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  1. Fine and dandy set of captures!
  2. KBGR => B21 Waiting for the WX to clear... Some hours later the WX cleared into the forecasted VFR conditions... My previous tour
  3. Drop-dead gorgeous high-altitude shot!
  4. Thanks and yes, it looks super splendid up here! Today I'm taking a trip to B21, but now I'm waiting for the ewather to improve as B21 is VFR ops only Thank you Ruud! Thanks Iain!
  5. Lovy darn! A smooth capture indeed.
  6. Blue-chip selection of captures!
  7. Nice work if you can get it Iain!
  8. Gibraltar tumbles and the Rockies crumble when you post your shots Iain!
  9. Gewaltig gute Auswahl an Bildern - danke!
  10. Fascinating rhythm of a landscape and plane mixture! Neat approach too!
  11. You're giving it a whirl Jack! Have a great weekend!
  12. I always enjoy a piece of aviation slang around the forum! Splendid shot!
  13. These shots look drop-dead gorgeous! And you dog-legged that approach! Have a great weekend my friend!
  14. Magnificent piece of art my friend!
  15. Thanks so much! Its the freeware Cessna 150-K 'TiBush. You can download this terrific plane from their website: There are three pages, which also include more repaints and other content.