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  1. Most water color is how the light scatters when it hits. Deep water is dark and color is affected by what's in the water. The green is a personal preference.
  2. As an old age pensioner I like that, when you click on the icon, it's up and ready in a few seconds - no messages saying you didn't do this or that. Input your aircraft, select a departure point, weather and in a few more seconds you're ready to roll. With the initial two Orbx sceneries (Innsbruck and Meigs) available mid June, sales should increase and development can accelerate.
  3. As I begin year 79, I find I no longer have the temperament to deal with FSX nor the inclination for that matter. That said, I took a flyer (pun?) on the "other" 64 bit - Aerofly FS2. Orbx seems to see their potential and, having used it a few times, I do too. As always with me, it's all about screenshots and they're a bit weak in that area, not having their graphics suite completely in place. Likewise the water and sky need help but it runs so handily and smoothly, I'm already not missing FSX. A trio of shots, admittedly a wee assist with color but by and large WYSIWYG. This is KSFO and the Baron is one of theirs.
  4. Devil's advocate - I just bought Aerofly FS2. After an agonizingly slow download from 'Steam' then a standoff with 'Panda virus', the game itself loaded rapidly. Like FSW, it's early access, has a development agreement with Orbx and has overbright scenery. Flown it once and the menu is fairly sparse but I think this outfit is 'getting its ducks in a row' We'll see how the penny drops.
  5. Great concept and execution - sounds like Mad Ave talk. Anyway, you done good.
  6. From the Pago Pago/Samoa scenery.
  7. Took my driving test in my Uncle Al's '51 Chev sedan - nice clutch and very smooth. Golden CO 1954.
  8. You and Jack should collaborate on a graphic story. Jack doing the art work and you the narration or a mingling of the two.
  9. Not an aircraft in sight and it's beautiful.
  10. In High School, one of my classmates drove us to have our senior class pictures taken. Her folks had gifted her with a '40 LaSalle - talk about interior comfort. My ride was a '41 Chev 4 door ($100 no warranty) with the oil paddle six, ran on fumes and interior comfort was not part of the package.
  11. When I was a youngster, over in Edinburgh, I saw a picture of a Cadillac and was entranced. At that time private autos were unheard of in the UK - so close to war's end so this was another vision for the "streets paved with gold" image so many of us 'first formers' had.
  12. It's difficult to find that much acreage so undisturbed by "progress" - well done.
  13. It's only a '53 El Dorado convertible. Spitting image for sale in Sarasota FL for only $275k.
  14. As is where is.
  15. St Helens doesn't look the same with her bodice ripped.