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  1. Does anybody understand Early Access.
  2. Any news on the date for early access on steam.
  3. Did you watch the video!
  4. I would like to add, i am loving aerofly 2 and i am finding myself flying in it more and more. Even though i have prepar3d, DCS and x-plane 11 which have better realized planes, i am still loving it. The smoothness of this product is great and a VR dream. Orbx with aerofly 2 is a great thought to start the new year.
  5. Thank you for the update and your decision makes me a happy bunny. Have a good Christmas and happy new year.
  6. Yes i look forward to 2017 with great hope for the flight sim world. I cannot wait for all the 64bit flight-sims to arrive, it is a great time to be a simmer. But also not much hope for some in the flight-sim community who (if Orbx does enter the x-plane world) will just moan and bitch. I can never understand some people.
  7. Thank you for being open and frank. I buy only using PayPal and i hope that they sort this out as soon as possible. Best of luck
  8. If i like something i buy it. If i do not like something i do not buy it. It is very easy..........No need to complain or moan, saves me a lot of hassle. I likes it so i am buying it.
  9. All the best, take care.
  10. Great stuff, i cannot wait....still loving your Papua New Guinea scenery.
  11. I am loving these, well taken.
  12. Rest in Peace, Vlad