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  1. Perfectly captured. I love the hazy weather. Looks like Palm Springs.
  2. Beautiful Mark. Nice use of shadows on the trees too.
  3. Extremely nice! I especially like the cabin windows all lit up. It's cool how at altitude you can see the setting sun but on the ground it's already dark.
  4. Cool shot hwh! You never know, you see just about everything at Oshkosh.
  5. Very nice Scott, hope you had your cabin heat on.
  6. Nice shot TTM! I always love the cloud shadows.
  7. Hi John, yeah, but if P3D goes 64 will Carenado ever modify the planes? I would say maybe in several years if ever.
  8. Thanks Ken! I'd love to see them
  9. Thanks Speedy! Very much appreciate it.
  10. Simply amazing sky, very beautiful set of shots.
  11. Splendid Paul! What an eclectic collection and I love the scenery, especially the dam. Keep 'em coming.
  12. Extremely nice Martyn! Where is that first airport? If it's Orbx and I don' have it I soon will!
  13. That is so cool! I love when people do this.
  14. Thanks Martyn! That was great! History has always been my favorite subject and aviation history is even more interesting. Your narrative coupled with the scenic flight made it one the more interesting posts in a while. Thanks for the history lesson!
  15. One can never go wrong with AF1. I've always loved the livery. Nice set Jury!