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  1. If I could, I would give you three likes. One for your thread title, two for your pictures, and three for the yellow helicopter.
  2. Here is my shot. I hope you can see it, as I am trying a flickr link. Good luck to all. Such wonderful shots this month. 2016-03-07 @ 15.12.19 PM by Jack Bailey, on Flickr
  3. The Helldiver may be the flavor of the day, but certainly yellow is the color of the day. Nice shots.
  4. You must have had fun putting this together Jack. Brings back memories of the old Army mess hall. I remember at breakfast they would ask how you like your eggs, then at random serve you any egg on the grill.
  5. Yes I agree. The Helldiver seems to be the flavor of the day. By far my favorite paint job. Love the blue, white and yellow.
  6. Certainly a beast ... but not a beauty. Anyway, nice shots.
  7. T-6

    What stands out is the weather. A 10 out of 10.
  8. These shots remind me that the 109 is on my to-buy list. Great shots.
  9. Agree with Jack. That yellow is hard to beat.
  10. Nice shots of as mentioned above, sort of an ugly plane. But, Alaska shines. What a wonderful area to fly.
  11. Are you sure that you haven't landed on a short ski slope with windows? Nice shot and lighting.
  12. That does look like one dark night. But two very nice shots.
  13. Daaaah. I have a memory meltdown. Who is AH? Anyway, a very nice free plane ... and picture.
  14. I approve of your area to fly. A wonderful choice ... and wonderful yellow plane.
  15. A great choice of parts of the country to fly in. Of course, I may be a little biased.