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  1. Here's a few from me showing various views and lighting of this amazing Cityscape scenery by Maurizio. To add, performance is very good, with everything extremely dense, I was getting solid frames even on my quite dated machine. All taken in P3Dv3.3
  2. A few more shots here showing you the improved aprons, taxiways and runways. Airport has a bit more of a worn in appearance. All in P3Dv3.2
  3. Stunning work here by Matteo Veneziani. Here are my first shots showing the airport and surrounding scenery all shot in P3Dv3.2 There is lots and lots to explore here, with such level of detail. Of course, there are options in the control panel to switch in and out. Compatible with Global/openLC NA & SoCal
  4. Here are the first of many screen shots to come of this amazing airport and scenery. The approach is so much fun in the NGX! All shot in P3Dv3.2 with no editing
  5. Wow mate!!!... These are just some of the best! Happy New Year to you Iain
  6. Thanks guys for all your wonderful comments!
  7. A few here of the winter wonderland that is Valdez.
  8. Here's another gem of an airport to be coming soon to Norway. Sogndal Haukåsen Airport beautifully crafted by Andreas Hegi. Nestled on a 1'633ft plateau, this airport makes for a very challenging approach. Here are afew screens shot in P3Dv3.2
  9. announcement

    I know many businesses this has happened to and frankly, I think this is so lame of paypal to continue like this. I once had an issue where I sold a very expensive item. Paypal flagged it up as suspicious and froze my account whilst asking me to provide every documentation I could imagine. Took weeks of speaking to various people from some faraway call centre reading from a script with no resolution. They froze my funds for 180 days. But to have this happen to a legitimate business and on many occasions, destroy peoples lives is beyond sad.
  10. Would funny of Chelmsford Council actually built one in real life!
  11. A few here of this soon to be released freeware, Ganges Water Aerodrome
  12. My first batch of shots showing Catalina island in P3Dv3.3
  13. announcement

    This is Monument Valley
  14. Introducing ENHF Hammerfest by developer Finni Hansen. Considered the northernmost city in the world, Hammerfest Airport features a challenging approach onto a short, curved runway sitting on a plateu above the city. All shot in P3Dv3.3