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  1. Yes, a warm welcome from me too. Enjoy many hours of good topics about our favorite sceneries!
  2. Thanks Mike and Josh. I've copied the code and will have a go at customizing it for my own use and set up the different scenery sets using SceneryConfigEditor.
  3. That sounds great Mike! I'll also take a look at SimStarter but free is always good. I can see using the batch file so I can also set up scenarios to mimic what others have installed and are having problems with, to help in troubleshooting.
  4. That's great FreeBird! Is this with a program called SimStarter?
  5. What a great finish to my day. Thanks Maurizio!
  6. T-Bone, I haven't flown anywhere but I sure enjoyed the story of your flight! Well, actually I did take the Kodiak from Kodota Track to Emo Mission last night where the right turn to land gave me a few white knuckles!!
  7. Made by Greg Jones and Russell Linn mostly with help from a couple others. Southhampton was made by 29 Palms (Lars Pinkenburg and Martin Pahnev Both quite excellent indeed!
  8. I'm using a 250 GB SSD for my "C" drive and only have Windows 7 on it. Then a 1 TB SSD for Flight sim and a 2 TB HD for backup and storage, plus some other programs I use such as photo software, etc. Works fast and no issues..........knock on wood!
  9. Right now it's a flight from Kakoda to Emo Mission in PNG with the Quest Kokiak. Where are you flying Sniper?
  10. It is tricky but the picture in the UserGuide should get you there. The strip is in a valley, along side a river.
  11. Phewww! Thanks Brad. I thought I had missed it. It's an amazing package and as you said it adds so much realism and enjoyment to the sim. Main reason I asked is because a new version is in the works. No time line that I know of though.
  12. Brad, I can only find a V1 for Henrik's shipping. Do you have a link to a V3? Thanks.
  13. I was based at NAS Adak in '70-'71 and met Bob Reeves in person. Great guy with a lot of fun stories of his bush flying days. If you have the products mentioned by Geezer the Aleutians will look pretty good. Maybe we could ask Neil Hill about sprucing up some of those airports Tomesk listed.
  14. Hi Chris, Check the compatibility forum here on Orbx forums. Here is a link to a discussion that may help you.