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  1. Great shots of a great plane! I'll tell you, 64 bit IS great - nothing worse than dreading the chimes and a OOM. Surprised that NA LC and such basic scenery would do it though....the Orbx San Juans, yes, but I've not had a OOM in 8 months even there. That gorgeous plane must be VAS intense -no matter, it will be great in v4. I took a United 747 home Shanghai - Chicago last December, and boarded via stairs outside on the ramp after a rainy bus ride (fun!). Even while riding it I felt it would be my last ride on one and now UA has oulled up the retirement date to Q3 this year. Sad, I always am reassured by those 4 big engines while over the North Pole or middle of the Pacific going to Asia and back for work, say what you will about ETOPS. But we will always have her in our sims! Steve
  2. Thanks Jack and all.... One thing that I love the most about the Orbx/P3D combo that can't be replaced, no matter the frame rates on competing sims, is the camaraderie and fun discussion on this forum! And I too appreciate Orbx's support for the upcoming P3D - and hope that Alabeo/Carenado/Others follow their lead with free or at least reduced cost upgrades to v4. Steve
  3. Very nice Adam! Steve
  4. I was feeling a little run down, but Feel much better after this flying boos of Vitamin C! Great shots! Steve
  5. real...and warm...good since it's about 30F here! Steve
  6. Awesome shots and planes....they're fun to spot in real life, both old and new colors, and they have a lot of special schemes which I love (I make sure my Alaska/Horizon AI is always up to date with schedules and liveries). Steve
  7. Awesome shot!!! I'm reminded of that movie "The Client" which is quite good, especially as it features a seaplane landing near that pyramid. Steve
  8. Or so the song went when I was a kid in the 70s riding in the back seat. I assumed it was about mushy love stuff, but now know it was written about flight simming. I love P3D (well, kind of), but I really LOVE Orbx and what they do to P3D - but lately I've been spending WAY too much time "going deep" into X-Plane 11 - downloading scenery, liveries, excellent 737x freeware, designing my own scenery - you name it. And having a great time. Compared to the FPS I see in P3D, XP11 is much higher but also MUCH smoother, the lighting is better, there are no blurries on mountains, the clouds are even white now (no sun though). But I love XP11 mostly because it is free of the horrid "texture loading lag" I experience with my rig in any sort of intense (ie nice, Orbx-filled) scenery. A quick trip Friday Harbor to Anacortes MIGHT go ok, or it might be filled with blurry textures that take eons to load up, AI ships turning black, etc. - even on lower settings, no matter if I use tweaks to the .cfg or not. FSX-SE had the same problem but much, much worse. XP11, perhaps because of a different rendering engine and newer code, has zero issues. But I MISS Orbx - the freeware airports are great in X-Plane (MisterX etc.) - but nothing beats Orbx, and I was excited then saddened by John V's announcement that X-Plane development was not to be. So now I'm "torn between two lovers", flying both sims while I wait and see what P3D v4 is like on my system, and contemplate another new card. Tonight I flew a nice default 737 in the "mistress" sim, but then had a lovely FHR-ORS flight in P3D too right after. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to love two sims? With that Aerofly FS2 it does seem like the golden age of simming, and I've been at this since FS98. On to the screen caps.... Steve
  9. Lovely shot and happy birthday to Ms. Lynn! Steve
  10. What a gorgeous shot and I must track down that livery too! Steve
  11. Great shots...I have them both, but landing at KBLU gives me the willies....all those cliffs etc. on approach and I get really nervous! Steve
  12. Great the hills and green foliage. Steve
  13. Thanks guys, and thank YOU jankees for creating such a lovely repaint. This one will get a LOT of flight time! Steve
  14. Awesome shots and plane, Adam! What is that lovely bird (who made the model etc)? Steve
  15. Great shots! look forward to part IV! Steve