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  1. Dolf Thank you very much. Rolf
  2. That is surprising but in a great way. Thanks JV.
  3. KBHB KBIB and KACK are extra-ordinary and a must have. Truly incredible. Rolf
  4. Scott, I will give it a try later on. Thanks for your help. Rolf
  5. Scott, I also like Little NavMap. It works great for most of my aircraft although it won't for my Majestic Q400. However to the point I can't figure out how to activate airports that are in my scenery config file and excluding default ones. I have looked at the Map heading column but no luck. Can you point us in the right direction please. Thanks, Rolf
  6. I am running at 3840 -2160 and my computer info is above. It works well if I keep away from Seattle and South Cal. Regards, Rolf
  7. Bassman - You are correct. I totally made a mistake by reading is as increasing problems with frame rates. As I shameful slide out of this forum....
  8. will increase frame rate compared to default mesh." How did I misread that? With the positives in the sentence prior to this comment I must have automatically read it as "decrease" frame rates. Strange marketing procedure but extremely honest if it is no mistake.
  9. Hi Steve, I picked up a 40" 4K Phillips Monitor (not TV) and it works well. Seattle area and southern Cal still slow me down but Europe Canada and most of the US works well. Here is my computer info. Good Luck! Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.07GHz (Bloomfield) - MSI X58 Pro Mother Board - GeForce GTX 770 Docking support VPilot, Little Navmap etc. GeForce GTX 970 for 4K monitor OCZ Vertex 3 Solid State Drive 6Gbps SATA III Interface 480 GB Kingston Hyper X 12.0GB Kit DDR3 1600 Memory - MSI ( ATI ) R5870-PM2D1G PCI-E DDR5 HD/DV/DP MicroSoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit - Corsair H 80 Liquid Cooler - Corsair 1000w
  10. After all this I will hang with what I have. It has worked well so far. Thanks for the input. Rolf
  11. I have just received a notice via e-mail that Pilots FS Global Mesh has been upgraded. I am interested in knowing how that improved version will fit with Orbx scenery. I have the original version. It is just such a huge download. Thanks, Rolf
  12. A curious thing has happened for the last little while. I have no problem logging in to Orbx in my computer but if I go to the same website in my IPad it will not accept the same username nor password. I have not had this problem before and it just came to light a month or so ago. I do not want to go through the process of getting a new identity but would welcome a suggestion of how to fix it or an idea of what the problem might be. Thanks, Rolf
  13. Why is it when I am at some Airports I see the occasional plane hanging in the air while the rest are where they should be either at the gates or taxiing but on the ground. This is only a recent development and I am not sure what causes this. I have Ultimate Traffic 2 and generally fly on Vatsim. It is not really bothersome but does detract from the realty of this hobby. Regards, Rolf
  14. Tim, Thanks. Great News! Rolf
  15. In the past we were asked to run the Orbx libs file after every purchase or install of scenery etc. I tried doing that via FTX C3 but it only said that my file was up to date. Is it no longer necessary to run the latest ORBX Libs file? Thanks a lot. Rolf