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  1. Great shots, I personally use my triple monitor set up in portrait mode most of the time, but am thinking of heading back to landscape. Just easier... Awesome skin, where's that one from?
  2. Beaut skin Jankees!
  3. Brilliant work! I sincerely hope she can be found on some of the Firetower helipads in PNW... Thanks Orbx!
  4. ...a match made on Earth, but deserving of a place in Heaven!
  5. Fight the good fight Peter. My thoughts are with you and to all who face such challenges.
  6. What a talent you have! Brilliant set of shots! Thanks heaps for sharing!
  7. Oh my! Beautiful shots!
  8. Looks brilliant! So many releases coming out my head is swimming!
  9. Exciting preview shots folks! Can't wait to get in the Dodo to look for kiwis!
  10. Great news indeed! Hopefully will have my FSX install sorted out in time!!
  11. See, now, that comment just made me buy Warnervale! Thanks for the comments, guys.
  12. Beautiful shots, Timmo. Thanks!
  13. Made some further purchases today, Aero, Cessnock and Tamworth. Beautiful work again Orbx team. I think Aeropelican will be a favourite for a while! Here are six from a round trip I just completed:
  14. I just spam the screenshot key, it is the team here at OrbX that make it really happen!! Thanks though guys!
  15. Don't sell yourself short, Iain. The repaint is captured beautifully within the entire theme of the shot... That cloud could be a continuation of the lass' nightdress! Keep them coming, you are an inspiration!