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  1. Hi! You can see the Guggenheim museum in a few of the photos, it's next to the Iberdrola skyscraper,
  2. We deleted the whole post and re-posted with new images, therefor your comment was erased, sorry about that.
  3. Hi everyone, Figured it's a good time to share some more screenshots & information about our Bilbao project. Philip has been working intensely to get the terrain to work as flawlessly as (we hope) it is right now. Also, let's all buy him a beer for his work on the terminal, that's a work of art. We are pretty much entering the next phase of the project now with beta testing and then night textures, cross-platform and optimizing the scenery and then Iain's famous screens. I also want to take this time thanking Vicente Lozano & Xabier Larrañaga for all the information they have provided to make the scenery possible. Thank you! So, what will this be? Most of it we have told you about earlier, but let's just sum this up: - The whole city of Bilbao updated with high-resolution mesh and hand placed 300 000 - 400 000 thousand of buildings and trees (my hand still hurts). - The Iberdrola skyscraper with its helipad, fully functional of course. - High resolution mesh - The whole harbour with industries, ships, windturbines, etc. - High resolution photoscenery for the whole city. - BILBAO AIRPORT. Yes, sorry, that was probably the most important thing! We have worked so, so much on this and it's been a huge challenge with the advanced architecture and terrain. But yeay, we made it! - Internal modeling of the main terminal - Moving gates - Lot's of small details, people, vehicles. - Tanker ship with landable helipad. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the scenery as much as we are. Regards, Marcus
  4. Thanks for the support!
  5. Hey thanks for pointing that out. It's partly my p3d shaders, partly something that might need some tweaking before release.
  6. Hi, Yes. The CTRL+j kind.
  7. Hi! Enjoy.
  8. Hi! It will be CTRL+J jetways, yes. As for now, no Sode is in the plans for Bilbao.
  9. Soon there will be screens of airport area. We will ship the airport with FSX SDK type of gates, so no additional software is needed.
  10. Hey! That is a typo. I should have written 3.4.2. So you are all good! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. Hehe, yeah I think those flights are canceled! I haven't had a look in the AFCAD, but maybe all these gates should be set to maximum 737 wing width airplanes. I think the bigger planes always park on the corner spots at T5A/B.
  12. We are working on it, don't worry just had some setbacks but we are up and running again. It will be great! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  13. Good morning! It is my birthday today, so what is a better gift than to give all of you some great news! Normally service packs are not that much of preview-material. This time I would say it deserves it's own preview post. So, first of all: this upcoming service pack will not contain the moving gates. It is not forgotten, and it is being worked on. This service pack will include some new features and some highly updated already existing ones. First of all, the new feature: animated traffic! We have done massive works with new vehicles and animations and the airport has now become alive in a whole new aspect. We've also placed more people, luggage cars, etc, around the airport and it's now as busy as in real life with buses, trucks, luggage handlers in a constant move to get that next plane to depart in time. Even if we've not noticed any big performance lost this will of course be able to turn off in the control panel. Thanks to our new member Pierre Engblom, we've redone all the autogen. And wow, it's really a big difference! Also it is down to 20% of the amount of the original release, still with the same dense feeling, which will save you some frames. We will also include some corrections of minor issues that has been reported during the year with some flipped textures, etc. We have also re-textured Terminal 5F, Terminal 5A, Terminal 5B, Terminal 4 and Terminal 2. You will now have high-resolution textures with a much higher level of accuracy and of course some nice window reflections. We've also redone the interior of T5F and it's really, really a different place now compared to the initial release. The whole airport has also been exported with a different method which should gain some better performance and decrease the risk of stutters. Hope you enjoy the screens. We still have a few things on the list, but rest assured we are almost there. Now off to some museums and champagne and spend time with my family 07APR Small update to post As I've seen some people wondering if the update will be free, YES, it will be free!
  14. Nice! What is the scenery?
  15. Happy new years everyone, Philip & I are pleased to announce our latest project, LEBB Bilbao Airport. Bilbao is located in northern Spain in the Basque county and is beautifully located in the Biscay bay quite close to the french border. The airport features in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and interesting terminal buildings that can be found in the world. The basque country is famous for being incredible beautiful with the hills and mountains going through the whole region and with the Pyrenees close by. Bilbao Airport is a medium sized airport with lot's of connections throughout Europe and will fit perfectly for the NGX-simmer. The weather of the region is often very interesting and offers exciting approaches through the mountain areas, as well as the very picturesque north approach over the city and harbor. We've included the whole city with hand placed hundreds of thousands houses and trees. The harbor is also updated among some other interesting spots in the city area. The project is in early beta and we will keep you posted with previews of the airport itself in not too long. Cheers, Marcus & Philip