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  1. Brrrrr!
  2. Great shots! Is that a repaint in the first one?
  3. Great shots. Reminds me that used to have a hockey team named the Portland Buckaroo's.
  4. Thank You.
  5. Bravo Jack. But how did you install Portland into V4? I am fairly new to V4 and didn't realize you could install this into V4. Thanks for enlightening me. PDX
  6. KTTD is my homebase airport. LOVE IT!
  7. Thanks for the heads up. The Waco is one of my all time favorites.
  8. OMG! Those pictures on a 1 to 10 scale, certainly deserve an 11. Great job.
  9. Number 57. Something really three dimensional about those swells.
  10. WOW! Those are great shots. No, make that a double-WOW.
  11. OK, you guys sold me. I am on my way to the Milviz store to pick one up. Two years ago, I flew in one in a scenic flight from Anchorage up to land on a glacier lake. The trip of a lifetime ... even better than my trip to Europe. And thanks to Milviz for stating they will offer a free upgrade to V4 when it is available. ps: Also over to the Orbx store to pick up some Alaska airports.
  12. Those shots are pretty darn clear. Looks like V3 still has a little life left in her.
  13. That looks great. Now, we would like to see the other 163 liveries. Just kidding. Although to see a few would be great.
  14. Great shots ... but what is a dingo? Remember I live in the PNW.