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  1. I'll be driving by 77S this Friday again. Did so 2 weeks ago heading to the Oregon coast from N Calif. Always brings a smile to my face knowing how it looks from the air. (virtually that is) :-)
  2. Do you have Vector installed? Might try using the AEC tool (run it and it will correct many elevation issues) and see if that corrects it. Barring that do a search for KSEA on your entire flt sim folder and see what extra bgl files might be lurking. Possibly in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder is my best guess. Even if you uninstall the PNW region using FTXCentral and reinstall it, this may not remove a non Orbx file for KSEA causing the problem. However, it won't hurt anything.
  3. Happy Birthday Stu, and a raised glass to your daughter as well for coming all that way to surprise you!
  4. Hmmmmm....if you look at your scenery library within the sim does it show an entry for this T2G KSEA? If so, maybe you can uncheck it and see if that clears it up. Or does it have an Uninstaller you can run?
  5. LOL Now that you brought it up Jazzie, I'll ponder on that too! And, btw, welcome to Orbx, glad to see you here. Sniper, is this special treatment or they just don't have room yet for the likes of ya? ;-)
  6. Hi, I'll check this location if you can provide its location.
  7. I want to add my appreciation for Nick's work too. While doing early testing for OF2 he has been a bulldog in the pits! Finding solutions to problems and helping the rest of us testers just as much as he helps all the loyal customers to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. Thanks Nick!
  8. Michael, I'll echo what Republic just said. The combination works fine together and greatly adds to the PNW feel.
  9. Having attended Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo I will second that! Beautiful area in between Santa Barbara and Monterey. Lived in Morro Bay. Lot's of nice areas to model and use PR for sure.
  10. Hi Cathy, Hopefully you can get a few screens of the issue and post in P3D support forum. We'll get ya sorted somehow!
  11. Welcome back Jocko! Recognized your name the moment it appeared. Jazzie, no need to find old Orbx files. Just download and install FTX Central v3 and get all your previously purchased products directly from there. Central 3 will take care of the installation too, and if you like download a backup copy for manual installation.
  12. There is a program that allows you to place animated animals into flightsim yourself. I had it but in a bonehead move deleted it. I'm searching the Web for it now. Let you know if I find it.
  13. I've sent your request to Neil, who may be able to help. No promises! :-)
  14. Me too! All the more reason to upgrade
  15. Looks like you still have Speed Trees enabled to me. For support please post in the P3D support forum and add an order number.