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  1. Love the roughness of the simulated landscape!
  2. I always enjoy looking at your shots Tiger, I do! Your compass indicates a heading of 340°
  3. Another memorable tune...
  4. Cunning piece of technology in every way!
  5. Great! I just fly the prepar3d default Acclaim, which is by Lionheart. In reality of course I would go with the latest:
  6. Nice arrangement Filou. Same to you, thanks!
  7. Yippie yeaay! Those shots are rocking along the sky to my screen!
  8. No, I don't see what to improve here!
  9. Practicing for the STOL competition, eh!? A-OK captures Iain!
  10. Thanks for the first comment and for looking! Some nasty weather for some great screenshot opportunities. Thanks for looking! Thanks, appreciate it Mark! Thanks for coming along Dolf! Agree with you, it's a high price these people accept on their effort. Thanks very much to you also Jack! Thanks for strolling along Adam! Thanks for looking! Good for you! I'm sure this will be very interesting and spot on for honoring the past. Here's some music for you as you wander along Glad you enjoyed'em, thank you! Thanks Andy, it's great you checked them out! Thanks Jury, was happy to read it! Thank you Filou!! Yeah, somebody should better get out of the way soon enough Thanks for looking!
  11. I'm a Mooney lover, so you could have saved these awesome shotz anyway!!
  12. You're quite a modern cowboy Andy! Yeehaw set of shots!
  13. Breathtaking captures from your cross channel to France in the reliable Baron!
  14. Some more stunning captures along the way!
  15. Extra-awesome captures Adam!