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  1. Those first two, with the Robinson, are brilliant - lock your setup on that and keep flying.
  2. A Lear 45 - no better way to start your day.
  3. Nice - haven't seen that livery before.
  4. Had a senior moment on number one when I thought it was a Helio Courier - silly me, I see it's not. Used to be a couple of really neat bars (not sand) on that spit - and King crab, still wiggling, for what now would be chump change.
  5. No flight plan - nothing in the FMS!! The International Society of Tubeliner Pilots is shredding your credentials as we speak.
  6. Based on the "slow but sure" progress made thus far and assuming, as Orbx creates FS2 specific sceneries they'll reach Oceania, 2019 sounds like a fair estimate. JV may well sense that this one's a winner - his track record's been fairly good.
  7. Looks like your money was well spent - very sharp and colorful. You mentioned you're using DX9, as was I 'til springing for 'Steve's Fixer' and DX10 - made a world of difference.
  8. Looking at those makes we wonder how they'll look in Aerofly - in 2019. Didn't know Adam had a 'preset' - hope it wasn't serious.
  9. Beautiful stuff - those you mentioned will be on board as soon as there's some serious money to be made.
  10. Departing Innsbruck away from the setting sun, headed for Geneva.
  11. My thought with Sedona and Palm Springs - both are within FS2's southwestern US scenery and can probably be adapted quickly to fit plus the area between and around both would already be tailor-made scenery.
  12. Now that Orbx has captured all of our attention with Innsbruck and Meigs, can we expect similar releases of other airports. Sedona, AZ and Palm Springs, CA come immediately to mind.
  13. Started myself at 12000' - all downhill from there.
  14. And glad to be here. A real boost for the Aeroflyers, myself included - a few shots of 'Jarrad's jewel' with a slightly different look.
  15. Great shots - what are you using for camera positions? Either I'm not using them correctly or you have something 'special'.