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  1. announcement

    Important information: If you are receiving errors after this update in the AEC auto-scan function, please do a search in the ORBX\FTX_VECTOR folder for these files: APT_BISF.inactive APT_BIAR.inactive APT_BINF.inactive APT_BIRK.inactive ABP_BISF.inactive ABP_BIAR.inactive ABP_BINF.inactive ABP_BIRK.inactive If present, delete them and the AEC auto-scan should work. Apologies for the inconvenience but this will be a temporary work around while we work with Pilots to understand why these files are causing the issue.
  2. Hi all, Next update for Vector is now available through FTXC or via the manual download in your account. Please read the following to help you with this update. Vector is a large product with over 78,000 files, therefore that is a lot of file checking FTX Central. You need to be patient and let it scan the files and install. If using the full manual download, you may wish to extract the zip files contained within (there's 193 of them) into a temp folder on your desktop and then use the "I already have a backup" option in FTXC3 and point it to that temp folder. This saves FTXC3 extracting these files and I find it to work well personally. If you are having issues with the download of the update, use the "Clear unfinished Orbx downloads" function and turn off "Use multiple threads for downloads". These options are under Settings in FTXC3. Make sure your sim is not running, have seen many support posts where the sim is running when trying to make changes in FXTC3. You will get error messages if the sim is running. Similarly with Anti-Virus software - make sure the sim folder and FTXC3 process are excluded from real-time scanning. Changes: Fixed an elevated lake at N58.9 W151.9 Fixed an elevated lake at N44.8 W93.2 Added Cape Cod Canal Added Cape M ay Canal Added Chesapeak & Delaware Canal Fixed shorelines along Lake Michigan Fixed Watermass at N44.5 W91.9 Removed watermass at N44.3 W96.8 Removed and fixed several watermasses around N39.5 W104.8 Removed several island connections at N39.2 W76.4 Added missing part of island at N39.2 W76.3 Added missing reservoir at N40.1 W74.2 Added beaches along the coast at N30.3 W87.3 Added missing islands off Norwalk Removed wrong, tiny islands at N21.9 W160.2 Removed streams from river mouth at N30.5 W81.5 Removed double bridges at N36.9 W111.4 Fixed watermass at S32.8 W60.1 Added missing reservoirs at N39.7, W1.0 Added beaches along the coast at N35.0 W76.0 Added missing lake at N41.7 E44.9 Added missing reservoir at N52.6 E7.3 Added missing reservoir at N39.5 W104.8 Added missing island at N26.4 W77.2 Fixed watermass at S6.0 E25.7 Fixed corrupt coastline around Cedar Key New Vector Config version to handle "file exists" errors Updated Data for Bahamas New, much smoother coastline Added about 1,600 beaches New, smoother waterbodies
  3. We won't be recognising eBay purchases of our DVDs, only DVDs that was purchased via one of our authorised re-sellers are going to qualify for the cross grade. This is not a new thing, we have never recognised eBay purchases for Support queries as well.
  4. The final point by Nick is key here: all the DVD products will continue to work in the way that they have always done. Also, I do hope that people are aware that this cross-grade offer is a paid for service covering costs of verifying purchases and assigning a licence to your account.
  5. Hi all, Update for openLC North America is now available via FTX Central or your account. Fixes: - Corrections to the LandClass in the Caribbean area (Bahamas, Guadeloupe, etc.) - Added more than 2,000 settlements in Mexico - Adjustments to other landclass textures - 86 corrections to Caribbean airports by Neil Hill Further corrections to Caribbean coastlines will be available in the upcoming Vector patch.
  6. Fix will be in the next Orbxlibs sometime this month.
  7. I'm guessing its the picture with Orbxlibs. All the images are stored in the %temp%\Orbx folder. Location is Valdez
  8. New version of Orbxlibs is available for downloading via FTX Central 3. The manual zip can be download from here for manual install with FTXC3. Update contains new *ObjectFlow DLL and new autogen description files for 3rd party compatibility. *New DLL will need to be Trusted when running FSX, so please click Yes to the security warning. FTX Central v2 users will be able to use the standalone installer from the bottom of this post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/125638-updates-from-old-website-support-page/
  9. Issue has now been resolved, apologies for the inconvenience. Downloading via FTXC or full manual download form your account should be working now.
  10. All, Please be advised that we experiencing an issue with FTX Vector and Germany North not being available for download. We ask that you please be patient while we investigate the issue and will provide updates here.
  11. Great review and "Silver Award" for Larry's CAX6 http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/joe/bs-cax6/bs-cax6.htm Thanks Joe!
  12. Hi all, patch for EGPB is available via FTXC3. This fixes the mesh anomaly seen during winter months.
  13. announcement

    We are pleased to announce that the Senior Discount option can now be requested via our website. The Senior Discount is 20% off all products* and is available to persons aged 65 and over. To apply, you will need to create a support ticket and provide one form of proof of age. Only the following documents clearly showing date of birth will be accepted: Birth Certificate Passport Driver Licence National ID card Proof of Age card *Please note that during sales and other special offers, this discount will not apply. How to apply: Make sure you are logged into your OrbxDirect account. Please also ensure that your personal details (name & surname) are complete and correct. Go to the Support page https://orbxdirect.com/support and create a ticket Complete the "Submit a request" and from the "What is your ticket about?" drop down please select "Apply for Senior Discount" Please use the same email address that is used for your OrbxDirect account!!! The form allows attachments so please upload a scanned image/photo of your proof of age document Once submitted, please allow 48 hours for the request to be validated. For those that had the Senior Discount applied via Flightsim Store, this discount status passed on automatically to your OrbxDirect account with the FSS licence transfer. You DO NOT NEED to reapply.
  14. Hi all, A patch has been released for PAYA Yakutat and should be available through FTX Central. The patch contains the following changes: -Sharpened textures for buildings -Ground polygon updated to native Prepar3D format, and rebuilt with new materials. FSX users still get an FS2002 ground polygon, but with nicer textures. -Newer snow style added to ground polygon. P3D users have a control panel option to enable snow, it is not on by default -Added some additional clutter such as powerlines, and additional crates and barrels. -Replaced low polygon cars in prominent areas with newer models -Replaced the old default beacon model -Fixed runway light halos appearing square -Replaced the snow pile in the middle of the apron with improved models -Rendered all new lightmaps -Re-rendered the WWII hangar in 2048px with a control panel option.
  15. Nice review for Catalina by Mutley's Hangar has been published: http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/bri/bs-kavx/bs-kavx.htm Thanks to Brian for the review.