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  1. Thanks Mr. JV, this has been the moment I have been waiting for. I have to admit, it came much much sooner than I expected but this will be a day one buy. Everything looks beautiful, and no problem with Orbx stuff, if it takes a while no problem, at least I can remove VAS and OOM from my vocabulary. One more thing, how are the default planes?
  2. Well, that was an excellent trip Paul, I really enjoyed it.
  3. Hi Patrick, yes I have REX Soft Clouds, so when I run the PC later today I'll make sure it's set to DTX5, thanks for this tip.
  4. Stunning Francois! These are some amazing shots, really amazing.
  5. Thanks.
  6. You ain't kidding Jose, these look terrific! And it's good to see you back posting!
  7. I think I just re-thunk things. If P3D v4 is a wash then I'm going with this. I'm especially struck by the second one OnD, it looks so real! And I completely agree with you about FSX, that's why I left FSX but P3D carries over its own baggage as well and I'm happy about 50% of the time with it. We now have a lot of choices, XP11 which looks okay but won't buy because Orbx doesn't support. FSW, FS2, and soon P3D v4, all 64 bit sims. I think with all this competition it's great for the sim community. And it's great that Orbx is supporting the above mentioned three because my money's on Orbx. By the way, happy birthday! Oh, one more thing, is the water really that green in the bay in real life?
  8. What a cool plane and flight Stewart! Must have been fun in that awesome bird. I especially like the third one.
  9. Well, she really likes to see me fly and check out various places we dream of visiting, and if there's a lighthouse she really loves it. Thanks Gerold.
  10. That was beautiful Jury. My grandfather used to sing that to me when I was a kid. Thank you for this.
  11. Wonderfully done Scott, gosh, now I have to go back like very soon!
  12. +10000
  13. Simply marvelous Gerold, my wife and I both loved these shots, she especially the lighthouse as she's a lighthouse statue collector.
  14. If I had Irish eyes I'd be smiling! Excellent POI shots Jury, man do I like what Orbx does.