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  1. I love warbirds and I love Spokane. In fact, you my friend deserve today's "Holy Sh*t Batman" award. Good job.
  2. Well Yaaaah. I can understand you liking it. A very dreamy and wonderful shot.
  3. Jack's words are well spoken. Will look forward to seeing more of your stuff here. One of the many things I find so fun about this forum, is to see what planes other folks are flying.
  4. Great comparison.
  5. Good luck Jack. That is on your goal to not buy anymore planes. It's sort of like a bug...once started, hard to stop. In a post a few days ago, I swore I wasn't going to buy anymore planes for two months. I can see now, it is a goal that I am bound to fail at. No willpower here. Anyway, good luck on your goal.
  6. Thanks Scott. I have decided that the 86 shall be my next purchase. Appreciate all of the time you put into your response.
  7. Well Republic, I did it. What a great piece of scenery for not too high of a price. Worth every penny.
  8. Beautiful shots. I really enjoyed these shots. Any special scenery you using?
  9. Smart move Mr. 6K. That is, flying the yellow helicopter as it shows off so well against the backgrounds. Especially in the first shot. It won't be long, and I will be Mr. 2K. Think of me as one third the man that you are. Back to the first shot...awesome with the yellow highlighted against the blue.
  10. First of all, let me say that twenty some years ago, we stayed at the Empress Hotel in Victoria for several nights. I would highly recommend Victoria and Vancouver Island. Make sure to take the Ferry to Vancouver, BC. In addition to cars and trucks, they load railroad cars onto it. I can't say enough good words about how nice and friendly the Canadians are. Because of your post, I am now on the way to the simMarket site to purchase Victoria Plus. Then onto load the Belleville Ferry Terminal (Coho) by Larry Robinson. This area has always been one of my favorites. Have a great vacation this year.
  11. What great shots of a most beautiful plane. How do you like the F-86. How is it to fly, and would you recommend this plane to be on my "buy" list. I have been eyeing it for a long time.
  12. It's a beautiful place and I can understand why you can't get enough of it. Just to ask a stupid question: what place is it?
  13. The color of that plane (and large pontoons) certainly pops out in you pic.
  14. Another award winning shot from the "Lighting Master". And you Award for today, is that get a "Holy Sh*t Batman" shoutout.
  15. Certainly better being "Bear Up" than "Bottoms Up". And I am sure your passengers appreciated that also.