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  1. Fame shotz of this infamous plane Martyn!
  2. Splendid maritime shot!
  3. Dead man's shotz!
  4. And beautiful light reflections on the water!
  5. A top-sky set of caps and I like the parking captures!
  6. Divine capture!
  7. A marvelous dry landscape you fly over in one nifty flyer! for two!
  8. Staggering vintage shot!
  9. Dope bunch of caps!
  10. Sensational series of shotz!
  11. The goes your birdy off-the coast!
  12. Top-of-the-shelf shotz again! You are just missing some floats on the heli to join the yachts for a spree on the sea!
  13. Marvelously amazing shots Jack! I hope you have money left for a coffee and bagel after the immense landing fees at Logan.