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  1. Very cool video! Just don't slow down so far out. In real life you would get put on the base leg much sooner and going much faster. 170 until TOTIM for instance.
  2. Very nice!
  3. Cheers mate! Your today is still our tomorrow . Almost there though!
  4. The NA GA traffic pack adds traffic mainly within the PNW and PFJ regions only.
  5. Just awesome!
  6. Incredible shots! Just fantastic!
  7. Excellent move!
  8. Looks like a great build but why not use the M2 drive for Windows so that the entire system can benefit and take advantage of the speed. Using it for P3d will simply make p3d boot faster.
  9. Which model is that? Looks pretty nice!
  10. The statics are generally within the airports OBJ file, import that and see what you can find.. Just be careful, and make backups of originals etc.
  11. Hello again Steve, I've got an SFO ADE you can try out.. I was working on it until the recent FB sale where I picked up SFO HD. It's not complete or perfect and is really just the default ADE but I resized and coded (to Dec 2016 gate assigments) some but not all of the parking. Just remove/rename the default ADEX_FTX_NCA_KSFO_San_Francisco_Intl.BGL and FTX_NCA_objects_KSFO_PLC.bgl files from your ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_NA_NCA05_SCENERY folder and add this one in. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjPtH1cOFbgFvTUdzIZPznhDa3eD As for Seattle, I use T2g. YVR I use FSDT (with an incredibly detailed ADE). LAS I use a custom version of Ray Smiths ADE file, again highly customized but it works great in SCA.
  12. Hey there you go! That looks great! I use the Free Sky Project B747 LCF for AI. I've reduced most of the big textures to 1024 DXT5 which helps in the performance and VAS and also use an AI FDE so that it performs more like it should as an AI. As you only see 2 maybe 3 at any given time the actual hit to the system is negligible.
  13. BFI and RNT look almost as good as well.
  14. Pretty cool idea, but to do so would need a continually updated field of AI. I love how my Paine field looks, but that's more due to working on the ADE file to my liking and adding in some killer AI to help populate the factory.
  15. They are near the same, sometimes MyTraffic using very slightly more and sometimes UT2 does. The same can be said about frame rates associated between the two.