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  1. A great payware plane is SibWings' AN-2. Love that bird!
  2. Because 42 was already taken as the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Obviously.
  3. Fabulous shots there, Iain!
  4. Look at that mesh! I'm in awe!
  5. Most amazing scenery! I love it. I've got to ask though, John, what sky/cloud/water textures are you using? Is that a REX set?
  6. Extremely difficult choice, but for a first shot, it sure deserves my vote: #6 by 815KgM3
  7. Extremely difficult to choose! My vote goes to #75 by Hangar24
  8. It will be extremely difficult to compete with what I have seen so far! Congratulations, chaps, everyone deserves a prize. Here's mine for this month:
  9. My vote goes to: #42, ydelta. Stunning shot!
  10. Haven't posted anything in a very, very long time. Here it is:
  11. Extroardinary cockpit shots! You're using P3D, I suppose? Or is that a special EMB setting?
  12. Very hard choice indeed, but here's my vote: #16 by jollyone