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  1. announcement

    Thanks Ben, appreciated so much your work.
  2. Many thanks, will do.
  3. Rwy 34 ? I have Orbx Shoreham, also I've done some videos on it: Shorehan (EGKA) on Google Earth: On Google Map: Well may be I'm wrong, but to me the first picture is not Shoreham.
  4. Very good perspective, nice shot.
  5. Nice boat & great shot.
  6. Seems real.
  7. Works very well with FTX, despite don't has Winter textures. Can see some of my videos of the MJC8Q400.
  8. Nice pics of this supreme A2A Connie.
  9. Nice pics, thaks for post.
  10. Shoreham ? Anyway nice picture.
  11. Here are the three last videos I've uploaded: Hope may be of interest.
  12. Fantastic rendering of LEBB. Will engross my Orbx collection.
  13. Wonderful series, all pictures are nice.
  14. Splendid picture !
  15. Wonderful series !