes Argentina/Chile will be wonderful places to explore in ORBX and are in real life. Outstanding work by Frank Danese and excellent shots.