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  1. Outstanding! The second shot especially captures my fancy.
  2. Always enjoy pictures of Alaska. I am thinking about purchasing the Aerosoft Anchorage airport. The second to the last shot is my fav -- a most unusual perspective.
  3. Ditto, ditto, ditto.
  4. I bought the Milviz F15 and tried without success to install it into P3D. What a bummer, as I love the looks of this plane. Have seen our ANG flying them for years at PDX.
  5. Nice shot, but it looks like it got lost on it's last flight to Chicago.
  6. Thanks for posting these. I am certainly going to have to check out the flyingstations web site.
  7. Julio. My hat is off to you for the quality of your shots. Keep em coming and enlighten us all.
  8. After looking at your other post with the pontoons, I think this was the best choice for you. Certainly cuts down on the loss of other planes and yachts. Thanks for the memories of a time gone by with those old Tri-motors.
  9. Wow Andy. I was half awake this morning, but those vivid colors certainly jolted me out of my stupor. Nice picture.
  10. Maybe a stupid question on my part, but what is an A&P? Although I have never worked in the real aviation world, I have volunteered the last 10 years at PDX, working in an information booth. 99% of the job is boring and mundane questions, but occasionally I come home with a most interesting story to tell.
  11. Great collection. Are sure you didn't sneak one or more real world shots in there.
  12. Who knows the hidden mysteries that await us in this wonderful hobby of ours.
  13. Well Jack, you are certainly tweaking my buttons this morning. First your 337 and now the ships. In my new install, after PTA, Henrik Nielsen's ship package will be next.
  14. I too enjoy flying in Northern California. Jack, your pictures of the 337 have inspired my to load it into my newly installed P3D v3.4. I love the panel on that plane. It almost seems fourth dimensional to me.
  15. Wonder shots. Shows why us Oregonians sleep so well at night, knowing that you and the boys can be in the skies in minutes. Thanks so much. Is that Oregon ANG a delivered skin or a repaint?