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  1. Amazing, beautiful plane over beautiful scenery.
  2. What a great set Sammy! I always love this time of day for flying but it's hard to capture a shot, mine seem too dark. You're are excellent.
  3. Nice Adam! Looks like it's time for me to take mine out of the hangar again.
  4. Totally epic Adam! I especially liked the first and last ones.
  5. Nice shots, love the rain and the low-level clouds.
  6. Nice set Adam, that scenery looks familiar, is this near KSQL?
  7. Amazing scenery FILOU. I love the low-level mist and the way the sun is reflecting off the river. Nice capture!
  8. Another one! Man, I love that patchwork quilt of fields below. The scenery looks like a photo.
  9. Always impressive and creative camera angles FILOU! Great shot.
  10. Beautiful, I just wanna walk through my screen and explore those forests as hiking is my all-time favorite thing to do.
  11. Beautiful shots Sammy. First, I love that plane, I love flying it shared with a friend in the UK. Second, you're right Jarrad is amazing, I love doing that approach to Eagle.
  12. LOL! Three hands to make sure you bank left to avoid those hills Martyn!
  13. What a cool looking plane, it looks unlike anything I've ever seen. And those mountains, looks like Alaska. Beautiful.
  14. Wicked! I love it!
  15. Holy cow! On each succeeding shot my wife and I both sat here and said wow, wow, wow...