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  1. Very nice picture. And when I go flying with Heidi, I conveniently forget to tell my lovely wife.
  2. More in my series of shots looking down. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hope you enjoy.
  3. Absolutely stunning. Normally, I am not a fan of exaggerated (or what I call hot) colors, but in these shots, they look absolute wonderful. You get a "like" from me.
  4. I hope there is more to come, because quit honestly, I cannot get too excited about Casper (opps I mean Bob).
  5. VH, You did make me laugh. As I intend to make you and the rest of our fine community laugh as well. After-all, life is all that more enhanced if we can all enjoy a good laugh.
  6. Looks like another great plane that I am not familiar with. Four-Star shots.
  7. My heart is warmed with pictures of this old bird. Kudos to your Sir.
  8. I am ready (soon) to pull the 'buy' button of the F9F. Always welcome your shots.
  9. Sorry Jack, but today's "Holy Sh*t Batman" award has already been given (and I must say to a very deserved poster) but your shots are totally worthy. The one of the Mystic Bridge is a memorable shot. So no H.S.B. award, but you get a big thumbs-up from me!
  10. Doc. I see your plane. And a very nice sea-plane. The "Emerald" city looks majestic is all her sunset and dusky splendor.
  11. Wonderful shots of the Oregon coast. Looks like a lot of fun you had.
  12. On a four-star rating system, I will give this whole group a "10". Such a nice shiny aircraft. Next to the last is my favorite. Such a clear shot.
  13. A truly fine shot to celebrate this wonderful weekend. I do like that plane.
  14. Dolf, Now you just have to quite that. No fair posting those real-world shots on this forum. (ha, ha) Yes these shots are totally awesome. I especially like them all, but maybe the first one is my fav.
  15. A flight this morning from Astoria, Oregon to Aberdeen, Washington. Please tell me if this is being too vain to award today's "Holy Sh*t Batman" Award to myself? Robin said he likes the pictures, as do I. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) A great weekend to all.