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  1. Wonderful shots and the magic words. Bring it on. Anthin.
  2. John.Your shots are making me drool. I defy anyone to tell the difference to reality. Wonderful. Anthin.
  3. Ford Tri-Motor.Ford Tri-motor Project has a lot of South American repaints for it.They work fine on the updated FSX version. Connies. Anthin.
  4. Thanks Mike.That could have been the problem. All is good now. Anthin.
  5. Thanks Noel.Just what the doctor ordered. Anthin.
  6. Nick.You are a bloody genius. I wonder how that happened? Everything else was a normal. Many Thanks. Anthin....
  7. I have been trying to access Orbx in the usual way but get a screen advert for Landclass SA.No menu at top.Really weird. I had to google the site instead. Anthin.
  8. And from me.Thanks Orbx and everyone involved in creating SA. Anthin...
  9. I too have a GTX-970.I never heard of the problem...Drat,Drat,and even more Drats. Anthin...
  10. Incredible! Now those shots really look like the Andes.Thank you John for the pics. Anthin.
  11. Great shots. I can't wait for your magic words. Anthin.
  12. Thanks for the shots.Those jungles look incredible. I wonder if I should become Bob and go walkies? Anthin.
  13. Thank you for the great shots. Really looking forward to SA. Anthin.
  14. Thank you John for those wonderful shots. I can't wait to fly in that scenery. Follow the Amazon.Don't fall in the water...Piranhas,Crocs,Anacondas. On Land.Poison darts.Head Hunters. Anthin..Aka.Indiana Jones.
  15. Wow.Great shots indeed. Anthin...Without rattlers please.