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  1. Fabulous shots there, Iain!
  2. Look at that mesh! I'm in awe!
  3. Most amazing scenery! I love it. I've got to ask though, John, what sky/cloud/water textures are you using? Is that a REX set?
  4. Extremely difficult choice, but for a first shot, it sure deserves my vote: #6 by 815KgM3
  5. Extremely difficult to choose! My vote goes to #75 by Hangar24
  6. It will be extremely difficult to compete with what I have seen so far! Congratulations, chaps, everyone deserves a prize. Here's mine for this month:
  7. My vote goes to: #42, ydelta. Stunning shot!
  8. Haven't posted anything in a very, very long time. Here it is:
  9. Extroardinary cockpit shots! You're using P3D, I suppose? Or is that a special EMB setting?
  10. Very hard choice indeed, but here's my vote: #16 by jollyone
  11. Once again, I am amazed by the quality of this month's batch. Here's mine:
  12. Cracker of a shot, Bug!