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  1. I don't see anything on the product page saying its not available. Maybe a little context would be helpful?
  2. I will make the jump eventually. Maybe by end of year or beginning of next. I'm in no big rush but it will happen.
  3. I hang on to stuff to for decades but I realize most of it I will never, look at or use again or have a need for. Its hard but sometimes a good purge once in a while is good.
  4. You need it about as much as you need them old Windows 98 CD's
  5. I have the same orbx virus and it keeps getting bigger, spreading and taking more space my PC.
  6. That's nice
  7. Example: Southern California is a full fat region. So is Pacific Northwest and many others.
  8. Hopefully Aerosoft is going to quickly handle the release (installers, compatibility, etc) I'm going to need my Twin Otter working in Prepar 3d V4
  9. Of course you'll need to reinstall - FSX and Prepard V4 are completely different sims that are in different install locations.
  10. Nice!
  11. Aerofly FS2 has a long ways to go. Currently, there is no ATC, Ai traffic or real-world weather, most the models are almost impossible to 'lose' in flight, even if you try. No lights on the ground in rural areas. The flight model is fairly unrealistic, the sounds are abysmal and mostly non-existent, the world is lifeless and sterile, There aren't that many available aircraft to fly and they are all super simple with no systems simulation or engine. There are no challenges or routes to fly. It's all free flight over a badly-textured ground mesh. You can't touch any of the beautifully-rendered switches, buttons, levers, knobs, or other controls. yes is runs smooth and looks good but that's about it for now.
  12. More detail. Think of it as layers on top of layers.
  13. What has customer service done that is bad? I find it hard to believe they wouldn't help you if you have some proof of purchase.
  14. Not sure why your resurrecting this and beating the dead horse again as this thread has been long dead. However I did purchase OPen LC NA Full during a previous sale.
  15. Do you have a link to this? If its no longer stated as such I would suspect its not longer current policy.