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  1. Hi all, Small update for KBID is now available via FTXC3. Updates are: reworked parking spots added reflective surfaces during rain (P3Dv2+ only)
  2. Hi all, Small update for ENNK is available, primarily for FSX users to resolve flickering of the groundpoly. Available through FTX Central 3.
  3. A destination that needs no introduction, Innsbruck is one of the iconic airports of the world, with a jaw-dropping backdrop, heart-stopping approaches and location smack dab in the heart of Europe. Acclaimed developer Jarrad Marshall (KPSP/KEGE/KMRY/KJAC/KSEZ/YBCS) has created something truly unique with his first European destination. Within the scenery's extraordinary coverage area (our largest to date), explore the peaks and glaciers of the Austrian Alps, the picturesque Inn, Wipp and Stubai Valleys, the historic Brenner Pass and even Germany's tallest mountain, Zugspitze. Over a dozen towns and villages dot the Tyrolian landscape, and of course the city of Innsbruck has been created in immaculate detail. Innsbruck Airport itself is the country's third largest and is a true multi-purpose field; where else will you see busy airline schedules competing for space alongside corporate hi-flyers, rescue and leisure helicopter crew, general aviation flyers, recreational glider pilots and even frequent Red Bull visitors? Try your hand at the infamously tricky Rwy08 approach, test your aircraft's performance with a mid-summer departure, or explore the hidden valleys from one of the five bonus heliports - there really is something for everyone. As always, Jarrad has innovated new techniques to tweak the very best performance possible, in order for you to enjoy the airport alongside your favourite hi-end aircraft addons. From the huge coverage area down to the smallest details, Innsbruck truly is the home for all flyers. Far more than just an airport! Ultra-detailed rendition of LOWI Enormous 2500km2 coverage area at 1m/60cm/30cm with 10m DEM Five additional heliports including LOJO, LOIU, LOJT, LOIN Over 160+ Landmarks and POI in coverage area 30km of animated train routes Custom HD GSE exclusive to Innsbruck Crisp 2048 textures for priority buildings Advanced AO, rendering and night lighting techniques City centre and many other focus areas in high detail Over 20 custom bridges and overpasses All-new static aircraft types unique to Innsbruck Airport Ultra-HD groundpoly Huge extended coverage area 275km diameter Painstakingly optimised for best performance LOWI User Guide https://orbxdirect.com/product/lowi/afs2 A 40% discount will apply for customers that already own the FSX/P3D version of LOWI Innsbruck. This discount applies to purchases through OrbxDirect ONLY. Steam versions are NOT entitled to this discount. Customers please be advised that there may some shadow artifacting on some video cards at varying zoom distances. Both IPACS & Orbx are aware of the issue and will resolve this as soon as possible. As Aerofly FS2 is an Early Access product there are going to be some features missing from the FSX/P3D version. Please refer to the user guide for more details. LOWI_User_Guide_-_AFS2.pdf
  4. Few airports hold as much nostalgia, familiarity, and emotion for aviation enthusiasts. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Meigs Field operated as the gateway to corporate Chicago for over half a century. Now, twelve years after its closure, Merrill C. Meigs Field (KCGX) has been recreated by Orbx and IPACS with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Depicted as it was in its final years, virtual pilots are welcomed to return to what was once the busiest single strip airport in the United States and enjoy it in high definition. Featuring a fully modeled terminal, highly detailed static aircraft, and other historically accurate elements, the airport has been brought back to life. In addition to the airfield itself, the city of Chicago waterfront and parks district have been included as well. This special release for Aerofly by Orbx includes 12,000km2 of photoreal coverage, animated people and ferris wheel plus many other details to discover. 12,000km2 of photoreal imagery! Ultra detailed rendition of KCGX Meigs Field circa late 90's and early 2000's Extraordinarily detailed interior model of the terminal Many highly detailed Chicago landmarks, including Soldier Field, Cloudgate, Adler Planetarium, Navy Pier and The Shedd Custom CBD for Chicago skyline including Sears Tower, Aeon Center, Trump Tower, Hancock Center Thousands of autogen buildings accurately placed Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and night-lighting Airport imagery at 30cm per pixel Beautifully modelled static aircraft Animated people and ferris wheel Unbelievable performance, very high FPS Incredible VR experience A collaboration between Orbx and IPACS KCGX User Guide https://orbxdirect.com/product/kcgx/afs2 A 40% discount will apply for customers that already own the FSX/P3D version of KCGX Meigs Field. This discount applies to purchases through OrbxDirect ONLY. Steam versions are NOT entitled to this discount. As Aerofly FS2 is an Early Access product there are going to be some features missing from the FSX/P3D version. Please refer to the user guide for more details. user_guide.pdf
