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  1. Prerequisite products for those two airports are NA Central Rockies and NA Southern Alaska as is mentioned in the product description.
  2. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter these days what order you install Orbx products. FTX Central3 sorts it out for you. Cheers
  3. I have the same problem also. Cannot see the GTN650/750 in the Realair config tool. Info would be much appreciated on how to rectify this. Thanks.
  4. hi, have a look at ORBX version first. Click on OrbxDirect tab at the top of this page and hold your pointer on Products and click on aircraft. It might not be the version you want.
  5. Have a look seems to be still in the pipeline being worked on by Scott Armstrong.
  6. I would think its being converted to 64bit...hopefully
  7. Have a read of the link below
  8. So far, my FTX Central has not detected AFS2 on my computer. When it will?. By the way, terrific scenery!. Cheers, Ed 15th June according to JV's post ID.9 above.
  9. sorry, you are a bit late. check here
  10. Low and slow for me. Number 1
  11. Nice caps Dolf, of my favourite plane just upgraded to V2, with GTN750 installed and running perfectly in P3Dv3. Brilliant cloud formations also. What more could one want ! Oh! yes...LOWI would make it perfect
  12. have a read of the following link:
  13. simply stunning! That's 2 I'm waiting for now...this one and Innsbruck!
  14. Beautiful!! Looks perfect to me. A definite first day purchase. Well done Matteo . My CC is waiting.
  15. This is more or less the same