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  1. Thanks to Gunter at FriendlyFlusi for his review of L05. http://www.friendlyflusi.de/forum/index.php?thread/117-review-orbx-kern-valley-airport/
  2. PeopleFlow = Animated people ObjectFlow = Conditional display of scenery objects (which may include People, Creature, Nature etc Flow objects)
  3. Welcome to Basque country! Bilbao is the largest city in the Biscay province and the Basque Country as a whole, beautifully located at the northern Spanish coastline. The Basque Country may often be overlooked by the sun seekers travelling to Spain, due to it’s often unpredictable rainy weather. On the other hand, it has proven to be a popular destination for food junkies, hikers and surfers as it possesses incredible nature, great waves and world famous food. Bilbao Airport is an important hub for the northern region and serves destinations all across Europe. Beautifully located in close proximity to the city area, the airport offers fascinating approaches through the mountain range and via the ocean, crossing over the harbour and other parts of the city on final descent. With the nickname ”La Paloma” (The dove), the main terminal has become famous for it’s unique architecture. Designed by Santiago Calatrava and opened in 2000, it serves over 4 million people a year. Our scenery contains the whole city of Bilbao with important buildings added, and the whole harbour upgraded and of course the airport in it’s full glory. We sincerely hope you will enjoy Bilbao! Super-detailed rendition of LEBB High-resolution custom ground textures The whole city of Bilbao is included High-resolution mesh for the whole city Animated traffic & PeopleFlow Moving jetways Dynamic Lighting for P3Dv4 Whole harbour area is upgraded with custom buildings and objects 30 & 60cm/px groundscenery for the whole city area Advanced AO-baking and night lighting techniques By Marcus Nyberg & Philip Schall https://orbxdirect.com/product/lebb ...and ready for P3Dv4 - apart from its 3 windsocks
  4. I moved the battle of flight sims discussion as I felt it going nowhere and wasn't a constructive discussion. We already deleted comments due to personal insults and it started to touch on the EULA aspects. Rather than see it deteriorate, I moved it.
  5. A gateway to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Kern Valley is in the perfect location to make a stop on your journey north from the Los Angeles Basin, and is also just a stone’s throw away from ORBX’s other airfields designed for FTX NA Southern California. This is the second creation by Jordan Gough and we hope you enjoy it! https://orbxdirect.com/product/l05 Over 250 square kilometers of crisp 80cm imagery Sharp 30cm imagery used around the airport Accurate representation of Kern Valley Airport using real on site photos High resolution airport buildings and runways Animated trees around the airport that have almost zero impact on performance TextureFlow optimised = great FPS Amazing mountainous rural location Just a stones throw away from ORBX's other much loved SCA airports The second release by developer Jordan Gough Requires the ORBX FTX NA Southern California region
  6. I think a few of you have been waiting for this one... This is a new version (1.52) that has a new version of the config tool, no other changes are with this update. Please note: P3Dv3/4 addons that use the the addon.xml method will not be picked up by the auto configuration AEC funtion. Considering the low uptake of addons using this method we decided to release Vector now. If an airport requires AEC to be disabled and it uses the addon.xml method, you can manually disable it. We are working on changes for the config tool to cater for these in due course.
  7. Just some stuff to read up on guys http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/137931-freeware-titles-available-for-p3dv4/
  8. Hi all, We have started to make some of our Freeware products available for P3Dv4 while we wait on the development ObjectFlow for P3Dv4. There is a big caveat with these so please take the following into consideration. The are some elements that will not display due to ObjectFlow not working. Most likely these will be windsocks, seasonal vegetation and some buildings that are conditionally displayed. If those type of things are going to bug you, don't install. If you do install and find these are detracting from your enjoyment, uninstall. Not all have been made available, such as Yosemite/Devils Tower as the main features rely on ObjectFlow and the AI packs which require the models to be redone for P3Dv4. We will be gauging the feedback to this move as we explore if to do the same for the payware airports.
  9. A new patch is available for Scotland with the following changes: option to disable Nessie into control panel uncommissioned RAF airfields (Kingmuir Sorbie, Edzell and Fordoum) missing stones at Old Man of Storr original Aberdeen LC to resolve some LC issues. Note that MigrationtToubleshooter errors will occur with older Orxblibs. Please update to Orbxlibs 170701
  10. New version of Orbxlibs is now available for updating via FTXC3. The manual zip can be download from here for manual install with FTXC3. Updates: fix to migration troubleshooter reporting error for Scotland (Aberdeen LC file) You will need 1.41 of Scotland as well - released simultaneously with this terrain.cfg updates (specifically for upcoming Germany South) fix to PNW firetower library files for P3D
  11. Thanks to Wojciech at C-Aviation for the review (Polish & English) of LOWI Innsbruck. In English: http://c-aviation.net/review/innsbruck-lowi-orbx-review-6/ In Polish: http://calypteaviation.com/2017/07/innsbruck-lowi-orbx-recenzja-6/
  12. Update for Larry Robinson's CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodrome is now available via FTX Central 3. Fixes texture errors and other minor changes.
  13. New version for Richard Bui's ENJA Jan Mayensfield is available for downloading. Please use the Uninstall function in FTX Central 3 to remove the previous Version 1 if already installed. Features: - New more accurate unified mesh - Animated flags (OF) - Animated windsocks (OF) - More people (OF) - Stripe windsock on ENJA runway - Norwegian Firemen - Animated animals (birds and whales) - Addition of transparent runway for AI - Special starts for paraglider (ENJZ) - KMZ file Fixes: - Transparency of runway lights during fog - Winter textures - Rework of landclass - Additional photo layer at West of Beerenberg
  14. Hello all, All the North American Regions have been updated with the Global style lighting. You can grab the update via FTX Central 3. Also included with this update is Control Panel options to disable OLC NA (if installed) lights for compatibility with the Region.
  15. Thanks to Mutley's Hangar for this great review and Gold Award http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bri/bs-lowi/bs-lowi.htm Also special thanks to Brian for the comprehensive review.