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  1. what plane is that cool looking dart thing... What and where do I get/buy that one? Thanks
  2. you passed the test. You are free to take screenshots around the world.
  3. That's amazing!
  4. was that just ORBX global base, vector and LC? or something else?
  5. They are spraying! I knew it!
  6. I'm in, this is stunning. I hope it runs ok, if not, I know it'll be better than any of my uncle's boring slideshows.
  7. You mention in the OP that in real life these are rare to see. Will this increase the chance outside of reality to see these or does it keep it real and rare as you state?
  8. announcement

    What surprises me is speculation. The truth: we all have to wait and see then we react: buy into the new or stay with what we have. You can change only yourself and remember life in itself is simple, we choose the complexities (addons) in how we live it.
  9. announcement

    Couldn't they make there products run outside of whatever flightsim they use? So couldn't a programmer inject a 64bit addon into a 32 bit platform? As long as the computer itself is running a 64bit OS, why not?
  10. announcement

    Santa Barbara is KSBA
  11. maybe the springs? KCOS
  12. Next should be KDEN
  13. Finally! I can hardly wait. Thanks so much for this.
  14. What airport are you landing at?
  15. +1 for Carenado C185 Amphib.