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  1. Thanks Ruud for good comments on my screen shots did you like my story regards stewart
  2. Thanks John for your kind comments on my screen shots I picked that Bird for Jack had him in mind when looking for a aircraft regards stewart
  3. Really nice screen shots Mark I like very mutch regards stewart
  4. Very nice colours and really good screenshots Ruud regards stewart
  5. Thanks jack jut put one on regards stewart
  6. my short story I loaded my Truck in the north east of the uk for my favourite destination Spain it was a full load of second hand machinery destination Bilbao in northern Spain received the T forms and the other paperwork for the load all I had to do now was drive down to Southampton to catch a ferry to Cherbourg , arrived Southampton put the paperwork and T forms into customs went and had several coffees went back to customs 2 hrs later the T forms had been stamped and I was ok now for the 11 pm ferry to Cherbourg only had to wait 1hr now well boarded the ferry. Found my cabin and then went for some dinner and then some sleep , arrived Cherbourg about 6.00 am the next morning had to show my T forms and paperwork and my permit for France at customs got them stamped and I was away once again had a 10 drive to get nr Bordeaux had to go on small roads until I got to Rennes once I had arrived at Rennes picked up the N137 I would stay on this road to Nantes and to Bordeaux on the way to Bordeaux I would stop several times and have a brake I would put the kettle on and make a cuppa for I had food and tea and coffee and water with me in my truck . well about 12 later from leaving Cherbourg I would arrive at a truck stop on the N137 at st genis de saintonge this was just short of Bordeaux all the English drivers stopped there you would get a good meal there and all the wine you wanted with the meal and after I would have a few beers and meet up with some of my friends that I new some where heading for Spain and overs where going back to the uk , one thing I slept well got up in the morning went for a wash and a cup of coffee said good, bye to some of my mates and carried on the Bordeaux once at Bordeaux was then on a motorway it was free I tried not to pay if I could in about 1 hr I was clear of Bordeaux on like a dual carriageway come motorway we called the road through the forest my next stop was Irun in Spain I would go into a customs area find a agent and put all the paperwork into customs I had to wait till the next day left about . all I had to do now was drive to deliver the machinery to Bilbao just over 1hr drive arrived just about 1mile from my destination and asked by showing the cmr delivery papers with the address of the factory I had to go to so I followed this guys directions the road was not a very good road I was going up a hill and the road was not that wide I thought I do not think my delivery is up here I have gone wrong I cant speech Spanish but I always manage to get by , well I continued up this road and all of a sudden my truck went over on it side the road had given way and I was up the creek with out a paddle my truck was leaning right over a car come pass and stopped and said he would contact the police he did that they arrived took me to the police station and I phoned the guy I was doing the job for and told him what had happened to my truck and he told me to give the phone back to the police man and my friend could speak Spanish and he arranged to get a Crane to lift my truck back onto the road . this was going to be a expensive trip for me having to pay my guy back for the crane hire the crane arrived 1 hr later I climbed on tope of my trailer and put straps over the trailer so he cold lift it up he picked the back of the trailer up slightly and moved it into the road and did the same with my truck nothing got damaged and the police where ok about it and said it was not my falt that the road had given way once this was done my truck was ok and I went up the road to tern round just half a mile come back the police said follow us and we will take you to your delivery point , I was so lucky there was no damage to my truck nor my trailer both where my own for I had this all on finance well unloaded and had to go to Valencia for onions loaded and returned to the uk . I have been very lucky in 30 to 25 years I have only had 3 accidents being employed or as a owner driver I hope you have enjoyed my story regards stewart a flight from Bilbao to Valencia in the spring with pta and p3dv4 hope you enjoy regards stewart Bilbao Bilbao over the mountains just before Valencia getting closer Valencia I can se the airport a look from the side landed he is bigger than me little and large
  7. Thanks Jack for your nice comments on my screen shots yes this is Kens preset what do you mean But missing a narrative regards stewart
  8. Thanks Gianni for your good comments on my screen shots regards stewart
  9. Thanks Ruud for you good comments on my screen shots no story this time but next time regards stewart
  10. Nice screen shots Jack and it is nice to se you have not gone upside down I does not do you any good you know it makes the Blood rush to your head regards stewart
  11. Geneva to Toulouse in the spring with p3dv4 and PTA regards stewart
  12. your screen shots look great Jack do you think the update for v4 has done any good regards stewart
  13. very nice screen shots Ruud you have made jacks day with a yellow aircraft regards stewart
  14. Nice screens Jack you had to do it you just cant help your self going upside down I am afraid I will not come with you for a flight regards stewart
  15. thank you very mutch for your good comments on my story and my screen shots regards stewart