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  1. The most recent are ENG 153, AU 410, NZNI 115 & NZSI 135. Everything else prior to that was before OrbxDirect/November 2016.
  2. We are still going to implement, just need to organise someone to handle the support tickets.
  3. Not sure what you mean...those installers are simple downloads. If you mean via FTXC3, then no.
  4. Not so much a release announcement but a note for DVD customers that did not use the FSS DVD cross-grade offer when it was available and are still waiting for our DVD transfer request to be put in place. You can find updates for DVD products here particularly for the regions. Note that these are old style installers and do not use FTX Central and will bring your region up to the current version available. We are still progressing on the DVD cross grade option for our website currently and has proved to be more of trickier bit of functionality to implement. Please remember that this cross grade offer will be a "paid for" service with a fee per DVD to cover admin costs. That pricing still needs to be finalised.
  5. Hi all Update for Australia is now available FTXC3, featuring the city night lighting enhancements that has been featured in other products. Also features replacement textures for P3Dv2/3 to overcome the compatibility issue with the seasonal inland water bodies.
  6. Next pack ready via FTXC3 Chris Britton 24FL, Garcon Field, Milton, FL 41A, Reeves, Tallasse, AL FL17, Ruckel, Niceville, FL KNZX, Harold Nolf, Harold Nolf, FL (disable AEC) Larry Isenor CJN4 - Assiniboia SK CKC7 - Rockglen, SK CKX5 - Dinsmore SK (disable AEC) CNR4 - Tobermory ON (disable AEC) CYCE, Huron, Centralia, ON SABE, Jorge Newbery Aeroparque, Buenos Aires, Argentina Neil Hill KALS, San Luis Valley Regional Bergman Field, Alamoso, NM KBFF, Western Nebraska Regl/Heilig, Scottsbluff, NE KCNM, Cavern City, Carlsbad, NM - added missing industrial area KDRO, Durango-La Plata Co, CO (disable AEC) KELY, Ely, Ely, NV KEVW, Evanston-Uinta Co Burns, Evanston, WY - added VOR/DME for rwy 5) KGJT, Walker, Grand Junction, CO (disable AEC) KLVS, Las Vegas Mun, Las Vegas, NM KPGA, Page Mun, Page, NM (disable AEC) - added missing town KPNA, Wenz, Pinedale, WY KRIW, Riverton Regl, Riverton, WY (disable AEC) - KRKS, Rock Springs Sweetwater, Rock Springs, WY KSKX, Taos Regl, Taos, NM - flattens KTCC, Tucumcari Mun, Tucumcari, NM KTKI, Collin Co Regl, McKinney, TX Product page: https://orbxdirect.com/product/ftx-global-na-pack
  7. Hi all, A quick update for LOWI is now available via FTXC3. This patch adds back in a missed road traffic file and removes the rogue agn file that was identified as being responsible for causing a CTD. After the update you should no longer have the file "011223300231101an.agn" in your ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_LOWI\Texture folder
  8. Wonderful review for LOWI Innsbruck at Flusinews and a perfect score! https://flusinews.de/2017/04/orbx-jarrad-marshall-lowi-innsbruck/ Our thanks to Frank Kuhn for the review.
  9. Thanks again to Gunter for this review (German) of Jarrad's masterpiece. http://www.friendlyflusi.at/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=28007
  10. New update for KSAN is available via FTXC3. Main changes are a new AFCAD for gate assignments, extra boats in and Control Panel changes. Matteo will continue on other enhancements but felt it important to get the AFCAD changes out quickly.
  11. "Open LC North America" replaced "Open LC NA - Alaska and Canada" so you are all ok as FTXC will only report and install "Open LC North America".
  12. An update for Narvik is available via FTXC3. This update fixes the runway start position in FSX only. P3D users can update as well to remove the red "Update" notification.
  13. There is an upcoming update that will feature the city night lighting tech that we have been progressively rolling out with other regions and OLC. That is the only new content for now and John's answer here is still the thinking
  14. We were approached by FT to add their entries, so I'm assuming yes.
  15. New version of Orbxlibs is now available for updating via FTXC3. The manual zip can be download from here for manual install with FTXC3. Updates: new default.xml for 3rd party compatibility changes to config files that will resolve "trees on airports" fixes to FSX PeopleFlow models to resolve "giant headset/hairpiece" reports FTX Central v2 users will be able to use the standalone installer from the bottom of this post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/125638-updates-from-old-website-support-page/