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  1. Coming up with the ideal bomber was a real learning curve for all the war participants - you're exceeding requirements again, take your meds .
  2. That single Focke-Wulf surrounded by stars and roundels - probably figures the odds are just about right .
  3. The classic Alaskan white out.
  4. Spent my first fourteen years in the Edinburgh area before shipping out for the U.S. Got my three year leaving cert and found I needed only "American History" to graduate from my new High School. My new classmates took delight in teaching me how to drive and other stuff too. Been back several times and the things I remember all look the same - only the Forth rail bridge was there then and, as far as I know, I still have dual U.S. and U.K. citizenship.
  5. I was born there.
  6. Love that title - makes you want to read the sequel. Just out cycling the gear on the Staggerbeech.
  7. Very nice. While you're checking your scenery, check out the Scotflight freeware '3forthbridges.zip' (Avsim) - made to work with FTXSCO and brings you up to date.
  8. All screenshots are an optical illusion - some moreso than others.
  9. He was drinking Sarsaparilla.
  10. Met a guy in a Pemberton pub. Said he was flying a default Beaver back to Vancouver and did I need a ride. Never one to kick a gift horse, default or otherwise, I was off. A little wind action on Lilloohet Lake but the Beaver can handle it. Two huge lakes connected with rivers - a perfect VFR flyway. The second lake - Harrison. From the shore at an Orbx favorite, Tipella. Turning into the Fraser River valley - getting close. About to plop into Vancouver Harbor. The default Beaver was faultless.
  11. When I was a kid, my Gran fed me a tablespoon of Castor Oil, once a month without fail. If I gagged, I got another - seventy years ago and never forgotten.
  12. That first one is definitely 'numero uno'.
  13. There's no 'airport' so go on floats or in a 'copter.
  14. Chin yourself on the prop.