  5. Thanks all, appreciate the great feedback.
  6. The FTX Central 3.2 update is now available and with it comes the ability to install P3Dv4 ready FTX products into P3Dv4. There is also a important Orbxlibs update that is required for P3Dv4 compatibility. FTX Central When starting FTX Central, you will see the Apply FTX Central update notification on the bottom left. Clicking on the blue notification will apply the update and FTX Central will restart. With a valid copy of P3Dv4 correctly installed you will see the option for it as below. This is an important bit of information and no doubt we will see questions about it. Only FTX products that are ready for P3Dv4 will show up in FTX Central as installed or available for installing! With the image below, even though I own all Global products, you can see that only Base Pack, openLC NA, Trees HD and Orbxlibs is installed with openLC EU available to install. This does not mean you products are gone from your OrbxDirect account, merely they are not compatible for P3Dv4 yet. Some installation tips If you have P3Dv3 already installed with Orbx products Installing into P3Dv4 with FTXC3 will be made easier if you have P3Dv3 already installed with FTX addons. With the updated FTX Central, ensure that "Only show products that I have installed" option is not ticked under "Settings". That way when starting FTXC3 and selecting P3Dv4 as your simulator, you will see which of your purchased products are ready to install into P3Dv4. We recommend leaving your P3Dv3 install in place so FTXC3 can simply copy files to your P3Dv4 installation without the need to download files again. If you have manual download zip files already saved, or FTXC3 backups of installs, you can use FTXC3 to point to these and install into P3Dv4 from there. If you have FSX or FSX:SE installed but don't have Prepar3D installed If you have decided to make the move from FSX to P3Dv4 and *dont* have earlier versions of P3D installed you must download all the Orbx products which are P3Dv4-ready using FTX Central. Your products installed into FSX cannot be copied to P3Dv4 - they are different builds and not compatible. Please do not manually move Orbx files and folders over to P3Dv4. Orbxlibs 170601 A new version for Orbxlibs is available which has some important files for P3Dv4 as well as some new library objects. What's ready for P3Dv4? Global Base Pack, openLC North America, openLC Europe & TreesHD All Regions for North America, Europe & Oceania (plus Holgermesh for Australia) Orbxlibs What's not ready for P3Dv4? FTX Vector All airports (payware and freeware) FTX Global Lights Configurator AI Traffic packs FTX Global NA & EU Airport Packs BOB All Demos All Aircraft (see further below on these) With regards to our airports and as you may be aware of, our ObjectFlow DLL requires reworking to ensure compatibility with the P3Dv4. This work has been progressing but as we are moving to a 64bit application, this has taken longer than anticipated. For this reason we will not be making our airports available until we have a working ObjectFlow DLL. As you know this DLL controls a lot of our scenery elements with conditional displays FTX Vector also relies on a 3rd party app to adjust airports, and we are waiting on a 64-bit version of this app before making Vector available. is quite critical. The Lancair, Victa and Vans RV4 will not be made available for P3Dv4 as we are not satisfied with their compatibility. This will most likely not change due to the developers no longer being active. Unfortunately our dependency on 3rd party apps and ObjectFlow hinders the pace in which we can roll these out to you. We have been down this path before with P3Dv2 and P3Dv3 but we have always delivered on those - at no extra cost to you. So while we would obviously like to have them done ASAP, we are going to need to be patient whilst work is done those apps/modules. I'd recommend getting some fresh air, spending time with your significant other/family/dog/cat or reading a book instead of checking in constantly on these forums for updates. We respectfully ask that you do not ask us for time frames or updates.
  7. Silver Award and a great review for ENNF Hammerfest. Have a read of it here http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bri/bs-enhf/bs-enhf.htm Thanks to Brian & Joe!
  8. Another patch is now available via FTX Central 3 for NSTU Pago Pago, newer PR file that missed out in the 1.10 patch is now included.
