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  1. Iain Do you use Sweetfx or ENB? NVidia Inspector? If affirmative could you share those settings also?
  2. best wishes to you iain....get well soon!
  3. terrific shots mark! Can you tell us wich enb, rex theme are you using? Its fsx what we are seeing here right? I mean not P3D Thanks in advance IIm a really dumb....forget the question about fsx or p3d
  4. awesome pics! John, wich airport were you landing at those pics?
  5. Thanks to everyone!
  6. Cheers!
  7. Thanks to you all friends!
  8. Maybe not the best captures but only want to show an Inverness to Sumburgh flight through the Pilot`s eyes! Cheers
  9. Cloud setting was a random choice in Rex settings and its not rain, its a dirty mod found at facebook for the majestic. Thank you all!
  10. ....bunch of pics! Cheers
  11. Glad You all like this pic!