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  1. I've used Shadowplay (desktop capture enabled) since it came out and I think it works quite well when you max out its settings
  2. Thanks, the videos are fun to make. I used to frequently check the RealAir page, and I saw that closure announcement. Sad indeed. I believe the post said that the wife is recovering, but still. I have to say, I use the Turbine Duke v2 and the Lancair Legacy v2 probably more than anything else, with a third place going to the q400.
  3. Interesting. I would really like to experience those effects in my aircraft. Maybe it's just a bug that LM will get around to addressing someday. Thanks for bringing this up. Happy new year!
  4. I'll try it again now and see what I can find. I've never adjusted any of those settings before so I'm a bit confused why I'm not seeing it. If all goes well I'll be blacking out here shortly. Wish me luck!
  5. This is how my setup always is - is there something else I'm missing? I wasn't aware that there were simulated gforces that showed up on screen. I would love to see that. Thanks for the headsup!
  6. Of course! I should have highlighted that before commencing the festivites Maybe next time, if I can remember Thanks for watching, have a good one