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  1. I went looking for it last night and wasn't able to find it. Then I double checked my FTX Central 3 installation and saw that it was not installed. A couple clicks later and a short hop and I found it easily. Just posting this in case of the outside chance that you were experiencing the same thing. Good luck ....and btw it is gorgeous :-)
  2. Hey Ken, You might want to try this. Fly the plane using the mirror screen on the PC and have your grandson use the headset. It certainly offers some piloting challenges as you no longer control the view but it might give you the opportunity to share this with your grandson. I did this just recently with my girl friend and KAVX and KBID and she really enjoyed it and said "I can see why you like it so much". I did this with the vive so I could take advantage of the room scale side of things by just recentering the view once she was sitting in her chair next to my pit. You could probably do something similar with the rift though you may need to work with the sensors a bit. Alternatively, another person suggested recording a flight using the in flight recorder and then let your grandson experience your flight. You could still tell him to look to the left or the right to see what you want him to see.
  3. It might be that you are zoomed too far in since they are sitting on top of the airport itself. I would also make sure that they are selected as being visible in general
  4. JimNZ, You goto to the data tab then manage then import. It is just a CSV (spreadsheet) file to highlight all of the global freeware airports with a marker so they are easier to identify when planning your flight. Hope this helps
  5. Here is the updated Plan-G file for the latest freeware pack. Hope it is helpful. Kind Regards, Brett Global Airfields (Free) 12-10-16.csv
  6. Some low level snap rolls in the Texan at L70....good luck everyone!!!
  7. Good video! Also it was pretty cool to see the technical paper presented was from my undergraduate school!
  8. Perhaps give the ORBX freeware CAC8 a go. It is in the PNW and is fantastic
  9. Last night I had the coolest (to me) traffic experience in P3D. I was making a short flight from KWYS to KJAC in the A2A Commanche. As I was approaching, KJAC gave another flight (first) and myself permission to fly straight in. I blended in ahead of the first flight (ok I probably cut them off). As I blended in my GTN 650 announced "Traffic". As this was happening another flight was taxiing to the threshold. I was given the go around command so the plane I cut off could land and then the flight waiting at the threshold was told to hold short waiting on my landing. I know it probably seems pretty mundane, but since I typically fly with relatively small AI levels this was kind of an unusual event for me. I'm guessing this was probably because of the scenery specific AI for KJAC. It was just kind of neat to see everything work together :-)
  10. Stewart, If you are comfortable with excel you could simply open the csv file and change the first column from "10,s" to "9's". I believe this will change them to the blue boxes (or pick another number that you don't really use)
  11. Look around Derek...there are some posts on here on how to get mapbox to work within it. Stewart, you may need to adjust the LOD that certain features (Ie user waypoints appear/disappear). Got to Map on the ribbon strip then click the little arrow in the corner of the "user waypoints" menu bar
  12. Spinker, Data on the plan G menu strip, then click manage then click import and point to the file
  13. You may need to zoom out a little bit. The marker's might be covered by the airport icon within Plan-G. If you zoom out enough you should see a bunch of yellow squares which show where the Freeware FTX airports are
  14. You just go to "data...manage...import" Basically it is a way of putting a marker by all the FTX global freeware airports in the airport packs, so you know which ones have been updated. Do a search on here and I have also put up some files that do something similar for the POI for the regions as well. A CSV file is just a text file with Comma Separated Values. It can be read with any text reader or excel or something like that. It is also the format that Plan-G reads in
  15. I believe they are all or nothing. In Plan-G you import the csv file and the program compares it to what is currently in its data base. Anything that isn't already in the Plan-G data base will get added. Anything that is already in it will be left out. You could always edit the CSV file in excel but deleting the rows you do not want and save it as a csv. Hope this helps