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  1. I used a v4 installer to get the plane installed, repaints get installed exactly the same way as before, plunk the texture folder in and update the aircraft.cfg giving the repaint the correct sequence number. Steve
  2. Thanks, Jack! Got the livery here.... Steve
  3. Or rather, one answer....can't remember who asked the question today on these forums, but it comes up a lot. For me (i76700 4.0Ghz, GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB RAM), FPS are this (and far smoother than P3Dv3, too!) above the Seattle area, with lots of AI ships and planes as shown on the shots and that T2G SEA installed. Am I supposed to have big dock cranes by downtown? I get XP11 and P3D confused now, maybe no cranes. Did anyone realize there is STEAM actually coming out of building tops downtown?!? Maybe not...I never did, of course, at the former 15-19FPS in v3 I steered clear of this area! P.S. - this A2A Cherokee livery makes me hungry for a Hershey bar - it's, um...delicious. Steve See the steam? 2 buildings in this shot have it, if you look closely (there are more)...
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Nick....I looked at that option too, but my way is kind of fun (and I liked the Orbx/default casinos better in some cases). My Vegas looks good, I'm turning my efforts to Milwaukee! Steve
  5. I don't have my PC on to check settings, but check out my post on the topic I pasted below - I was once like you . P3Dv4 runs MUCH faster/smoother on my rig - NO "tweaks" to the .cfg, and I do have a lot of road traffic AND AI airliners AND payware LAX and KSNA and AI ships. Not sure what the difference is exactly or why it is so much better - but it is, and $ well spent, for sure. Steve
  6. It is a tough area, but I run at 4.0Ghz and see 25-30ish since switching to P3Dv4, v3 was more like 15-19FPS...noticeably smoother too. Steve
  7. Sage advice, Larry, thank you! You're one of my flight sim heroes with those lovely animated ferries, terminals, towns etc. of yours, so I shall take your advice to heart. I am definitely still a novice at scenery design, though I've worked with flight sims for 20 years and have become pretty good at ADE and the XP11 set of tools. I've made sure to reduce textures to the "power of 2" and "minimize drawcalls" on these conversions, but would love to learn to scratchbuild myself. Just this weekend my wife and I walked out to the Sheboygan, WI lighthouse and I thought "wouldn't it be cool if I could do a "Larry-quality" version of this (plus the Sheboygan airport) and upload it! For those curious, this is what I was babbling about - I've managed to add my "honeymoon hotel" (which is now "Hooters"), the colorful Rio towers, Mr. Trump's place (like the garish gold shine on that sucker), the Encore to go with the default Wynn, and the strangely missing Treasure Island. Still need to adjust the positions of some, but getting there. I'm not even a huge Las Vegas fan (except in the sim) - but I do crave Orbx/Larry Robinson style realism and while I know even great scenery is but a caricature of real life, I like things to be "as real as it gets". Maybe someday with a lot of practice I can get good at this - it IS fun - and thanks again and for the Instant Scenery 3 tip too! (Default SCA Region Las Begas except my new additions and a nice freeware "Vegas Downtown" package visible off in the distance) Steve
  8. Thanks, Alex! So my current method (adding the casinos etc. to the Orbx ADE file then re-saving as something else) is out, as that ADE is Orbx IP (I think). So, I'll need to place the objects with a different tool and create some sort of "placement" .bgl to add with the needed library .bgl (which has my casinos) and texture files. Makes sense, I'll just need to look for a placement tool that creates .bgls that works well with P3Dv4 - any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Steve
  9. I've recently mastered the art of tweaking my incredible Orbx scenery by adding to Orbx products via a conversion of models from the 3D Sketchup Warehouse and moving them into P3D v4 by adding them to the ADE file (in my case, I've added casinos that were missing from the SCA region version). If I get written permission from the folks who made the casino models and submitted them to the warehouse, would I be able to distribute them to other Orbx users in the scenery design forum as a freeware enhancement? I don't want to break any rules, of course, and I'd understand why a developer may not wish to have rogue files about (if only because it makes it harder to provide support when users have rogue ADE files about etc. But I will say it's a lot of fun having the casino where I honeymooned with my spouse 20 years ago now visible on final. Thanks, Steve
  10. Womderful set, Jack! I still have not learned how to fly whirlybirds - or at least not how to land them! Steve
  11. I agree with you, Teecee - Squamish IS special, actually every Orbx airport I own (lots) is special. P3Dv4 performs SO much better than v3, at least for me, even with heavy "other" payware airports and AI traffic, I just can't wait for Orbx to start releasing v4 airports, hopefully someday soon. Steve
  12. I love the shots, but what is that lovely aircraft? Thanks, Steve
  13. Lovely shots! Steve
  14. Looks like a fun adventure! Great shots! Steve
  15. Thanks everyone! For those on the fence, P3Dv4 performs MUCH better than P3Dv3 or FSX-SE -- much higher FPS (about 50% improved or more in my case in some cases and much smoother and faster texture loading) - not sure how Orbx airports will perform (hopefully find out soon? ), but FSDT, Taxi 2 Gate and Riddlez airports all perform flawlessly even with all my AI ships and planes running about. This lovely Carenado Cheyenne II is a squirrely one, though I'm getting the hang of it - keep that power going right up until touchdown for sure! Steve