  9. Pender Harbour, known as ‘the Venice of the North’ is a complex series of bays with over 60 kilometres of shoreline, now lined with docks and marinas - and is now yours for FREE! https://orbxdirect.com/product/cag8 John Henry’s Marina, the Sundowner Inn and many nearby buildings Over 300 docks and marinas modeled with reasonably accurate footprints Roughly 20 square km of photoreal scenery (12 sq. Km land coverage) Three hundred or more static pleasure craft moored at the various docks Custom, wake, wave, sound and navigation light effects Accurate marine navigation aids By Larry Robinson
  10. Hi all, Another couple of reviews for KSAN and LOWI, this time from Simflight.de. http://www.simflight.de/2017/05/07/review-jarrad-marshalls-orbx-innsbruck-fsxp3d/ http://www.simflight.de/2017/05/04/review-orbx-san-diego-fsxp3d/ Thanks to Patrick for the reviews.
  11. Welcome to Saanen, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Orbx is pleased to offer you Sylvain Delepierre’s second freeware airport FTX LSGK Saanen airport for FTX Global, FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector. This pack includes three additional airports - LSGT Gruyeres, LSTS Sankt Stephan and LSTZ Zweisimmen making this a mini freeware pack! Featuring High definition representation of LSGK Saanen 70 sq km of full seasonal PR at 60cm/15cm resolution coverage Animated clock updating every minute by ObjectFlow technology. Animated hangar doors opening daily at 9am and closing at 3pm Interior modelling of hangar and airport office Custom static Pilatus PC6 aircraft. High definition 4096 pixel runway/apron textures. Several POI’s, custom bridges and train tunnels 30 meters resolution elevation mesh https://orbxdirect.com/product/lsgk
  12. So once proof of enrolment at an university is established (details on how will be advised) the account is tagged as having a student discount with it expiring with the end of the enrolled year.
  13. Nice review for Matteo's KSAN can be read here https://fselite.net/reviews/orbx-san-diego-international-airport-ksan-fselite-review/ Thanks to Vincent and the crew at FSElite!
  14. Thanks Stefan but have organised Richard who looks after the support tickets to handle it. We will implementing sometime this month as we did not want people applying and getting student discounts just prior to the sale starting.
  15. Hi all, Thanks to Richard Bui for leading the work done on this update for Scotland and take a look at these updates! New POIs Duncansby Head: Duncansby Cliffs Duncansby Head Lighthouse Duncansby Stacks Edinburgh City: Gracemount High School Midlothian snow sports Centre Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI) Royal Commonwealth Pool Scottish Widows building Glasgow City: Burrell Collection BBC Scotland Headquarter BIP Solutions building Crowne Plaza Hotel Finnieston Crane Hilton Garden Inn building Museum of Transport Riverside North Rotunda South Rotunda SECC Armadillo (Clyde Auditorium) SECC(Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre ) SECC South Parking SECC North Parking SECC Walkway SSE Hydro (Scottish National Arena) STV Building Virtual Connected Ltd building Hebrides Islands: American Monument Barratlantic Griminish House Inchkeith Lighthouse Kinross House Scolpeig Tower Tiree Golfball Isle of Skye: Dunvegan Castle Old Man of Storr Portree colored harbour Scottish Castles: Affleck Castle Carrick Castle Dunstaffnage Castle Hermitage Castle Little Cumbria Castle Loch_Leven Castle MacLellan Castle Muness Castle Stalker Castle Threave Castle Miscellaneous: Fort George Mine Excavators at Hunsterston Mull Galloway Lighthouse Barra Head Lighthouse Carraig Fhada Lighthouse (Port Ellen, Islay Island) Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse (Orsay Island) Neist Lighthouse Stoer Lighthouse Old Man of Stoer (big costal standing rock similar to Old Man of Storr) Dunnet Head Lighthouse Muckle Flugga Lighthouse with landable helipad (EGMF) Reworked areas Barra Island --> exclusion of trees and re-positioned buildings Benbecula Island --> exclusion of trees and re-positioned buildings North Uist Island --> exclusion of trees and re-positioned buildings South Uist Island --> exclusion of trees and re-positionedbuildings Tiree Island --> exclusion of trees and re-positionedbuildings Coll Island --> exclusion of trees Special Requests from users Issue with the transparency of the Nessie model in P3D (Not a bug with v3.4) EGOA - Land textures to update (SCO Airport) (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/88436-blank-texture/#comment-806012) Decommissioning of RAF Ezdell and RAF Fordoun to landscape terrain Loch Morlich missing beach Unwanted nightspots on country ground landclass This update is available via FTXC3. DVD customers can get the patch installer form here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/125638-updates-from-old-website-support-pagedvd-customers/