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  1. I'm about to dive into the Orbx products with a purchase of NA Northern Rockies. Will the Global packs provide any changes or improvements to the looks or performance of this regional area? Thanks Don Whyte
  2. Nice to hear that others are able to run successfully with older hardware. Yes that's been my experience too with upgrades. I should have bought bigger SSD's for the few extra dollars it would have cost. I had to replace the original very small (40 gig) SSD pair when one failed after the power supply popped. I'm at the point now where the next upgrade will be motherboard, CPU and memory to come into the modern era. The old system will be useful on a helicopter sim I'm contemplating. A correction my video card is a 2 gig GTX670.
  3. yes I do have frame rate problems when I load up some complex payware aircraft but overall this rig has proven itself. I think the efficiency of P3Dv3 is a big part of it. I bought X-Plane 10 and their version 11 beta and can only run in one monitor. Stretched out to 3 wide the fps turn into a slide show. Not that impressed with X-plane, Nice graphics but It needs a lot of horsepower and doing 2d monitors unbelievably requires a second computer. Unless I am mistaken about that. But then I am hijacking my own thread...
  4. First off I haven't bought any Orbx products but have downloaded some of the demos and freeware to see how they perform on my 10 year old computer. The short answer is they do very well! I run P3Dv3 at fairly conservative graphics and scenery settings. My system is Windows 7-64, Asus Maximus Formula I motherboard, Intel Core 2 Quad 3 Ghz Q9650 CPU, GTX 970 video card, 8 gigs of DDR2-800 memory, 2 x 120 gig SSD in RAID 0, 3 Acer 22" 1680x1050 monitors for 5040x1050 external view and two vga monitors on an ATI 5450 video card for 2D panel views. I can consistently get 30 fps and peaking at 45-55 fps with little stuttering in most areas of the Orbx Global Iceland demo and the Pacific Northwest demo. Overflying Seattle slows it down to about 25 fps. The areas I do have problems with are some of the airport add-ons such as the Nanaimo and Ganges Water Aerodromes where fps drop to 5-15 fps. So I'll have to upgrade before I get into those. But with very acceptable results in most areas I'm encouraged to purchase the products. Thank you Orbx!