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  1. Well said Sniper. All gave some, many gave all. My sons know very well the meaning of this day and will be with me this afternoon at the Igo Veterans Cemetery for a service to honor all that gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in freedom. USN 67-71
  2. O........thanks!
  3. I don't see the need for the 1070 or 1080 with your setup. Maybe save up for a completely new system in a couple of years. My setup is just like yours and I have no issues with performance.
  4. Guess I'll chime in too since I have a system nearly identical to yours and it runs P3Dv3 just fine with most sliders maxed, all shadows except vegetation receives, water on High setting. Very smooth
  5. Very sorry to hear that. Hope you have insurance.
  6. Mine too Ken! So far I've enjoyed the Training flights and see many things (esp in the way the graphics display the aircraft) that I am already liking. Lot's of room for improvements but smooth as butter and a great start. Just flew from KRDD to Benton and noticed the terrain mesh is as good as what I see in P3Dv3 with the Pilots Global 2010 Mesh.
  7. If it were me I'd get the required porducts first, then go from there. You won't be disappointed.
  8. Here's a link to the Guide that will explain how all the Global layers work together. The N American freeware pak is available via FTXCentral in the FTXGlobal Range option. It's at the bottom, once you have FTXCentral v3 installed and the Orbx Libraries.
  9. Go get it! It's wonderful and you know you want it. LOL
  10. That was exciting!
  11. I see that packing up all your flight sim gear is taking a toll on you Sniper! LOL Great Orbx stuff coming out soon and I'm sure you're itching to get back into the virtual skies.
  12. Since you are from Washington state I'd suggest you get the Pacific Northwest region. The detail is amazing and during the current sale you might pick up a Washington airport close to where you live. Also, if you like float planes check Larry Robinson's freeware sceneries available through Orbx Direct. (Nanaimo and Ganges) excellent work.
  13. Many thanks Dolf!
  14. Doh! I have the Nantucket scenery but didn't buy the Heron's Nest earlier. Thanks Pat!
  15. Thanks Roger but I was only interested in the Heron's Nest scenery from Bill Womack.