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  1. So far, my FTX Central has not detected AFS2 on my computer. When it will?. By the way, terrific scenery!. Cheers, Ed 15th June according to JV's post ID.9 above.
  2. sorry, you are a bit late. check here
  3. Low and slow for me. Number 1
  4. Nice caps Dolf, of my favourite plane just upgraded to V2, with GTN750 installed and running perfectly in P3Dv3. Brilliant cloud formations also. What more could one want ! Oh! yes...LOWI would make it perfect
  5. have a read of the following link:
  6. simply stunning! That's 2 I'm waiting for now...this one and Innsbruck!
  7. Beautiful!! Looks perfect to me. A definite first day purchase. Well done Matteo . My CC is waiting.
  8. This is more or less the same
  9. Have a read of this: As for DVDs, a system is being devised at the moment to allow you to convert DVD purchases to digital downloads. Watch out for announcements in the future.
  10. Steam products are not recognised by FTX Central so any updates will have to come from Steam.
  11. The short answer is no! Please read the thread below. Items purchased from Steam are not recognised by Orbx Direct or Central.
  12. click on the OrbxDirect tab at the top of this page. Once there scroll down and click on Product Map
  13. for those that are worried about re-installing everything...have a read of this
  14. hi Hammerfeast has been mentioned in Preview Screenshots and Videos along with screenshots. You must have missed it.
  15. P3D v3 all the way for me. Was thinking of uninstalling FSX cos I don't use it anymore!