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  1. Well FSX days are counted Ben
  2. Buy a cheap used Laptop (150$ or so) and use the manual download... any coffee shop/restaurant offer fast internet now. I live in the wood to, but my shop as a fast connection. I also replaced my computer case with one with handle. I can now easily carry this one at my shop for clean install. I bought a used 19in monitor for 50$ and a cheap keyboard and mouse. Ben
  3. Why not a last one, same day, over an Orchard. Sun was gone and the day was more humid....
  4. Tim is using a DJI Phantom 4 PRO
  5. Nice one Tim!!!! Nice steady speed. I have 4 DIY including a 650mm Hexa and a 1 X 900mm. But for this vid I did use my Q500
  6. Here is the only existing picture of that mansion built in 1860, the rich owner (Alexander Solomon) died in 1897 wile working in the barn. abandoned for over 40 years and destroyed in 1950. You can see the barn in the back.
  7. If it's still ok the share some drone stuff once in a wile 20 min from my house, a unique thing in Canada. A beautiful day, enjoy Ben
  8. Come on Mike!!! you didn't own that masterpiece before?????? And you should try AF2 Ben
  9. Thanks guys, just having fun at 100 FPS... no stutters, no long loading, no tweaking.
  10. Nick is still trying to take off in a C172... he won't tell
  11. It's summer here so i'm less on the sim rig, but I had a blast yesterday night in LOWI and mostly their new Q400 (AMAZING) Enjoy this small one, cheers, Ben
  12. We should do a list of those.... Ben
  13. Same for me, but my darn dogs don't like it when I'm on the sim... they say: Hey dad, it's nice outside let's go play And they hate my wallet so no more CC :-) Ben
  14. The AF2 Q400 is almost as amazing as the Majestic version... And it's a free update, yes free. My personal record, 3.5 hours with AF2/Q400/LOWI.... I'm never on a sim that long and NEVER in summer. Nothing to tweak, to play around, to modify.... just pure fun at 80+ FPS The above mix is close to perfection as to simulator goes.. Just a big WOW Ben