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  1. You don't have to know the language Road to Rio Crosby, Hope and L'Amour Brazil Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
  2. "Never on Sunday" - Melina Mercouri -Greece.
  3. Took advantage of the sale and installed Meigs FS2. Very nice except for the line of demarcation between Orbx and FS2. Didn't really notice it with Innsbruck but it's really ugly with Meigs - crying for that 'autogen' extension .
  4. 3:10 to Seattle Lifting off Stewart, BC (not the MilViz Beaver) Sandane, Norway - after dark. Susitna Valley, AK - marginal weather
  5. Not sure if their's was faked - mine sure was.
  6. ATC

    During my ATC years, I never talked to a hot air balloon (couldn't suggest a vector or altitude change). They became a little problem off the east departure in Anchorage. Four or five enthusiasts would hang right at SID altitude watching departures. Technically they were outside our airspace and had the right of way over fixed wing, but floating in the flight path of a 747 loaded for the Orient wasn't too cool.
  7. Get ready for some 100+ temps.
  8. Combatants.
  9. Perhaps of some use - from the Weather Observers' Bible. That image isn't very resolute - this PDF is much better. nws.noaa.gov/os/brochures/cloudchart.pdf
  10. Much as I'd like to have seen you inverted through the wind turbine farm, those are all VERY acceptable.
  11. Good lookin' clouds and the Cardinal.
  12. ATC

    Whether AOPA and other GA groups like it or not, eventually all flying in controlled airspace will require an IFR rating and a suitably equipped aircraft.
  13. Perhaps of some use - from the Weather Observers' Bible.
  14. Another Aerofly enthusuast - that makes two of us from Washington .
  15. Loch Duich and the bridge to Skye - excellent.