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  1. Thanks flying leaf! I could bathe this thing in liquid nitrogen and it would overheat. Actually, I spoke to the guys at Jetline, after having me run some tests they think it's the code in V4. They've been building flight sim only PC's for a long time and they really know their stuff. I was told they were going to assist me in modifying the BIOS so the fans don't run so furiously when I run the 747 and AS. This only happens in V4, not 3.4. So I can fly 3.4 and deal with VAS or fly V4 and deal with potential overheating. What a Hobson's choice. If I had an upside down ceiling fan blowing on it it would be quite a sight. I mean the average helicopter downwash is 80-100 mph. And good thing I don't wear a rug, it would indeed blow away. I think with that kind of wind the whole PC would blow away. And, I'd need some serious noise cancellation headphones too!
  2. What a cool looking plane Gianni. I've never seen this one before, it looks lime a 1930's style retro plane, I love the way they designed 'em back then.
  3. Nice shot! I have this in 3.4 and it always seems to be a go to plane for fun flights and stunts. You live in Boise? I used to live there, I miss it. I lived right in the city. I miss all the clubs and little food vendors on the sidewalks, the skiing at Bogus Basin and McCall. What a great place to live.
  4. Nice shots Andy, your PC must be a supercomputer to be in that area with all sliders maxed. What about shadows? Were they all ticked because I noticed with all of them ticked it causes a hinge FPS hit. Were your fans screaming at you?
  5. Great shots Dolf, I love that plane, one of my favorite A2A's.
  6. Mighty fine TTM! It's looking better all the time and Adam's preset looks great.
  7. Hey thanks Kev! That's a nice discount!
  8. Running PTA Andy? They look good but the first one, was it in the late afternoon/evening?
  9. Never heard them called Thunder Bugs, in fact I've never seen one here in any state I've lived in. I've only ever seen them in the UK. I remember one even got in my digital watch! Scotland in a hovel, count me in. I spent several weeks there, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and this small village called Greenock. When we were in Greenock the local people wouldn't let us spend a dime. They loved Yanks and bought all our food and drink, I never felt so wanted or comfortable in my entire life, then or since. What a bunch of the most delightful and gracious people. All they wanted us to do was talk, they said they loved our accents. Very warm and pleasant memories. And all that armor in the castle! I could not believe how small the men were back then, I embarrassed myself by asking if the armor was for children but they said the men were actually that small back then. I have this very strong urge call a travel agent!
  10. Thanks Mark! Appreciate it. Yeah, when I first saw Iain's screens I couldn't believe it, I had to have mine look like that if I could. I'd love to keep trying different PTA's. One thing I've noticed about this version of P3D and presets is when you first load the sim it re-draws the shaders a heck of a lot faster so it's not so bad changing presets. I'm with Adam, I like what he said today about REX, I wish they would just hurry up and decide what they want to do as I really like the way it makes Orbx-land look with their textures.
  11. I love how dense those trees are and they're very different from the NZ trees. Some fine shots Erik. Are you making a New England tour?
  12. Oh terrific Ruud! Thanks! The last one is really neat with the lights below. But they're all good!
  13. They were innocent fun times. I loved the UK. I was supposed to only have a two year tour but after a month I knew I'd never get to see a lot of England and Scotland (my heritage) and Europe. So at exactly six months I was allowed to extend my stay another year. It was the best experience of my life. If I could live in Scotland for the rest of my life as a peasant I'd be happy. Wheat bugs were these little tiny flat bugs that lived in the wheat fields, I mean they were so small they'd get between a picture and the glass on a frame. They looked like pepper flakes. When the farmers burned their fields every season we'd be inundated with trillions of them. They got into everything, even the food.
  14. When I was stationed in England me and my friends would go out in the fields and look at the Roman ruins, I was amazed. We'd find cold streams to put our beer in to keep them cool. The days were sunny and hot near Oxford and we'd see a lot of what the farmers called "wheat bugs." Man do I miss those days, can someone build me a time machine?
  15. Thank you again Mark! Gosh, I'm collecting presets faster than Orbx airports!