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  1. Nice shots, thanks for posting!
  2. Very nice Matteo, I have lived here for sometime and currently use San Diego as my home port, so this will really be one I'm looking forward too. You've done a great job capturing this great and challenging airport. It is the busiest single runway airport in the US, with a steep approach at Rwy27. Named after Lindbergh and the Ryan aircraft factory who built the Sprit of Saint Louis here, it has an interesting aviation history.
  3. Yes, it is real and is referred to as a Category III or Cat III for short. It has lower minimums than a typical ILS and only works with airports with the appropriate equipment. There is also a Cat I and a Cat II approach. See this link about half way down the page.
  4. Jarrad......Beyond spectacular!
  5. I have to agree with the OP, I froze my system sometime ago using P3D 2.4 and FTX Central 2 for similar reasons. I also get this annoying message and think there should be an option to say no when the Objectflow installer pops up! Because I can't purchase new Orbx products without moving to FTXC3 there has been no recent purchases that would probably benefit from this update.
  6. That's too bad, thanks! Martin
  7. If you do not update to FTX Central 3 can you still buy airports or regions? I still use P3D 2.4 with FTX Central 2 and have no plans on updating to v3 for a number of reasons, but would like to buy a few of the new airports that have been released. Do I understand this correctly or can I still install them manually without using FTX Central 3. Thanks - Martin
  8. I'm hesitant to move from central v2, so for now I'll just keep what I have loaded from Orbx and maybe someday I'll upgrade to v3?
  9. Very nice Jordan, I learned to fly out of KSNA many years ago and Catalina was always a favorite place to fly too. Be nice to have one of the nice sim boats to take over from the mainland with such a detailed harbor that would be cool! Looks like Orbx did another bang up job! Thanks Tim and crew!
  10. On a nice VFR weekend day there is a lot of GA aircraft landing and taking off at KAVX, so having AI flying in and out of this strip will make it more challenging than having a sloped runway.....just my opinion. When I have flown from KSNA to KAVX I'm more concerned with other traffic than negotiating the sloped runway, once you have landed their the sloped runway becomes no big deal. But folks trying to fly straight in for RWY22 instead of flying the pattern can cause havoc....
  11. Great shots Iain, the first shot showing the gal in the red dress looks like her head is on backwards......or is it just me?? Looking forward to this one, use to fly over from KSNA all the time back in the late 70's when you could get an abalone sandwich for 75 cents. Cheers Martin
  12. Yes, Airplane Repo is a good one, can't believe how many aircraft type ratings some of those guys must have.....
  13. Nice shot, would also like to see more from the southwestern deserts and if things look better now in Baja Mexico from folks who have it installed? Cheers Martin
  14. No problem JV, our hobby has always been about patients.... Cheers Martin
  15. Does this release cover both mainland Mexico and Baja? If Baja is covered would like anything around LA Bay, for all of us Baja Bush Flyers.... Thanks Martin