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  1. Hey there FILOU. Glad you enjoyed the shots... visuals have come along way in making P3D look as natural as its ever been. I am using P3Dv3.3. But I am also using the latest PTA with Predrag's settings and sky textures. Also using reshade. I like to keep things as real as it gets and I like the unexpected what real weather may throw up. Thanks. John
  2. Another wonderful creation from Marcus Nyberg
  3. Larry takes his incredible work to another level with Pender Harbour Seaplane Base, Exploring this area feels like a virtual vacation. Here's a few screens I shot in P3Dv3.3 (Please be sure to check out Larry's official announcement that explains this scenery in more detail here)
  4. Scotland never looked so great now all these POIs have been added. Jam packed with these unique and significant features, you could spend forever re-discovering this amazing scenery. Richard has sure done an excellent job here. Here's a very small selection on whats on offer... all shot in P3DV3.2
  5. Great shots.... and then you get home and the Missus asks, "Where did you get all that lean steak meat from?!"
  6. I always use FS Charts. Maybe try these
  7. Here's a few from me showing various views and lighting of this amazing Cityscape scenery by Maurizio. To add, performance is very good, with everything extremely dense, I was getting solid frames even on my quite dated machine. All taken in P3Dv3.3
  8. A few more shots here showing you the improved aprons, taxiways and runways. Airport has a bit more of a worn in appearance. All in P3Dv3.2
  9. Stunning work here by Matteo Veneziani. Here are my first shots showing the airport and surrounding scenery all shot in P3Dv3.2 There is lots and lots to explore here, with such level of detail. Of course, there are options in the control panel to switch in and out. Compatible with Global/openLC NA & SoCal