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  1. Amazing aircraft and shots! Steve
  2. Great shots, Adam!!! Yes, Jack, this IS a fun hobby! Steve
  3. You are welcome, my friend! I'm sure we all have aviation stories that add to our enjoyment of simming. BTW, it is STILL cold here in the KSBM area - had to drive just over an hour to KUES area (went right past it) and we went from 51F to 72F! A most excellent post! Steve
  4. Incredible shots! Steve
  5. Fantastic shots and livery, Adam! Steve
  6. Great shots! As a native (and current) Wisconsin resident, I can vouch for the accurate snowiness of your photos. We very recently lost our last snow piles - but more in the forecast for Wednesday?! On a brighter note, I remember flting with my dad from Minneapolis to LaCrosse, Wisconsin with a brief landing and stop at Eau Claire in a Republic DC-9 circa 1982, hence my name on the forum. Steve
  7. Great shots, Jack - I don't suppose you held the brakes, throttled up and tried to launch off the helipad? Steve
  8. Another favorite Orbx airport.... Steve
  9. One of my favourite Orbx airports of all's like landing at Hong Kong's old Kai Tak IMO! Steve
  10. Incredible shots, Martyn! Steve
  11. So sorry to hear about your loss, Jack. A hard day to get through I'm sure. Steve
  12. Wow, those are some wonderful shots! Steve
  13. Beautiful shots of a beautiful area! I need to fly around there again soon. Steve
  14. Great shots Iain!!!! Steve
  15. Well done, Jack! I enjoyed riding along with you. Steve