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  1. "Goats" - "kid" I had to groan.
  2. Just Googled and found that General Adolph Galland used one as his personal 'ride' for visiting the troops.
  3. Back in '53, my folks met me when the ship docked at the Hudson pier and we drove their '50 Plymouth back to Denver. All was good 'til we picked up US40 and headed across Kansas. This was late May and summer had already begun - no air conditioning, of course, and the radiator overheated rapidly and often so progress was slow. A real eye-opener for this young immigrant - it'd have taken at least three Scottish summers to get me that warm.,
  4. Visually flat as a pancake but rises 3000' in elevation from east to west. Home to 'Dorothy' and 'Toto'. This is a UPF7 by FSaddons flying out of Salina, location of the wettest thunderstorm I've ever encountered.
  5. Good one on the 'Spaghetti Farm' - have to say I watched part of it.
  6. Let's hear it for Standing Lenticular Altocumulus and don't be on the lee side of those babies.
  7. Did I read somewhere that they were painting the WhiteCliffs - becoming too weathered and scruffy?
  8. You warm my Scottish heart - the snippets of Gaelic are the perfect touch. A gift certificate for 'The Dalwhinnie' would just make my day .
  9. Good old 'Orbx#5' with REX textures.
  10. Still the intermittent tall one. Not thunderbumper season yet but they'll be ready. Still a lot of the white stuff on the high country but "Vector" has the lakes open and wet. First fjord so we're getting close. Bergen - Norway's second largest city and a beauty it looks from the air. We arrive with minimal loss of dignity.
  11. Such a delicate blend of sky colors.
  12. A good lookin' Waco. Along with GAS and Alabeo, there's a great set by FSaddon.
  13. I prefer the Blenheim and like the #3 background - perhaps swinging out of that valley?
  14. Departing Östersund, on Lake Starsjön in about the center of Sweden. Destination is Bergen on the southwest coast of Norway - a longish trip in this plane but we have lots of film. Over the lake and heading up to 10000'. Your basic postcard from Sweden. Perhaps the finest VC rendition in the Flight Sim arena. Springtime in Sweden (that's what I set) and the warmth is giving the cumulae a boost. Lake Femunden, on the Norwegian side but we're only about halfway so brace yourselves.........more to come.
  15. Those GAS planes are really great. Your use of that low sun is very effective.