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  1. Beautiful... AF2/LOWI is the most amazing thing we have seen so far in any simulator. Ben
  2. 122 GB for me with all DLC + ORBX stuff Ben
  3. Time for some pictures!!! take some of the MB!!!! Ben
  4. Welcome, don't worry this forum is full of great people. We just see way more new folks lately because of P3D V4 and Aerofly FS2 release asking the same question. Again welcome Ben
  5. Hi, first your posting in the general section of the forum, it should be in the Prpar3D section. Second, which ORBX product is affected? Ben
  6. On my old rig, the comp shop told me that I had 50% chance of my new 1060 would work, fist I bought the 2 gig one, worked perfectly, but then realize I would better off with the 6 gig, this was was harder to set up. Why don't you go back to 8 gig of RAM just to see. Ben
  7. Nice one!!!! Ben
  8. Many thanks!!!!!
  9. We all gonna agree on one thing, 2017 is a great year for flight simulation. Plenty of stuff for every taste Ben
  10. Very well explain J van E! Ben
  11. Nice one Jeroen! What happen to your 2 min max video? Little question if I may, are you using your mouse for the moving view inside the plane, if so how did you get it to be that smooth? Thanks, Ben
  12. As a real pilot with quite some hours, in real life GA you avoid any other plane as much as you can. Car on highway at 5000 feat AGL look static at some point. The only time you see moving vehicle, it's in the circuit-landing-take off. And you don't have time to look at those at all. When joining a circuit (controlled airport), let's say your #5, you will be ask to identify the #4 airplane in front of you (in general) and keep your distance from him. So there is not much time to look around for sight seeing. Your eyes will keep looking at the instrument and your surrounding each few second. At night, I agree, it's a different story. So a bit of GA traffic would be nice. Ben
  13. Same as you, just discovered visibility and used it over Meg's, it's a all new look. On top, like you said, you can changed that on the fly in second with no load time at all. I also agree on some GA traffic, just a bit.
  14. Thanks for the list! Let's go explore now Ben