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  1. Sure Scott. Yep, that was the 52 freeway that takes you to the north side of Cowles Mountain. They've expanded that in the past 3 years to connect all the way to the 67 freeway. Best, Mark
  2. There is Scott. It's in between El Cajon and Lakeside. Really small area that is considered unincorporated El Cajon.
  3. Matteo, as a native San Diegan, I think you've done an amazing job of capturing the metro and urban areas, as well as San Diego International. Are any of the airports in the coverage area "enhanced" to a great detail than with the free airport scenery already offered by ORBX? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. San Dieguito lagoon!
  5. And the Laguna's have been getting snow!
  6. I'm sure you guys know this already, but the green paint that separates the taxiways from the runway should be brighter and a deeper shade of green. If you need info or photos in the surrounding airport areas, let me know. I live in San Diego. Also, will the local hospital helipads be depicted? There's UCSD Hillcrest, Scripps Mercy, and Balboa Naval Hospital that are all very close to the flight path of 27. Also, there are numerous rooftop pads, and one boat at the 5th Ave Pier that has an Agusta A109 Grand on board. Looks like you're taking on the Coast Guard base too! Any development of Point Loma and the Cabrillo National Monument area?
  7. They serve buffalo burgers at the airport restaurant, and they are pretty good!
  8. Thanks Tim for including these unique animals to the island, with their unique back story on how they got onto the island. Unfortunately, in real life, there are groups that have succeeded in a plan to remove the buffalo through attrition because they "aren't native to the island" - not that I expect you to have written code that they eventually disappear, but a little info on the future of the real life buffalo.
  9. active

    Thanks Ed and John for the reply.
  10. active

    This doesn't just have to do with KPSP, but it's late and that's the only piece of graphical interactive artwork I can think of at the moment. The root question is, will there be SODE jetway implementation in your current and future airport projects that have...err...jetways? Thanks, Mark
  11. Why's that Michael? Is there some sort of copyright that will be infringed upon? Sorry if this is getting off topic, though it does seem like the natural course of action to request that Vancouver 3+ and Victoria 9 be integrated and updated by someone(s) talented enough *cough* ORBX *cough* to take up the torch that Jon has left. Mark
  12. The last shot is of Lake Murray (looking east from KMYF ILS 28R). You'll see Mount Helix, Lyons Peak, Mount Miguel and Otay (pronounced "Oh-tie") Mountain in the background on the right, and El Cajon (KSEE is to the left just out of the shot) to the upper left area.
  13. While flying between KMYF and KLAS, over a sparse area of rocky desert I had a complete loss off electric power after entering a strong thermal. The thermal was so strong that even with full yoke forward, I was still climbing at over 1500 fpm. With less than 40 hours total time as a new private pilot, I was frightened that the thermal wouldn't stop (I had just read an article about sailplanes climbing well into the flight levels) and I wouldn't be able to radio anyone - I look back at it now as irrational thought and inexperience. I brought the yoke to neutral, and rode the thermal for about a mile, gaining about 3000-4000 feet total, then exited the thermal around 13,000 feet. I contemplated turning around, but thought about my VFR flight plan and training. Tried troubleshooting but all attempts failed to get the electrical system back online. I continued on to KLAS and about 50 miles south of the airport my radios turned back on and everything went back as if nothing had happened. Had a mechanic check it out as I waited for my friends to arrive. He found two loose leads connections with one at the battery and one at the alternator.
  14. Shark patrol via drone does happen over a few of the Los Angeles beaches. I think there is a little bit of an over reaction on the part of CalFIRE. I'm not saying that people should be allowed to operate drones over fires - to be clear. There is times when GA aircraft wander through a fire area, most times to get an accurate lat/long to report the fire to ATC, before a TFR has been established. It does happen, but it is rarely publicized. The operator may not have known there was a TFR, or maybe there wasn't a TFR in place yet. Real life pilots on these forums can tell you that NOTAMS on TFR's can pop up after you've already taken off. Heck, if you really think about it, every now and again, a GA pilot will bust a VIP/Presidential TFR, or better yet, the ADIZ around Washington D.C. The real issue is fear. The people in authority are fearful of what might happen, and since the drone tech is so new, and the price point so affordable, there really hasn't been much of a dialogue with operators and the general public, simply because it's so new that there really isn't a well formed and established drone operator representative. Should rules be followed? Yep. But you don't see airliners canceling flights because there was a drone encounter on final. People are curious, and the tech will evolve to the point where a TFR automatically disables a drone, much like the DJI (and other makers) software won't allow the drone to go above 400 feet, or near an airport.