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  1. Take my money, please!! I cant wait to fly my hometown. You've done an amazing job with one of the world's most beautiful cities. Thank you!
  2. Love it! Can't wait
  3. I love the building detail and Balboa Park looks fantastic! Great work!! My my only suggestion, and I know this is a work in progress, is to make the green around the runway pop a bit more and the tarmac a little darker. Thanks so so much for sharing the photos, it's coming along nicely
  4. It was in the low 50s yesterday. I thought I was going to die!
  5. America's Finest City! I had no idea this was in the works, so excited for the release. Balboa Park looks great and you even have the ESET building sign downtown. Amazing detail. Can't wait for this one!!
  6. same here, it screwed up some scenery for me
  7. +1 for full Hawaii region!
  8. Thanks Nick!!
  9. Hi Nick Is it a bad idea to install a mesh addon after the regions are installed? Would I need to reinstall the regions again? I just purchased FS Global 2010 for FTX and don't want to screw up any of my currently installed addons. Thanks! -Dan
  10. I don't have the box anymore myself but these covers were posted online. I remember it being such a big jump from FS4 to FS5! You can see all the covers here http://mujweb.cz/havlikjosef/coversenglish.htm
  11. And a very expensive one!
  12. I still have FS4 for DOS on floppy disks. I copied the files to my PC so I don't put anymore wear and tear on the floppy then I downloaded a DOS emulator. The game launched and is totally playable with my joystick, ah memories!! The moment I first played this game I was hooked. I was 10 years old at the time lol Here's the Cessna 182 departing Meigs. When I discovered ORBX had released Meigs I was so excited, that's where it all started for me. My dad used to pilot a Cessna Citation and I was able to ride along to Meigs once. So sad it's gone now but we can all relive it thanks to ORBX!
  13. I'm running 3.3.5 and since installing OpenLC NA (I already had the Alaska/Canada half) my P3D crashed during most of my flights with no error message, I would just get dropped back to my desktop. I noticed OpenLC adds a lot more trees in the areas I'm flying so I took the vegetation autogen down a notch and I haven't had a crash yet. I still have FSX installed and haven't updated with OpenLC. Did a couple scenic comparison flights and wow, the difference is extremely noticeable. Incredible addon!
  14. DesertPilot, I love how you're always in the know and post helpful info. I see your name pop up a lot and you're able to direct us to other posts that answer questions. Thanks for that!
  15. I downloaded from the global1 server. I kicked it off at 3AM Pacific time, it took an hour for all four to finish. I'm in San Diego, CA.