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  1. Nice pano shot and yes, Bella Coola is marvelous! One of my favorite places with those hills on both sides. It would be nice to live there.
  2. Outstanding and very dramatic Mickel, I loved it!
  3. Looks great Adam, love those evening skies.
  4. Thanks Paul. PC Pilot, now there's something cool I haven't seen in years. Can't get them easily here as they close all the bookstores. Thanks for clarifying this Nick. I thought I remembered one of them wasn't going to be released or needed work.
  5. It's a program called Comic Strip Factory, it's only available for Apple Mac computers.
  6. Glad you liked it Martyn. Yep, you got it Lucky!
  7. Thanks Greg, but I could have sworn that they said they weren't going to port it over to V4 or maybe they said they thought they may not.
  8. Good one! I was looking at LAX and that song popped into my head and I thought why not? That's ok Martyn, so you've heard this song? Yeah, with Adam's preset it makes my little slice of Orbxland look even nicer!
  9. I don't know if I remember this correctly but did someone here at Orbx say they weren't going to port the city of Canberra to V4? I'd like to buy it buy now and when FTX is ready for V4 I'll have it. But if I'll only be able to use it on V3.4 then no need as I'm slowly moving away from it. Thanks.
  10. Big shout out thanks to @Alex Goff for fixing the receipt thing. I just bought two more and within a minute I received a receipt. Most grateful to Alex and Orbx and thanks for the sale! Might buy even more!
  11. Here you go Sammy just in case you ever want to install them.
  12. Good try Adam, another hint, it has to do with bringing something into the USA.
  13. Thanks Sammy, it's on my radar screen but I'd like some more Orbx but don't know which. And it seems to me that when the sales are over they release something new. So do I buy now and save or buy something new? Decision$!
  14. Thanks Anthony!
  15. Well, we know it can be done Anthony, that's my one and only. Back to serious training and flying sensibly. Mr. Nick Cooper posted a couple of BGL fixes Sammy and they work. He said they will be in a Vector update eventually.