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  1. If you miss REX, just point the interface to your V4 folder. Done.
  2. I can wait another two years. By that time the life-cycle of my current hardware setup will be nearing it's end anyway. So I can build a new system for VR then and go with the next generation Headsets.
  3. Tempting but no. I will wait for the next generation with better resolution displays.
  4. announcement

    Finally an update. Thanks for that JV.
  5. My FSX was uninstalled when P3Dv3 came out.
  6. I'm quite sure I flew there yesterday. Is that near Barstow, CA?
  7. Japan only towards guests. As soon as you get it into your head to stay permanently it will turn into a living hell.
  8. And how many people will simply overlook the condition that they are released as is and won't work fully until objectflow is ready? It will just create more support issues, having to deal with people who either weren't paying attention or simply missed the anouncement.
  9. I fear it is the latter.
  10. How can you miss the announcement? There is an announcement sub-forum that you can set to notify you...
  11. Isn't that what we all secretely ever dreamed about? I am one of the lucky persons who lives in an area that google has a 3D-Map for. So I can just open maps and see my entire city in miticulous 3D, down to the cars parked in front of the houses. The coverage even extends to the house outside of town where I grew up.
  12. You do know that the forum software already does that for you? Just go into the announcements forum and click "follow" in the upper right corner. You'll then get a list of options how you want to be notified. Then you'll get an e-mail as soon as there is a new topic in that forum. There you'll have your notification.
  13. A cityscape Rome or Athens should be a no-brainer. Reasons? History. Can't get any better than that. As for a city that is pertinent to flightsim I'd say Singapore is a must.
  14. Usually I don't think much of people in marketing. But whoever came up with this did a really excellent job.
  15. If you are impatient you can just point your v4 scenery.cfg to your P3Dv3 Vector installation. Works like a charm. Just be aware that each time you run FTX Central the entries will get deleted.