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  1. KPSP is listed in the "FTX Global Range" section, not in NA.
  2. Raining during Seattle approach RWY34C. Moving raindrops now visible in the VC for the Project Airbus A320, still under development.
  3. As I´m not familiar with P3D I recommend to open a request for help in the ORBX P3D V3 support forum. Sorry.
  4. I recommend to search for any additional scenery in the sim which includes *KABQ* in the .bgl file. Years ago I had a similar prob on another airports. The culprit was an old (not ORBX) library which automatically "improved" some airport parking places with additional cars.
  5. Here one pic from KABQ for comparison in FSX DX10, clear weather, OpenLC NA, no Vector, no add. shader. #Jack, the cars in the (undesigned) parking zone next to the terminal indicates that there might be an interference with another scenery.... Wulf
  6. Very well done and impressing. Will runway and taxiway edge lights be designed and included as they are (still) not visible in the pics? ...see Google maps. Wulf
  7. Hi there, for KVNY there are arrival and approach charts defined in FltPlan.com, but I have a problem to understand one specific transition description from the STAR arrival JANNY.JANNY2 behind transition waypoint PUCCK. It is stated in the chart "....to cross PUCCK at 8000ft, then heading 210°. Expect RADAR vectors to final approach course." This approach course fits well for the ILS RWY 16R via waypoint UMBER and LOC I-VNY, 111.30 and ok. My question relates to land on RWY 34L via LDA-C (via LOC I-BUR, 109.50 and finally circling a ~90° turn to RWY 34L....tricky but familiar with this). A) Is STAR arrival JANNY.JANNY2 only valid for ILS RWY16R approach, although the a.m. approach description speaks about vectors (plural)? If no ....directly from PUCCK to interception waypoint TOAKS for LDA-C? C) ....via waypoint UMBER --> VOR VNY --> interception waypoint TOAKS for LDA-C? I would appreciate an answer. Wulf
  8. Hi there, most recent scenery announcements describe that an updated installer for P3D V3 is available. If there are scenery updates included will they be explicetly described in the announcement? There has been noted from the staff several detected scenery issues in the past and I do not know if the corrections are included or not. And I want to avoid senseless downloads. Will any corrective update come separately? Example for KSTS: Some issues were previously found and noted but I don´t know if they are corrected in the new installer. FTX Central does not give any update advise for KSTS in FSX. Wulf
  9. ...or to look at the freeware "Annete Island Fly-In" scenery from http://return.mistymoorings.com/.
  10. Will SCA already include the new quad installer incl. P3D v3?
  11. an alternative: simmarket.com but price ~similar
  12. As long as Orbx will not create a new pollution flow it should not be a prob to virtually visit this area ;-)
  13. Will the airport scenery also work in FSX default terrain as KPSP does too with only a few compromises in the scenery boundaries? I have no globals but I guess this scenery is a 100% full cover and so inside the scenery everything looks as it should.... Wulf
  14. to be implemented in the FSX.cfg. Please ensure to make a FSX.cfg security copy before updating ;-) : [TextInfo.X] <--- whichever text window is suitable for you e.g the existing [TextInfo.2] FrameRate=1,1 AverageFrameRate=1,2 <---- new entry, last number to be continued LockedFrameRate=1,3 <---- existing entry, but number to be continued GForce=1,4 FuelPercentage=1,5 EDIT: the new FSX displayed values on the left top screen corner are .... [minimum average maximum] framerate and variation in %... Wulf