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  1. Mostly Alaska, Western Canada and Pacific Northwest. Usually fly the DHC-6 Twin Otter
  2. Sweet! Close to home. Looking forward to this one.
  3. Good luck.... I have similar issues to with Steam version.
  4. Why do you assume its an issue with the orbx Site? My Download speeds are good. We are both downloading from the same site so why is yours slow and mine fast?
  5. Don't think it matters s long as you are only using one of them at a time.
  6. You need to log into your orbx direct account and reinstall from there using FTX central 3. Also you will need to provide an orbx order # from one of your products to receive any support.
  7. Still very vague but thanks for trying Alex... This is a major bummer and will be a serious roadblock for many going forward. I wish Orbx could have waited for the sale to end before doing this
  8. Well this sucks... Like many others I only use paypal for my online transactions. Good thing I bought most of what I wanted during this sale. Was planning to get a few more airports but might not be possible for me now. I sure hope Orbx will reconsider and a clear explanation that makes sense in the English language as to why the change would be nice.
  9. What is Tweak and Launch ?
  10. Neither one is best. Both are great. Get the one for the area you prefer to fly.
  11. Good question. I wondering the same thing. How do we buy Orbx Gifts for friends that have FTX Direct accounts.
  12. No need as its past. If we stop talking about it. It will go away on its own.
  13. Yes I made a statement as do not want to have a repeat of the same scenario, so it was used as an example. And yes I am past it. As for buying the same area twice not how you don't understand that. I had already bought OPenLC Alaska Canada. Then when buying OPenLC North America I paid again for something I already had. I'm not even complaining about it any more, I just don't want to do that again which is why I asked about Australia V2 being a free update or a new product.
  14. I understand both are different files but that was not the point or the question I am asking. I am past this as its in the past and asking if Australia V2 would be a free update or a separate product. Alaska Canada is part of OpenLC North America so when buying that I paid again for Alaska Canada. I do not want to buy Australia 2 times like I did with Alaska Canada. Australia V2 would be a free update or a separate product? That is my question. However it is so far out or may not happen so I suppose my question is just silly to even ask.
  15. As well as Sedona there are also 12 free airports in Arizona. With OpenLC plus 13 airports its pretty nice already. And here is free mesh for AZ http://www.blueskyscenery.com/AZ.html