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  1. Nor was I - which is why I paid full price at 9pm on the 30th... Grr
  2. That call was made at 15:29:28 local (about 75 seconds before they hit the water) once the pilot realised he had no other option. Things were a little busy - least of anyone's concerns at the time. For a proper understanding of the whole event the best thing to do is actually read the NTSB report - which is available at the NTSB website: Cheers Paul
  3. That brings back memories - but it looks a lot busier than when I was training there. Guess that's due to the closure of YHOX? Thanks for posting.
  4. Splash out Howard - get both - you won't regret it... and the scout is only about £16 on the Realair website. That has to count as one of FS's best bargains! Cheers Paul
  5. Howard - I've got both and I agree with Iain - if you don't have the Cub then you really should get it, together with the Accusim pack. It's loads of fun - but as the others said, don't expect to get anywhere fast, it's probably quicker to drive! Cheers Paul
  6. It's a neat way to get your hardware talking to FSX ...
  7. Try - they will accept delivery of items ordered in the US and forward them to you. I have used them for several years and they are great. Cheers Paul
  8. Now that made me laugh Matt - thanks....
  9. Redbird in the US make a full motion GA sim for under US$ 60,000 (which is not much for you Aussies these days!). It's even FAA certified as a training device: />
  10. Yep there are definitely a few Dukes around - I leased a Turbine one for a few months, but of course got distracted and let the lease expire ... it's great fun and can be very addictive until you feel the need to fly an MD-11 across the Pacific....
  11. However in this case it's actually not that simple and theft is not "theft" it's "copyright infringement": And to return to Martin's road analogy - this is not the government deciding to add speed bumps to a road for everyone's safety but an individual judge telling a single toll road company to add a locked gate on its road to a foreign location because a certain commercial interest doesn't like what is going on at that location (but it's easier to attack the toll road company than the root cause of the problem) A much better analogy is a judge ordering Qantas not to fly passengers to China because they have the opportunity to buy pirated DVDs there.... anyone support that approach to stopping piracy?
  12. Good on them - I agree Frank. But hopefully the FS Labs A320 will be right up there with this ..... and will sell just as well... Cheers
  13. I assume you mean from spot mode? Try switching to 'locked spot' - this worked for me...
  14. Saw this by chance on Avsim but haven't see any mention of it on these forums so I thought a quick heads-up on LINDA would be in order. "LINDA is the Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning Wanted ever to have a special function on your Joystick? Why can't I have an assignment for my PMDG, A2A, Level-D etc etc which is working with my normal Joystick? I have the VRInsight MCP Combo, but why is it only working with the default FSX planes? And why have they not implemented much more cool functions? We hope now, to have a solution for these and some other question and wishes!" /> Have only given it a brief try with the VRi MCP-combo but it solved all my VRi/MD-11 issues out of the box. Definitely worth checking out.
  15. I agree Sue - will go and do the same - and sneak in Diamond Point as well....!